Getting In The Wild Game

Foxy Flag

Getting lost in the game, before golfers get on course

Fox looking back at UT

is a furry red fox, looking back at me taking shots at him.

Fox Trot

This wild red fox is going to tame the golf course!

Fox hunting

Understand now, he doesn’t tend to his chores every day.

Red fox prancing

Nay, this is only the second time I’ve seen him this year.

Fox in the rough

Even though he acts like he owns the place, he is just a passerbyred fox on golf course

looking for a bit of breakfast — the kind of meal that moves!

red fox in December

“See you later, my fox trotting friend! Happy hunting!”

Photographs by Uncle Tree



4 thoughts on “Getting In The Wild Game

  1. I wonder why that is, and I wish I knew how I did that, but even if I never know, I like the sweet sentiment. Thank you for the compliment, angel beam! 🙂
    Have a great week! Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  2. Like you said, you need never know that. The important thing is you keep doing it, as it touches a cord in people’s hearts. You bring out the beauty of the earth to this side of the planet, making us all part of a divine world.

  3. Thank you for the sage advice, kind lady! 🙂 As you know, when one entertains others on the internet, and responses come forth, we are not privy to facial expressions or body language, as one would be on a stage or in a gallery, and sometimes we wonder if we really reach anyone at all, because people are generally nice and polite in these circles, and they say nice things for the most part. So, one has to be a bit intuitive. I believe your words and compliments are sincerely genuine and heartfelt, and I appreciate that fact. Thank you again! ❤ Hugz, UT

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