A Show Of Words

This sightly show of words was quickly becoming a 2-story affair.

[ A tale of two notions broadly cast over one station ]

Mumbled confusion of the third degree

quadrupled the perils of free association.

Each word selfishly believed it was favored from the first,

for none feigned forlorn, nor were fool enough to form factions.

Old-fashioned terms simply displayed their square roots,

while fast-paced abbreviations shot from the hip!

~ Quaint and colorful phrases appeared front and center ~

(all discouraging words had been denied at the door)

   ♠    ♠    ♥    ♠    ♠    ♠

Though true, my view was skewed a bit, I knew one thing for sure,

the small, but certainly sexy terms had falsely been enhanced.

From time to time, or so it seemed, as time went steadily on,

fragrant symbols of grace breezed by to tickle my utmost fancy.

All the while, manly verbs were patiently lying in wait.

The rough and ready nouns took their place in the shadows,

wishing not to compromise, but to come to a happy conclusion.

After all had been said and done – I – the sole member of the audience

_ remained seated on both ends _

pondering over just how much I am over-used.

In a matter of m1nutes, the matter resolved 1tself

and I, no longer I, forgot what he had to say.


19 thoughts on “A Show Of Words

  1. Great Saturday morning giggle!
    I love this line: Each word selfishly believed it was favored from the first,
    Hopefully, still striving to stop using i
    God Bless

    Thank you, Susie! 🙂
    Goodness gracious! I’m always glad to get a giggle from the girls.

  2. ‘I’ love this poem; indeed ‘I’ do!

    Thank you, N1amh! 🙂
    I was hoping to 1mpress YOU.

  3. The best, Uncle…… words certainly stack up in your favour 🙂

    I’m so very glad you think so, Ed. Thank you for being here, and there! 🙂

  4. Clearly a motive to throw caution – and Adam – to the wind and feast on the fruit of the ‘fobidden’ Tree. Lorane Leavy. . . .

  5. “Eat me.” is probably not the right response here, but…if there’s a hidden compliment in your comment, I’ll take it. Thank you, Lorane! 🙂

  6. Time. Elusive concept, yes? As I’d never tarnish our relationship w/ a shocking breach of taste, of COURSE it was a compliment. enjoy! Lorane. . . .

  7. Thank you ever so much, my love! 🙂 You shoot from the hip as well as
    anyone I have ever met. Probably better, you are so quick.
    Lightening quick. If I can get a word in edgewise,
    I hope it gestates within you, and comes out a winner.

    Peace and luvz and hugz for my Caro pw! ❤ Uncle Tree McHottie

  8. Please, no need to apologize, Caro. The “no expectations”
    philosophy of the Buddhist, is easier said than done.
    Same with the “give and take” equanimity that is proposed.

    “We are, each one of us, perfect, whole, and complete,
    and we could all use a little improvement.” D.T. Suzuki
    (not a quote, best I can remember) Zen Huggerz

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