Mother Earth: To God Knows Where


A very long delay there was between Genesis “Let there be light!”

and earthlings playing like God until they made it happen for real.

The body electric wired the planet en masse.

It’s like…to the entire Universe,

here was the Earth saying loud and clear:

“Can you see me now?!!!”


Yes! Someone’s going to see us. Cloak the Planet! Quick!!!

Somebody…please! We have no room for visitors!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

*     *     *     *


27 thoughts on “Mother Earth: To God Knows Where

  1. Personally I am looking forward to inviting the visitors round for coffee and cakes. 🙂

  2. Quite true, Kristin. But we just may have to wait
    for the next perfect Cosmic storm, and then the stars
    we never see will come to light, and perhaps, to our rescue.
    Let us never forget what it means to carry and pass the torch.

  3. You, Cassie, may be the darkest optimist I have never met!
    There is something seriously valuable hidden in the Earth, yes.
    A missing link, so to speak, but it’s not a bone nor a gold tooth
    that I have in mind here, and yet, it would certainly clue us in
    to the secrets of the Cosmos. A radiation that heals, henceforth!

  4. They are not a bad omen, Ed? Well, okay, I guess. If I see
    the likes of you floating in and around the ethereal skies
    some night, I’ll ask you for a ride, and jump on your back.
    Then together, we’ll do the Electric Slide to a neon moon.

    I can sing if you can carry a tune. 😉 Your cartoon friend ~

  5. Perhaps, it’s the way I perceive myself
    that needs to be thrown in the fire for good.
    Given time, only that which alights shall remain
    true and loyal to my mythic characteristics.

    My magnified magnificence marvelously exemplifies
    my panoramic megalomania when the lights go out. 😉

  6. I do believe, when the lights go out…your character is in full swing. 😉
    It’s only then you come to life, and you’re able to express everything you’ve learned the next day! :))

  7. Amazing! Keep the alien and ufo type of post a coming. Can’t wait for your next one. Thanks for the post! Aliens and UFOs are real! I’ve seen proof. Thanks for getting some of the true ufo, alien, and 2012 Mayan information out there.

  8. My, my. What a pedestrian ruse – on “Mother Earth”s part. Mother Earth, aka, ‘intelligent force’, ‘Nature’, – with far more swash than her buckle is worth – issues an apocryphal ‘press release’ to God, presumably requesting assitance in maintaining ‘her’ cloaked dagger-life. “Please, I’m shouting now, and it’s SO unbecoming. Surely YOU are toying with me. Surely YOU ‘hear’ me now – and then. Only YOU can halt the contamination. Please?” While in truth, of course God knows where – and when and how and henceforth. God is “who am” and as such, omnipotence wears His name. “Mother Earth”, au contraire, can – and does – only long to be a headliner. ‘She’ will stop at no shameless antics. What next, Mama? A fetching ‘casting couch’ scene. ‘Please?’ PU-LEEZ! A ‘Wannabe’ with an equity card. Ain’t gonna happen, bubbles-for-brains. You missed it. “Curtain. Blackout!” Guess you didn’t ‘hear’ that cue. And more’s the pity. There’s no reprise. You missed “The Greatest Show on Earth” – SRO. But ‘missed’ is
    as ‘missed’ does. Later, Lorane Leavy. . . .

  9. LoL 🙂 Lorane Leavy! Magnificently portrayed!
    I make it a point not to ‘miss’ anyone, but if I had to choose…


    We live on a temporal globe that exists in space.
    Dependency is a worldly part of the game.
    Our loving, benevolent sun’s existence depends on
    our intelligent perceptions.
    The nuclear clock tick-talks-tick-talks, not caring if ears can hear.

    Humanity is destined to live elsewhere.
    We will navigate and gravitate to another heavenly place.
    Our world is transferable,
    surely as our souls do transmigrate
    to and through all inevitable eventualities.

  10. Exceedingly slow are we as a species, to realize
    how close we are, right now, today, to extinction.

    We no longer have 18 million years to do little else, but take,
    and return nothing of value to our oh-so fragile Mother Spaceship.

    It’s the Age of Doing a good that will last 10,000 years.
    Spread your wings and spread the wealth –
    the more the merrier!

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