Raising Crane: On Friday The 13th

U2 Cranes


Raising Crane in the morning

Crane U. flocks!

Sandhill Cranes fenced in

Sandhill Cranes running laps for fowl play

Grazing crane

Grazing Crane on Friday the 13th

Crane Creek

Lesser Cranes they may be, but they venture closer to the road

Lesser Cranes close to the road

than their larger look-a-likes, the Greater Sandhill Cranes.

Crane Brunch

Superstitions abound on this day,

Cranes facing North

but only the fool-hearty fly away.

It's Friday the 13th?

“Stand your ground!”

Sandhill Crane take-off

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Friday the 13th

April 2018




23 thoughts on “Raising Crane: On Friday The 13th

  1. Beautiful photos, as always, and such a wry sense of humor. I’m going to have to learn more about these cranes–I’m an East Coaster and know nothing. Any books you’d recommend? Laurie

  2. As I was that day, Linda, they were facing a strong north wind,
    and it took a little extra effort to get things off the ground.

    Glad you liked these. 🙂 Thank you very much!

  3. LoL! 🙂 No, they haven’t, but if they do, you’ll be the first to know, Janis.
    Glad you like my amateur hobby shots. ❤ Thank you truly! Cheerz, UT

  4. Another great series with these majestic birds ~ the last shot is perfect for Friday the 13th “Superstitions abound on this day, but only the fool-hearty fly away.” It seems to say, come on in and enjoy the party.

  5. Thank you very much, Randall! 🙂
    Yes, Fridays that fall on the 13th get a bad rap, imo. Knock on wood, 😉
    but I can’t remember ever having an especially unlucky day. I mean,
    in the first place, TGIF is always a good feeling for those of us who punch a clock
    (okay, some of us slide an I.D. card to clock in and out).
    On this particular Friday, I took a day of vacation.
    That’s something I earn, but still, everyone else who had to work saw me as “lucky”.
    So I flew the coup to go party with Cranes.

    Did I raise Cain? One farmer thought so…tell ya later. Cheerz, UT

  6. Another great post with great photographs and story! I love the way you portray nature stories. Someday you should publish your blog into a book-I’d definitely buy it!

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