Sundown On Tanker Hill

Sundown On Tanker Hill

When my parents picked up our gnarly roots in 1974

and transplanted us from Missouri to Nebraska,

Tanker Hill, Lincoln, Nebraska

we rented a house about two city blocks from the infamous Tanker Hill.

From my current back porch, it stands around 3 miles away.

Tanker Hill on fire

Why does looking West remind us to look to the past?

Simply because High Noon reminds us to remember the present?

Heart on fire

One’s perspective always gets fired up when memories light the way.

Sunset Avenue revisited

Not only salt pillars make History.

Season to taste the best!

Uncle Tree




50 thoughts on “Sundown On Tanker Hill

  1. Dear Uncle Tree I believe your name is Keith? I have a question. I am new to blogging and moving around on wordpress can you tell how to broaden my visiblity? You are teh only one who has tuned into my blog can you help? thank you Estelle

  2. Hello, Estelle! I use the “Reader” feature pretty much everyday (top left on your dashboard). When you “Follow” someone’s blog, every time they post, it will show up there immediately. I also use the “Search” at the top of that page. Insert any key word or category, and it will show you all the latest, or most relevant, blog-posts pertaining to that particular topic. Top-right of that page are two blocks: RELEVANT and DATE (for the latest).

    You can LIKE and VISIT from that page, and I highly recommend visiting, so their blog shows a hit or view. Commenting is likelier to gain a return visit than simply liking someone’s post.

    I am far from an expert on the matter, but that’s what I do, and it seems to work for me.

    Best wishes, and have a great Sunday! Cheerz, Keith

  3. You’re welcome, Estelle. It’s a great geography lesson.
    Enjoy your trip around the world. You can meet folks from almost everywhere.

  4. Glad you liked these, Linda. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the super-fine compliment!
    I just hope I don’t go blind looking out at the sun all the time. πŸ˜‰ Cheerz! UT

  5. You’re welcome – hope not too – I think you are okay as not up close. The things we bloggers do for our posts. Yesterday I was taking a swan’s picture and it got cantankerous and climbed out of the water and onto land and came after me … snorting the whole time. πŸ™‚ All in a day’s walk.

  6. I know – it would have been great. I’ve never used the video feature of the camera, and that would have made a good video … he was within a few feet of me … you will see the pics in yesterday’s post. He was a mean bugger ’til I remembered the peanuts that I used in the end of January when I was down at the Detroit River with the ducks, swan and the eagles. I thought the geese were bad with their attitude, but this guy with his huge feet … stomp, stomp, stomp out of the water. Last time I compliment him and the missus on how pretty they were. She waited in the wings for her man to come back and did not terrorize me. I got the heck out of dodge and mingled with the squirrels instead.

  7. A little sad that looking to the setting sun makes us think back. Forward-ho in the AM! Do those Nebraska sunrises also explode? And on a lighter note, or darker, you did not reveal the specific infamy of tanker hill.

  8. oh…I see, the Lincoln AFB Housing, where the sun set some time ago, maybe for peaceful reasons. Awesome sledding so says Google.

  9. Sunrises probably explode as well, George.
    Outside of our front door is housing, and the level in leaning upwards.
    We see the Sun about 15 minutes after its official rise above the horizon.
    Beyond that? I think it’s generally less cloudy in the morning = less color.

  10. Yes, sledding there is the best around for many a mile.
    I was 16 going on 17… πŸ˜‰ new kid on the block. Lots of memories lay on that hill; my coming of age, so to speak.

    I believe Lincoln’s base closed in 1972. Omaha’s Offutt AFB became King Of The Hill.

  11. Her pictures are fabulous, Linda! πŸ™‚ And, I’ve seen plenty of sunsets.
    I’ve viewed many a photograph, too, and I highly value my eyes opinion.

    Don’t listen to my mind. πŸ˜‰ It talks back 5 voices at a time.

  12. I really liked those sun pics. I just started following her the post before that sunset one. It was about “no place like home” … I traveled a lot when I was younger and I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture of a sunset or sunrise in any of those locales … I surely missed out on something, didn’t I?
    In fact, the only early sunrise I took was a month ago at the pier. Only five voices?

  13. I’m in Reader and commenting on some blog posts – none of my blog posts are “taking” for lack of a better word. I always check as sometimes I have forgotten to press “send”, especially if I’ve just been in Facebook and you only press return, so now I check to make sure my comments worked. But here, out of Reader, it is fine. Hmmm. (I’m behind in Reader as it is.)

  14. I saw an interesting quote today while in Reader – since your site is about “putting music to word, words to pictures” going to share it with you. I don’t think you can ever run out of images …

    β€œWhen words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. – Ansel Adams

  15. Speaking of king of the hill in Offutt, and of sunny nuclear explosions, I remember seeing recently (year ago?) the passing of Jane LeMay, daughter of the king.

  16. I wasn’t familiar with them, George. Did you know them?
    Google says Curtis was quite the General. They called him “Iron Ass”. Whoa!

  17. Didn’t know hem…just knew of them. My cousin-in-law was a B52 pilot, and another relative an air force navigator, both in the SAC, etc. Love him or hate him Curtis LeMay was one of a kind, and a human legend. He basically built Offutt (along with the SAC). Wound up weirdly. very very weirdly, as George Wallace’s presidential running mate.

  18. I see. πŸ™‚ I do admire pilots. My dad was in the Air Force. When I was 19, I was seriously close to joining them myself. They said I graded high enough to become a pilot. All I had to do was go to Omaha and pass a physical exam. As fate would have it, Kawasaki called and hired me a couple days later, and the rest is History.

  19. a clearly good history…just think, with a different twist and turn you might not have wound up as writer, thinker, poet, photographer, and and and! And twists and turns have funny angles….as it turned out, my AF pilot cousin (in law) died in a plane crash. I’m happy to be grounded (totally so, with lifelong vision impairment).

  20. You don’t know how much I wish “Uncle Tree” was my profession, dear friend.
    It’s very nice to know you see me in such light. Much appreciated!

    Thank you! I’ve never taken orders very well.
    A recovering Southern Baptist, I AM. UT

  21. Thank you kindly, Lorrie! πŸ™‚ Glad you like my pictures.
    All is as well as can be expected, I suppose.
    Hope all is well with you, too. Best wishes, UT

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