A Sun Dog’s Eye In The Sky


Seeing eye-to-eye is for believers only.

sun-dog-ear fireball

Is a prism of light a believer, or does it simply know?

seeing eye to eye

The distance between The Light and The Truth is way debatable.


Life definitely has a say in the matter at hand.

sundrop fireball 2

Does the Sun see its reflection in all of creation?

sundrop sunset

It is what it is more often than not,

but we are free to imagine.

Uncle Tree



17 thoughts on “A Sun Dog’s Eye In The Sky

  1. It’s great fun, Annette, and sights like these give me a sense of purpose. The greatest things are free, but they don’t last long, so I do my very best to rise to the occasion.
    Thank you much for the fine compliment! πŸ™‚ Peace and hugz, UT

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