Spring Delayed Blues


Spring Blues

Spring delayed this year, because Winter loves The Blues.

Platte River Blues

The River only reflects The Blues, because it is all wet.

Windmill Blues

The Windmill stands like the Tin Man, and heartlessly defies The Blues. 

Crane blues

Cranes fly off into the wild blues yonder, and no one questions why.

Follow the blues

Read the writing on The Wall of Blues, folks.

Wild Blue Snow Geese

Stay in line and you’ll be fine. Why?

Because, Green said so.

Uncle Tree



32 thoughts on “Spring Delayed Blues

  1. Sure wish Winter was not so “bluesy” but, as I froze this morning walking with wind chills in the teens and 25 mph NE winds, I was grateful I did not live on the East Coast. These sure are beautiful blue pictures Uncle Tree.

  2. Thank you kindly, Linda! 🙂
    I should dedicate this one to those unfortunate Easterners up north.
    It’s sunny and 60 here currently, but I won’t brag about
    how much more this feels like Spring, than elsewhere.

  3. Sunny and 60 sounds very welcome to me.
    We may see 60 next Tuesday, but it will rain they say. Meantime, it is cold, but dry, so have been walking so that is a plus. I don’t know how those Easterners are dealing with the 4th nor’easter in three weeks.

  4. Just love the cranes, the river and the blue! You live in such a Gorgeous place. I am in Cape Town and while beautiful, it is still a bustling city…

  5. Thank you very much, Janis! 🙂 Glad you liked. Nice to meet you.
    The Sandhill Crane pics are from Grand Island, Nebraska.
    It’s about an hour and a half drive from Lincoln, but well worth the trip.

    Can’t say I’ve ever had a comment from South Africa. How cool is that?!!!

  6. Well Uncle Tree I used to be a crane fieldworker in KwaZulu-Natal where we have the Wattled Crane, Blue Crane and Grey-Crowned Cranes. I did lots of work with farm workers and schools…SO I miss dem cranes!

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