Raising Crane: After Sunset

Raising Crane At Sunset

Flying after sunset

Sun rays cranes

Evening the raising cranes

Pretties in pink

Great Plains Cranes Sunset

Grand Island Sunset

Sandhill Cranes in Grand Island, Nebraska

Photographs by Uncle Tree

April 12, 2018


(Click on any pic to enlarge your view)


28 thoughts on “Raising Crane: After Sunset

  1. Those are beautiful sunset pictures Uncle Tree. I like the first and last one best with the cranes flying off into the sunset. Just a gorgeous sight.

  2. Thank you dearly, Linda Schaub! πŸ™‚ Glad you like these pretties in pink.
    Wish there were thousands more in the sky, but, oh well.
    We live and learn, and those cold-blooded creatures care less about the weather. Friday the 13th was cloudy and misty, but I went out anyway to try my luck. They’re not spectacular shots, but I’ll be posting them anywhoo.

    Since it is an annual event, I have years left to improve. It is good to look forward to more abundance. It keeps us feeling timeless.

  3. How I’d like to grab a chair, pop open a beer and sit back and watch what you have created and shown here UT. The cranes, fields, and then the glorious sun in all her glory ~ wow. Beautiful nature, beautiful life. Congratulations on achieving your piece of heaven πŸ™‚

  4. You are far too kind, Randall.
    Thank you so much for that beautiful compliment! πŸ™‚
    I wish I did own a few acres around there. The farmers don’t much like the tourists.
    I’d open up my fields for play, absolutely. Why knot?

    Hope life on your Earth is treating you well today. Peace in, UT

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