Great Plains Landing

Great Plains Plane

We’re all going to land somewhere someday →

Great Plains Sunset NPR

Sometimes ♫ ♪ I feel my wheels itching to drop down

Helicopter orange

Every soul that rises → reaches for a sun to set

Great Plains great birds

Nature nurtures shenanigans from even the best of us

Laugh with the Sun

Photographs by Uncle Tree

America The Great

God bless us!

You, too.




25 thoughts on “Great Plains Landing

  1. My Mom could mimic the whooping cranes, and the Nebraska Cranes seem to have such fun flying…even seeming to fall out of the sky and act like their having FUN!…tu A painter in Kearney was talking about how could one paint this red sky without it looking like ketchup smeared around….but God seems to quite well with canvas and art work all by himself!

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