Oblivious To Light


Here I am before the dawn

~ catching a glimpse of your dark star as it hovers ~

twinkling away the many shades of grey


You need not equate darkness with ignorance.

There is no lack of intelligence beyond the pale of normalcy.

*       *

Hey you there!

Am I not of this world?

Am I not at the center of the Universe?


Do not let the light of day deceive you.

It is severely true – that from the dark we came,

and still the night remains – open to suggestion.


16 thoughts on “Oblivious To Light

  1. No matter what time of day or night…he walks among us. We have too many gray areas in life – never black and white. He brings out the gray, because it’s his job to instill doubt. He rides the fine line of right and wrong. In the moment of pale light our souls become a bargaining chip. The War, never ends… ~j~

  2. How much do I love you? To the moon and beyond; to the the infinite point of pinpricked light no bigger than a pin. This is the nature of love infinite…from the smallest to the greatest, from human heart to cosmic soul, for you, tiny being, a love containing All.

  3. 😉 That was sweet, Niamh. Thank you! The mystery of Infinity has mathematically overdone Itself with too many mind-numbing #s.

    Although, when one has seen The Light, one can drop the generally expected individual figures and symbols to allow one’s heart to receive the totality of Love’s healing quality – so happily given by the grace of our Lord, Jesus/Christ.

  4. Hello, Susie! God bless you, too! 🙂 For some reason, I’m beginning
    to think I wrote subliminal messages in between the lines.

    We’ve got War, revenge, and Love love love going on here. ???

  5. Hello, Lorane Leavy! If Lucifer was a chip off the old block,
    then I imagine he could be the chip on someone’s shoulder.

    Better to age like a fine wine, eh? Peace and luvz, UT 🙂

  6. Mi’Lady Cheryl Ann,

    You experienced and survived an encounter with a nameless
    and silent dark angel. I have yet to come to the realization that such a being exists, so I can only imagine. But I can imagine because
    of the one lone nightmare I had in my youth. That doesn’t mean I wish for such an encounter – but indeed, I may harbor that wish. Perhaps, then I’d have the right tools to finish my novel. ???

    Speaking of grey, I’d like to share my own thoughts on that: from



    Choices can be black or white
    for each dog gets one day
    Yes and no — both come to fight
    the shady side of grey


    Colours blend inside the rainbow
    Flats and sharps are sublime
    Every answer has a shadow
    Close counts some of the time


    So make your rules with this in mind
    remember who they’re for
    Imperfekt humans halfway blind
    often choose the wrong door


    If rules were meant to be broken
    then fragile they must be
    If your rules are measly tokens
    you’ll not have my sympathy


    If you encounter barricades
    one or a dozen signs
    critics who hinder accolades
    battlefields strewn with mines

    Or, if you see NO TRESPASSING!
    please read between the lies
    and consider it a blessing
    There’s truth in gray’s disguise

  7. Wow, Uncle Tree – I like your 2nd poem, too : ) Rules can sometimes be helpful boundaries, but sometimes not… (oppressive laws, unjust practices..) Reflecting The Light can brighten a dismal shade of gray into beauteous color (as Jesus does for us, so we can do for others with His spectrum of Love!!) Otherwise why would those in the Darkest Night choose to leave the darkness?

    grace, peace & sneaky grays

  8. “Mind your manners!” Is that what matters, Virginia?

    I have to guess the devil has manners to mind, too.
    Perhaps, even in Hell one has to mind immaterial matters.
    I mean…there is no ladder to climb; no progress, no success.
    No big ego to boost, no secret pride kept inside – for that is
    Satan’s business: Ever proud! Ever clever! Eve fever, Virginia!

    And thank you! 🙂 Luvz & Hugz! And —- the rules tonight!

    Generally speaking…

    I’m so proud that I’m proud of nothing.
    I’m also humble, but hiding smiles tires me.
    Being somber and grave is not a virtue, but a vice.
    Gosh darn it! I’ll take the high road for lower folks!
    The knock on that? Washing a stranger’s feet. Oh, boy.
    Make the best of it, and be proud of yourself!
    You gain brownie points in Heaven that way.

    What ‘n the devil got into me?
    Friday night – just fartin’ around. 😉
    From a proud father of many matters, Uncle Tree

  9. Dear Ed, the fool stops at nothing,
    and the greys harbor no wish to be white.

    I pray your pride will take a ride, and
    leave you behind to play whoopie. 😉


    Blood, roots, and wine! For one helluva time visit:
    Uncle Tree’s House – just off Highway #1, folks.
    Cabs, crooks, and hookers park in back.

  10. Hi Keith! It’s great to see your writing and it made me ponder this notion. Is not blackness made of many colors mixed together? Seems fitting that we should come from such a thing seeing how light reflects colors and white repels…just seems like we keep good company in darkness … that’s all! Simple thoughts from an Okie’!
    Have a good week!

  11. Hello, Stuart! Ya ol’ Okie’ you! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    I was thinking that mixed colors produce different shades of grey.
    How do they make black anyway? By squashing blackberries,
    or melting coal, perhaps? Light seems to contain the 7 colours of the rainbow. Could something or someone be so dark and dastardly as to invent some anti-color? The color of dark matter, in theory.
    A color that is oblivious to light, and is neither on or off. Ahem…

    Thanks to my friend, Cheryl Ann Fletcher, I’ve started immersing myself in ghost investigations and the full array of equipment that goes with. She has my confidence, Stuart. But you know me, if souls can get stuck too close to our dimension, then I feel like I’m morally obliged to offer help of some kind – as if I have the power, or know-how. Cheryl says most of the ghosts that inhabit places within their old stomping grounds don’t know they’re dead, and it’s not her duty nor her right to tell them otherwise.

    The scientist in me is keen full of skepticism, so I’ll look for ways to keep evidence credible. If credible, then I’ll want to show it off – for educational purposes, then we can attempt to find how such a thing is possible in this world. Poetry is how I’ll deal with the facts, however disturbing they appear to my intellect. This poem is my first attempt at testing the waters, so to speak.

    Stay cool, bro! It’s gonna be a record-breaking summer.

  12. Hi Keith!
    It is my belief that curiosity is what killed the cat! but I feel that in order to get that weight off your mind (the one that is prohibiting you from finishing your novel with the perfect ending) then you need to go down that path because it is unfinished business and the right road to peace for you and the Hanging Tree. Just proceed cautiously lest you be consumed!

    You’re right about the heat! I got too hot on Wednesday of last week. It was 105 outside my truck and the ac broke at 10:30 am I don’t know exactly how hot it was in my semi but it seemed cool outside of it. I drank some cold water and it came back up…horrible feeling! Just drenched my self and drove back to the shop and got there at 7:00pm and told them I would not drive any more without the ac! needless to say they got it fixed pretty quick! (imagine that! it was only broke for 10 days!) Off to bed with me!
    In closing I’ll leave you with a final thought… Could color, light, sight, sound, smell, and feeling be altered by our individual perception?
    If so, then if there is such things as ghost or spirits then could they not be trapped in their OWN perceptions?… then if that could happen … could not someone bend a perception in order to enslave others? could be Satan’s M.O.
    Just my pondering really
    Good night!

  13. HaPpY 4th of JuLy, Stuart! 🙂 Glad to hear you survived your ordeal.
    And thank you for the well-wishes concerning the consumption
    of my gumption, and the living through, and up to a perfect ending!


    Light is bendable for it adheres to the ups and downs
    of warped space. Lucifer is The Light that never warms!
    The cold-hearted intellect making inhumane judgments calls –
    and making them hastily before the heart has a chance
    to speak up for your soul’s enlightened conscience.

    The Latest News! “The God Particle – Just a Glimpse!” by UT

    Scientists at CERN believe they have evidence of the
    Higgs boson particle – a something indivisible; a something that
    betrays the mathematical laws of Infinity, i.e., the body of Christ.
    They are basing this evidence on a super-extremely quick blip
    on a graph – a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second, the
    supposed life-span of the God particle. Not long, no, or so it seems.
    But a second of our Time might be a Light-year to The Almighty.

    I’ll leave you with 2 sections from William Blake’s
    “Auguries of Innocence”

    To see a world in a grain of sand,
    And a heaven in a wild flower,
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
    And eternity in an hour.

    God appears, and God is light,
    To those poor souls who dwell in night;
    But does a human form display
    To those who dwell in realms of day.

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