Sunset Avenue: Part 2

Shine On Thanksgiving


colorful contrails

Gulls at sunset

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncle Tree



15 thoughts on “Sunset Avenue: Part 2

  1. Dear Uncle Tree, have you seen the paintings in the New Kearny Hospital? Or did you paint them? That flock of cranes, looks mighty like the ones flying over the Platte. I know because I took a picture of them…flapping their wings JUST LIKE THAT! ah ha

  2. I’m not a painter, Connie, but a poet, who took up picture taking this year with my little Sony Cyber-shot, a point-and-shoot camera. I’d love to see your pictures. Can you drop me a link?

  3. Thankfully the “lost poet” society is not dead. However it takes a poet to rightly place the photo at the head of the flock. I’m into pink sunsets…lately…will try to collect a few. A painter in Kearny had an unfinished painting of Great Sand Hill cranes entering a shelter, garage like old building.. and its not the first unfinished painting I’ve bought. It seems poetic to leave the mystery still misunderstood as each one has their own happy ending…Can’t promise a sunset on Platte will work at that…tu

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