Disguised By Design


Born again beats dying again by design.

The seed born out of life has every intention of dying.

It didn’t really like its current life anyway.

Longing to bury itself

in the hidden depths for want of new beginnings,

the kernel willed itselfย to fall, and no one thought of it as suicidal.

Everyone knows that death for the seed is a blessing in disguise.

Only the seed had to wonder,

“How many times must I go through this?”

The memories of its past lives seemed awfully similar.

Vaguely, but certainly, they all resembled this one, his present life.

The cycle didn’t point to anything, which seemed to say,

there was no place to go.

Divine intervention had everything going in circles, spinning away

with some well-disguised purpose in mind, God’s mind.

The seed had a mind to get off the merry-go-round once and for all.

Of these disguised blessings, he’d had enough, or so he thought.

He wasn’t getting any younger, you know.

This unknown heavenly process had a will of its own, God’s will.

But the seed felt the need to question his own free will:

“When God dies, maybe I’ll finally find out if I’m in His will.

If there is a naked sacred blessing by design,

that’s when I’ll know, and that’s when I’ll finally get it.

Then my will will be the only one, and I’ll become God myself.

Is this what it’s all about? Is this why I must die over and over?

Is that what I’m waiting for?

Do I really have an inborn wish to be the Almighty God?”

This is where the seed got stuck, and Time waited for him alone,

just him.

Then it happened.

The seed forgot himself completely,

which allowed Time to go on for everybody else,

as you can see for yourself.


The seed of Uncle Tree




29 thoughts on “Disguised By Design

  1. liked this a lot!


    so this is what’s going on in the mind of our seed… YES! when we find out about our free will we get off the wheel…
    and we become god… not OVER all… but IN all…


  2. “Then it happened. The seed forgot himself completely…”

    Yes! Love this piece. A wonderful take on the old struggle.
    A seed must die. Then there is life.
    Great writing, Tree.


  3. you shiver me timbers uncle tree.
    from blankets and beer to the seeds of life
    and death and life and you do it in a way
    that comforts my soul.

    thank you


  4. That’s a wild and wooly comment, HB. Thank you!
    I’m thrilled to know you not only liked, but loved it, too.

    Being sort of a pantheist…in or over, up or down,
    in front or behind, above or below…well, if I were God,
    I’d think I’d have them all covered. Or, perhaps veiled. Yes!

    If I had to guess, I’d say you, yourself, are from the East.
    But I’m not a prophet, so I have no need to make assumptions.

    Bless you nameless being! We’ll all be hallowed together someday.

  5. I thought of you after I wrote this piece this morning, Pearl.
    At work, I was a space case for at least a couple of hours.
    Although, it’s not that out of the ordinary for a man who has
    his head in the clouds most of the time anyway.

    I will tell you that this was inspired by Dostoevsky’s “The Possessed”.
    I finished reading it about a week ago, and it was still fresh on my mind.
    He clearly defines the old struggle between atheist, agnostics, and
    born-again true believers. Talk about questioning one’s faith! That’s
    what’s been rummaging around my brain, and why I haven’t written lately.

    You know what I’m talking about, and that’s why I’m glad
    to have met you, too. I had my doubts…again!…so…
    I’m happy to know you liked it. I thank you for your support!

  6. You found this comforting, Derek?
    I would figure that most folks would be made to feel uncomfortable
    asking themselves these questions or plundering through these depths.

    Good for you then! You can see I have no idea as to what I’m capable of
    producing when it comes to effects. But you, I know, are an artist.
    So I’ll graciously take you at your word, this time and the next.

    P.S. According to Frankenstein,
    Hell is a shivery cold place. Catch my drift?

  7. Hey, Mark! I’ve never understood that phrase,
    “begs the question”. Who is the beggar in that regard?

    As far as answers go, I’ve never met one
    that didn’t beg for more questions. Isn’t that how it goes?

    Even if for once I got The Truth and The Answer,
    both at the same time, Divine Forgetfulness would still pull it’s trick

    eventually. It’s happened to me before…many times.
    If ever I re-member correctly and precisely, I’ll be sure to let you know.


  8. ..

    Heedless of the unconquerable soul,
    the seed, too long, has hearkened
    to the dark pessimism of “dust-thou-art.”

    In Time,
    gone will be the burial longing,
    gone the sorrow of parting,
    gone the taint of memories,
    gone the disguises,
    gone the relativity of birth and death,
    gone the shell.

    In One moment,

    The seed has but to will it.


  9. When I read your reply to Pearl, Unc, I kinda felt what it’s like to be you writing such an essential piece. There is comfort in it in a telling kind of way. The most telling line for me:-
    ‘When God dies, maybe Iโ€™ll finally find out if Iโ€™m in His will.’

    I never cease to be amazed with your word-weavings,

  10. I don’t mind at all, Bonnie. In fact, I quite like it!
    Allow me to elaborate, if you will. Lettuce play:

    Gone, gone, gone…as if, Life proceeds through the process
    of dying one little death after another, and another, and another.

    Attrition being a built-in attribute by which we shed that which is false,
    and no longer necessary. No longer weighed down by a multitude of
    untruths, we lighten up, and the lose the heavy burdens that for so
    long binded us to the chain of events beyond our personal control.

    In the end, the seed comes to a new understanding of earthly
    responsibilities. He sees the divine need of surrendering that which
    was once wholly, and completely his own: his duty. Handing down
    the legacy he so carefully built up throughout his lifetime, he loses
    strength, and his unfulfilled dreams and wishes slip and drop down,
    down, down into the hands of the next generation of seed bearers.

    There will be no timeout, for that which freely falls to the newborn
    is lovingly irresistible, inherently good, and shall be taken up in haste.

  11. Thanks for joining in the fray, my friend!

    So you think it was essential that I add a piece such as this
    to my revolving repertoire? I made pretend I made myself believe
    in this for a moment, in order that I might step into another man’s shoes.

    Reincarnation is but a concept to me.
    But as you know, there is another one
    that is more dear to my royal, loyal heart.


    The line you picked out? Only an innocent child could say that.
    Perhaps, I should let him speak through me more often. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am soothed and comforted by the fact that you like
    the words bleeding forth from my tell-tale heart.

  12. what else is there in your heart and mind that you haven’t written yet? i’d be amaze endlessly wondering why i do not have such gift of words.. this one is beautifully made by an old tree who obviously saw too many seeds that has grown to become seeds again… so i no longer wonder about the magic of deep intelligence in here. after every ending there’s a new beginning, tears are always being wiped away by smiles, life after every death, joy after sadness, a lot more


    a rainbow after the rain
    just there up above you uncle tree.


  13. Thank you so much for blessing me with a rainbow today, Butterfly! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am fond of those promises. We don’t get a lot of rain around here,
    so their sightings are few and far between. It’s great when they come
    in a timely fashion, for they lift me quickly when I’m down in the dumps,
    and allow me to lightly fly away from the dreaded mood of deep despair.

    What else do I have up my sleeve that I haven’t yet written about?
    Well, there is something bugging me right now. As soon as it crawls
    on up to my neck, and nears my ear, I’ll grab my paper and pen.

    No, really. Halloween is coming soon, and my mind’s been moving
    in a dastardly direction searching for spooky lines, and following evil ways.
    Did you read my short story, “From The Lowest Limb”? I’m thinking
    there will be another attempted hanging, but this time it won’t be
    for a common criminal. On the contrary, he will be…….oh, yeah.

    Stay tuned! You’ll need a hug.

  14. i got lost on your drift uncle, unless your referring somehow to you and hell, nah no way jose. me timbers are me bones and they shake when they resonate with cool stuff.

    it’s not so much the subject matter but the presentaion that is comforting, that is what you are capable of.

  15. Hey yo, Derek!
    Just wait till you see my next graphic presentation. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have you ever read Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”? Maybe not.
    Do yourself a favor then. It is almost Halloween. But, but, but DO KNOT
    do any research on the book beforehand. No google, no nothin’. Okay?
    The movies never did the story justice…and a wild story it is!
    I was surprised as hell at the ‘real’ ending, and that’s all I’m gonna say.

  16. you’ve sparked my spooky side uncle tree, i have never read it and it’s high time i do. i promise no googling………

    i need a surprise ending about now.

  17. What’s it all about, hmmm?
    Fear, Colleen, fear. Halloween, Colleen, is near.
    I’m working on a scary story, so I need to get in the mood.

    You’ll get your chance at a mid-life crises one day, too, girl.

  18. My natural, but incomplete allegiance to Christ is nothing to boast about, except that that, too, was given to me by the Father. Freewill would mean nothing at all โ€“ were it not for a sacred AND sanctified rebellious inner nature. This nature is defined by a certain feeling we all know and love โ€“ the human spirit.

    Wisdom is born of the bodily flesh, and can only be gained through experience – which takes Time – which is why we (I) see Time as linear, and not circular.

  19. The poem in of itself is really well written. Overall I like it because it makes sense if, indeed, life was really lived more than once. But to the true believer we die only once. We become born again spiritually when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and we die to “sin and self.” In the physical sense , “it is appointed for man to die once., then the judgment. (Heb 9:27). This eliminates the concept of wandering or going into circles multiple times. The concept of reincarnation is a false or deceptive doctrine.


  20. Thank you, Mary! The concept that people have “souls” is still just that; a concept, not a fact. But it is an idea I like, and believe, for I was brought up that way; with each person having an individual soul, as opposed to a collective soul that all humanity shares.

    The human “spirit” is a similar, but separate concept, more akin to breath and mind. Spirit begets spirit, and that divine part of us may be the same in each of us. If you look at reincarnation from this angle, then Spirit is the only thing reincarnating with every human birth.

    Have a blessed Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace, Keith

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