All The Time In The World


Hypothetically speaking, we tend to play with “What if…?” a lot.

It is as if we wish we could get better at guessing.

Try this one on for size, if you will —

Should we live life as if we have

all the time in the world?


Since when is Time itself in the world?

If Time is not of this world, then neither are we.

Time is immaterial, and yet, we materially belong to It.


Prima materia has no form, therefore it matters.

Something funny is going on between the times.

If formless existence comes first,

is it not a miracle that we alone give secondary form to reality?


We are alone, you know, in a sense.

There is only you and me, right now, dear reader.

One of us matters…and one of us does not.

One of us sees, whilst the other informs.

Why should it matter who is who?


We live on a temporal globe that exists in space.

Dependency is a worldly part of the game.

Our loving, benevolent sun’s existence depends on

our intelligent perceptions.

The nuclear clock tick-talks-tick-talks, not caring if ears can hear.


Humanity is destined to live elsewhere.

We will navigate and gravitate to another heavenly place.

Our world is transferable,

surely as our souls do transmigrate

to and through all inevitable eventualities.



44 thoughts on “All The Time In The World

  1. you’ve written a lot of great thoughts
    i’ve read most of those thoughts written in this blog
    and i must say
    that among those, this one is the best
    and yes i agree that humanity is destined elsewhere
    wherever that place is
    and i do hope that that place is heavenly just like what you said
    for all i know, this world was once heavenly, and now no longer

  2. This is fantastic dear uncle you are incredible talented, you flow with the words in such a brave way that hard matter becomes liquid as you pass close to it.

    I always tried to avoid the what if in my thoughts, they are useless, they do not help you guess at all.

    Your third paragraph is incredible, I have almost no words for it. Perfect it is.

    Then I guess it comes the part where is like if we lived in an abstract word and talk in concret things. A part where the effect is the cause, and also it is not it. Where the hole is the only important thing, no matter in which way its parts were or are interacting in it. And in the end I understood that all can be switched.

    Lots of love dear uncle, you are the best.

    The relevant idea is the need of all the parts for things to happen, to exist,

  3. tick talk…very clever word play. We use time to enslave each other, to judge each other and to frighten each other. It an illusion we created from our observation of the turning of the earth and our bodily decay. It’s our worst invention I think it’s the reason why we forget about who we were before we reincarnated. I always like the subtle undertones in your poetry that personalize it for the reader.

  4. I love the message and your words flow poetically in a way that seems so natural. Like so many of your writings, this one is beautiful.

  5. Interesting to consider the opposite of what keeps me in motion—you posit having all the time in the world–while I consider–what if all you have is six months to live?

  6. 47
    Thank you for posting this comment. Uncle you are a master with words, an artist of poetry. Your words are art, and I go off in unkind ways not just because of my paranoid tendancies, but because art can show the viewer his own sadness or sorrow.
    anyway while I don’t considered myself cynical or dark. The sorrow was not produced by your words, it belonged to me and was evidently in my pockets regardless of how empty they felt.

    Thank you to both of you, all of you, I do have a better understanding.

    Hyperthetically speaking

  7. Dear Asian Butterfly, Ed, Mariana, Val, Dusty and Eva,

    There are two possible explanations for the delay in Uncle Tree’s
    usually speedy, biologically compressed response mechanism. As of late:

    1. Uncle Tree actually believes he does have all the time in the world,
    therefore he has never felt the need to learn patience. He thinks he has
    already answered these wonderfully flattering remarks somewhere in
    The Book Of Pages, and all he has to do is flip through it to find them.
    You can be sure that he will discover them yesterday or tomorrow. Hang.

    2. Uncle Tree’s having a busy week, and you know he feels compelled
    to be just and fair in his replies when addressing his loved one’s comments.
    For you time beings, you can be sure he will answer each and every one
    of you in all due time. He can also make excuses as well as the next tree.

  8. hey uncle
    we are on such a long ride, us silly humans. i think we needed the ticking to settle us at night.


  9. Dear Butterfly,
    You must have made it through the storm alright. Good!

    It is always shocking to me when I hear that someone has taken
    the time to go back and read a few of my previous posts. To think
    that I could impress someone that much is a bit of a lift. Thank you!
    You think this one best out of all you read? I hope you’re a good judge.

    Moving to another planet will take more will than health care. We broke.
    I suppose, there might have to be a one world government someday,
    in order to overrule what we’re needing now, and shoot for tomorrows
    only. People will starve in the meantime, and not everyone gets to go
    anyway, right? The rich, the military, top dogs, the higher echelon, yes.
    That’s another whole story so I better stop.

    Thank you a tremendous amount for the compliments.
    I will be seeing you at your place sooner or later. Count on it! Hugz, UT

  10. Hey, Ed, it’s about time you showed up! 🙂
    You never were there (with It), you were here (where It’s at).
    Mannerisms change in the text of each culture.
    Same goes for common sense. XIXOXIX, UT

  11. Dear Mariana,
    I have to tell you this. That is one of finest compliments,
    poetically speaking, that I have ever received in my entire, though
    short-lived (as of yet) career, as a tree pretending to be a bloggon poet!

    “…you flow with the words in such a brave way
    that hard matter becomes liquid as you pass close to it.” Awesome!
    (The ‘brave’ word has really taken me to wondering, though.)

    We all use ‘what if’ to make plans, and prepare for the worst.
    Always hoping for the best outcome are we, yes, of course.
    But if something were to go wrong (Murphy’s Law), it’s best to
    take the Boy Scout’s advice…at least…this time. Bring matches.

    I’m glad you liked the scientifically correct(?) 3rd paragraph. Whew!

    Each one of us is infinitely important
    in the grand scheme of thing-a-ma-jiggerz.

    In the end is the Black Hole, and That switches everything
    inside-out and up-side down…up, up, up and away into
    the matter-less, pre-prima donna void of bliss oblivion.

    If you weren’t here, I wood knot exist. No need to knock. Luvz!

  12. What is it about these two words, Val: Clever and witty?
    There were times in the past when those virtues(?) were shunned.
    It’s probably just the Orthodox point of view. The wily serpent
    talked Eve into biting the apple with some mechanism or other, eh?

    What you say about Time reveals worlds about your traits, adjustments,
    and characteristics. Bravo! It wood take me a whole week to grow
    into my not so differentiated opinions on the matter at hand and jot
    them down in response, if not challenge, to your bold statements.
    But who wants to argue at a time like this? I love you big time! Thanks!

    P.S. To me, your last sentence is a complete mystery.
    The opposite of subtle is apparently not mundane or blase’?

  13. Hello, Dusty! How are you today?
    You think highly of my poetry, and have inundated me with
    many a kind word thoughtfully expressed. Thank you!

    Was there a particular line or set of words that especially
    struck you in such a way as to remind you of your sorrow?
    What exactly do you now understand better than before?

    I don’t mean to pick your not-so-empty pockets, just your
    brain. You don’t have to answer, if you don’t feel the need.

    I do want you to know that I appreciate hearing your messages,
    however well they are hidden. Some beliefs are undeniable, yes.

    Have yourself a great day, good sir, and give your self a break. UT

  14. Good morning, Eva!
    Good question, and it’s one I have attempted to ponder.
    It sort of depends on how death will come at the end of 6.
    Natural death or execution? I’d have two ways to go, I think.

    With one, I would probably wish to fight for my life to the last day.
    With t’other, I’d want “to fight – for my right – to paaaaaarty!”
    Beastie Boys and Bible quotes. Here you go:

    Ecclesiastes 8:15, and Isaiah 22:13

    Good to see you, and thanks for clocking in!

    (Big NU vs. MU football tonight, ESPN, I’ll be watching closely.)

  15. Hi there, Derek!
    It is, on the whole, a 22 million year long journey.
    (The average length of existence for a mammalian species)

    To put myself to sleep quickly, I quite often resort to tick-talk, too.

    Thanks for hopping onto my spacey blogship for a ride.
    All my passengers soon learn to lose track of time. Gotta go! UT

  16. it takes me some time, sometimes to see. I am a man locked in time for the present. Time is quantifiable, measurable and, specific.I will live when there is no time and then I can play what if, if I am of a mind because when there is no time I will have all of the time in the world.

  17. Felled by a lumberjack he springs up again from his roots…..hmmm, that’s what this blog seems to be about…….I wander wondering……

  18. When I said subtle Treeman, I should also have added multifaceted to clarify why it is something the reader can personalize. Witty and clever, at least to my mind, imply intellectual humour but never anything that could infer slyness or serpent like behavior. You work is witty and clever and I feel that is needed when a writer also wants to teach or share by using the vehicle of humour to deliver the idea.

  19. We live amongst the present tenses all the time, Mark.
    Just because one isn’t here presently, that doesn’t mean they’ve
    somehow shot themselves into the future. Of course, that’s
    the job of our imagination, to establish, or make an educated
    guess as to what might possibly transpire according to The Fates.

    If one utters a prophesy (guesses correctly) that doesn’t
    necessarily mean they are possessed by a horde of devils, either.

    What happens to one who is knot “of a mind”?
    I suppose they won’t have the time to mind their own business.

    The present can be tense, indeed. It’s activity can be electrifying!

  20. You’ve been to Tree Crossing. Haven’t you, Ed?

    The only work of art I own is a pencil/charcoal sketch.
    I’ve had it about 30 years now. It sits on the wall behind
    my headboard. The artist had found a bird’s skull in his alley,
    and that’s where the picture begins. Amidst swirls and flowing
    lines he moves your eyes from a skull’s transformation to a
    series of eggs and then onto a newly born birdy in flight.
    He might have called it Phoenix, but he named it “Golgatha”.

    Anywayz, wood you like to say something else that pertains to
    the topic of time? Or moving into outer space? Just wondering.

  21. Multifaceted makes much more sense to me, Val.
    Thank you truly for coming back with a clarification!

    Now I’m questioning whether or knot clever and witty
    are acquired traits, or might they be congenital defects?

    I always value your opinions and I like your style, northern girl.
    You are highly esteemed in this neck of Time’s Woods.
    Thank’s a ton, you old pro you! You’re pretty funny yourself.

  22. I did in deed refer 😉

    Have often wondered, if I were to leave the confines of the solar orbit and take not the instruments and fluences of ‘day and night,’ would my internal clock take quantum leaps beyond the face of my external one. And, ‘what if’ I were blind, and am I already beyond the speed of Light? Would I think of something? Would I think something/real? Would dark matter? Good God, I’m hardly here!

    luvz, all the same 🙂

  23. Your refer didn’t cross my mind, Ed.
    I realize now I should have written, “Care to elaborate?”
    Thank you for doing so, my friend.

    You’ve stumped me with the questionable internal clock program.
    Biologically speaking, I’d still think one could be put to sleep,
    and then you could put that question to rest, too.

    Concerning the speed of light, I was once schooled on the subject.
    But like a lot of the studies I’ve taken, I just couldn’t keep up.

    Beyond the speed of light? Maybe the blind can shed light on that,
    but I can’t. Dark matter stands front and center. You pointed it out.

    Please excuse my ignorance this morning. I stayed up too late. See ya!

  24. Glad you like it, Jaeson. I got stuck on the ‘Time’ theme
    there for awhile. It took me straight to the end of times.

    From my galaxy to your Singapore, I say,
    Have a good day, sir! I should do a flyover…

  25. This is wonderful, UT. I agree there really is no time–we humans “invented” it. In fact we have created all of this illusory world. Our souls are what “matter”, they will live on and on for all of eternity–somewhere or nowhere.

    Thanks for sharing this with me. B

  26. smart thinking…
    u amaze me by your unique take on stuff like this…

    time is a tool, for us to manage life in order.
    for animals, for plants, no subjective working schedules thus no time at all…

  27. Your writing is what I like to refer to as Heavy Duty. I personally like heavy duty writing, it makes me think. Really think, not just read and say wow that was a nice sentiment. I like your writing Uncle Tree.

    I appreciate the time you take and the way you make me ponder your words. They stick around a little longer for me. Here is my humble post. It is a love poem and I hope you like it.

  28. I do harbor one soul belief, Bodhirose. I couldn’t lose it if I tried. 🙂
    Thanks again for…I don’t know…everything, and all that other jazz.

    Have a great weekend now! Ya hear? Tweet — tweet, UT

  29. WoW, Kristen! Heavy Duty sounds serious…think I can get over it?
    No, really…I love making people wonder, but I write these mostly
    in order to leave something behind for my children’s children’s children.
    Can’t make it too easy for ’em. Where’s the fun in that? 🙂

    I did stop by and read your poem.
    I LIKE IT! and will soon be over to say as much.
    Thanks for the compliments! Bye now, UT

  30. Uncle Tree, I’ll be re-reading this and enjoying it all over again. Layered, pondering, thought-provoking. We place so much emphasis on “time” that you would think we would treat it with more respect if we really believed it to be that important.

  31. Okay I am back again Uncle Tree with my third or fourth reading of your poem. I am re-reading all those listed on Jingle’s site for perfect poet for week 30. I was wondering if you could tell me more about the name Uncle Tree? I just wonder what the backstory is.

    The line our world is transferable and the whole stanza that starts with Prima materia is lingering on the edge of my consciousness. I am craving a better understanding. So I will just ask you straight are you telling me that matter and spirit are going to further separate or do I have the whole thing wrong?

    And thanks for your comments about my love poem. It really was my dream all those images along with a few highly personal images of my husband.

    Warmest wishes, Kristen

  32. To answer your Uncle Tree question, Kristen,
    (and a few others you might have) 🙂
    you’re welcome to check out this short interview:

    “So I will just ask you straight are you telling me that matter and spirit are going to further separate or do I have the whole thing wrong?”

    I wonder if you know, Kristen, the magnitude,
    the depth and the breadth of that question.
    When you speak of the whole, you’ve already said it — All.
    According to what I’ve read, and in my humble opinion,
    there can be no separation. Never has been. Never will be.
    From the Big Bang! to the Big Easy…Spirit is with us always.

    I have no way of knowing just what you are familiar with.
    I’ll throw out some words that you can re-search, if need be.
    Hieros gamos — Alchemy — quantum physics — Meister Eckhart’s dream
    The Axiom Of Maria, I first read about in Carl Jung’s
    Symbols Of Transformation“. (Highly recommended!)
    “One becomes two, two becomes three,
    and out of the third comes the one as the fourth.”
    Although The Trinity is dear to me, I believe in a Quaternity.

    I’ve played around with the word matter in the past.
    Back in 2002, having just read the aforementioned book by Jung,
    I wrote a poem (one of my first) dealing with this subject matter. 😉
    It’s never seen the light of day…I mean, I’ve never posted it,
    but I will now — just for you. It’s nothing special, really.
    I’ll come back and leave the link here once I’ve finished. Okay?

    Hope I’ve been of some help. Being of service matters to me, too. 🙂

  33. No you couldn’t lose that “soul” belief if you tried. 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Okay, dear Gayle. I will.
    I can, and I am
    “taking my soul for a stroll…”

  34. uncle tree, these are all profound thoughts beautifully crafted into words.

    “If formless existence comes first,
    is it not a miracle that we alone give secondary form to reality?”

    your work is priceless! it is such a delight to read your poetry blog.

  35. How you maintain momentum in this piece is a mystery. The powerhouse finish, I truly admirie:

    “Humanity is destined to live elsewhere.

    We will navigate and gravitate to another heavenly place.

    Our world is transferable,

    surely as our souls do transmigrate

    to and through all inevitable eventualities.”

  36. Uncle tree!!!… What a powerful poem… The way you wonder about the major topics is amazingly cativating… I am nodding in agreement with you and share your approaches in different levels.
    “Should we live life as if we have/
    all the time in the world?/
    Since when is Time itself in the world?”
    This paradoxical verses would have left Immanuel Kant Speechless my friend! 😉
    Many hugs to you, Aquileana 😀
    (writing you from the future, in 2014)

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