Raising Crane: On Friday The 13th

U2 Cranes


Raising Crane in the morning

Crane U. flocks!

Sandhill Cranes fenced in

Sandhill Cranes running laps for fowl play

Grazing crane

Grazing Crane on Friday the 13th

Crane Creek

Lesser Cranes they may be, but they venture closer to the road

Lesser Cranes close to the road

than their larger look-a-likes, the Greater Sandhill Cranes.

Crane Brunch

Superstitions abound on this day,

Cranes facing North

but only the fool-hearty fly away.

It's Friday the 13th?

“Stand your ground!”

Sandhill Crane take-off

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Friday the 13th

April 2018


Spring Delayed Blues


Spring Blues

Spring delayed this year, because Winter loves The Blues.

Platte River Blues

The River only reflects The Blues, because it is all wet.

Windmill Blues

The Windmill stands like the Tin Man, and heartlessly defies The Blues. 

Crane blues

Cranes fly off into the wild blues yonder, and no one questions why.

Follow the blues

Read the writing on The Wall of Blues, folks.

Wild Blue Snow Geese

Stay in line and you’ll be fine. Why?

Because, Green said so.

Uncle Tree