If “Nothing’s a matter!” why are we here?

Our Father in Heaven creates Time for Us.

Our father here on earth makes time for us.

Our Father in Heaven creates Beauty with Matter.

Our father on earth shows us why beauty matters.


Our Mother in Heaven matters to Our Father.

Our mother on earth received our father.

Our Mother in Heaven feels with us.

Our mother on earth feels for us.


Mom Dad

Mother/mother Father/father

love us



we matter

to them!

Science is the truth about matter.

Poetry is the truth about what matters.

So whats-a-matter with the truth

behind the science of my poetry?

*     *     *


31 thoughts on “Whats-A-Matter?

  1. heart warming piece.
    very pleasant feelings along your words…
    parents love their kids unconditionally,
    Mother nature and Father God are the best….

    love the poetry related question!
    thought provoking!

  2. You… my Dearest Uncle Tree… are a most beautiful blend of
    Poet Extraordinaire
    and Sage Council
    but… the best part… the little bit of naughty you sometimes let shine through..! 😉

  3. “Science is the truth about matter.
    Poetry is the truth about what matters.” – those two lines sum up the meaning of poetry brilliantly, Uncle Tree! I loved this poem – it’s so layered and perceptive.

  4. the creative side of poetry is in the way the process takes you into a imagination with whatever matters matters…very good poem as to have sense and balance with mother and father making this happen…which the process is science itself…poetry is the rhythm of that science… 🙂
    Dom* 🙂

  5. Enjoyed your symbolism and the format of the poem; they both work to support the poems theme in a way that is calming and beautiful. The word-play has a playful nature that underlines the idea of love and caring expressed throughout the work. Thanks kindly for posting, quite enjoyable read.


  6. Thank you, Jingle! Glad you liked it. 🙂


    My dearest Penny, are you trying to pump me up or what?
    Helluva combination there! I must say, “Thank you!”
    I’m glad you think I’ve kept it toned down to a little bit. 😉


    The meaning of poetry, Ms. Talon?
    If it matters to you, then it matters to me, too. Thank you so much! 🙂


    Making sense is what I always hope to do, you silly frog, you.
    Hip, cool, in-the-know, outta sight, and on the go —
    and…probably out of my league, I am.
    Thank you! UT 🙂


    Glad you enjoyed it, Luke. Nice to meet you,
    and thanks for visiting! You do know who you are, I believe. 🙂


    Hello there, Dom! 🙂
    I’m glad you sorta agree. Thanks a ton! Uncle Tree


    Thanks for stopping by, Crb! You read me perfectly. 🙂
    When you’re stuck in a rut like I am…play — play — play out of it.
    Glad you liked it. I look forward to mucho goofin’ around with thee.


    Hi, Amanda! Special, eh? Thank you — thank you — thank you! UT 🙂


    Ooo…pure brilliance. 🙂 You’ve brightened my day, Kokot! Thanks!!!


    O’ Olivia,
    You will soon be dear to me, too. 🙂 I appreciate your thoughts.

  7. Being a science student injoying poetry,
    you matter a lot to
    what matters in body,
    though it is a different matter that
    matter you put in your writing
    is one of real matters
    other matter is that
    reading you is really great matter
    Simple matters are discussed often
    You talk about complicated matter
    Mother receiving father
    Is such a usual matter
    Genius are those
    Who present usual things
    In unusual matter.

    Thank you, Doc!
    Does that mean I’m being implicated?

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  9. Oh! I know, what matters! There’s no question in my mind, that all things matter, particles, rules, etc. Isn’t it elementary, my dear Watson? I mean, it does add up 😉

  10. It not only adds up, my dear Cherylock, it also adds on
    at the same time IT is trimming branches that are no longer fruity. 😉

    If all things matter, then whats-a-matter with ghosts? I mean,
    whats-a-spirit beyond doing here? Wishing they still mattered?

  11. If you only add up all your wrongs,
    then it doesn’t matter what you’ve done right.
    It will never be enough to satisfy your misguided pride.
    Negate the one who badgers you non-stop.
    That’s the Voice that doesn’t matter.

  12. At this rate, I’ll never find my treasure – literally.
    Figuratively speaking, this particular matter
    has never been out of mind, nor out of sight,
    so it can never be lost to memory. God willing…

  13. We matter, alright. And with the material that makes us what we are,
    we do our best, and leave it up to God to make it good.
    After that happens, (and it will) then we put that good
    where it will be the most effective.

    We have the good, and we love to share our love in a place where,
    at the least, it has a chance of being graciously received.
    Like here, and in the forest — where all of Nature is
    listening and sympathizing.

    Suddenly, one may know what they need to do, even though,
    not one word was spoken. ♥ I pray you find that moment soon.

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