26 thoughts on “Love’s Fairy Tale

  1. My Dear Uncle Tree…

    If One would not have posted the tender moment between the primates…. this One would have been thinking of a different dance of Two.
    As it is… when I read the words without the picture… I must admit thinking … quite primal thoughts, after all… 😉

  2. My Dear Uncle Tree…

    *Led* astray? No, no… never .. led … but … that unbeaten path sometimes looks quite enticing to wander down of my own accord! 😉

  3. According to my observations, the unbeaten paths have more bugs.
    Chiggers ‘specially. But I do have this *Led* blanket.
    It provides the stiff competition. 😉 The Zeppelin is now afloat.

  4. Ah… yes… the Zeppelin. Doomed from the start.

    Thank you for the words of wisdom my Dear Uncle Tree, I shall try to remember them… always. 😉

  5. My little pretty…Penny, my obsessions are full of hot air. Besides,
    always is a very long long time away from a minute or two ago.
    Still, it was really nice and sweet of you to say you love me truly. 🙂

    Thank ya dear!

    Hope you have a wonder-filled 4th of July partyin’ down weekend.

    Cheers! Yer dear Uncle Tree (will match the pot and raise you $20. 😉

  6. This is simply beautiful. I love it…You have a happy fourth as well!! And thank you for reading my blog 🙂

    ❤ hanna

  7. Oh… Tree… I match your $20 … and raise you… $40… Hhmmm… whatever shall they think, now?? haha!

    Obsess away… my Dear Uncle Tree… it’s good for the Soul and sparks jealousy in thy Muse… ! 😉 naughty, naughty Muse.

  8. Playing strip poker on the internet with my sweet, but jealous Muse.

    What a concept! Need I see more? Or is that — say more?
    Like…I’ve got an ace in the hole. 🙂 Hit me, and give it to me good.

  9. Ace in the hole… you claim… whatever could top that?

    Except that last hit…. could be deadly.

    Full in… a Showdown.

    Feeling lucky, the Muse is whispering in my ear…. oh, wait…

  10. Oh, what, oh, what did she say? I’m dying to know.
    Something like, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” ???
    Cards. I mean cards. 😉 Whatever, I wood. Really. I har-dee-har await.

  11. I called, Tree… You must show first… ’tis the rule .. 😉

    And besides, my Dear Uncle … Musings in my head.. are not allowed to be heard in yours… then they would be your Musings, too…. And where would that leave the story-telling?

  12. Happy Independence Day, Penny!

    I enjoyed our innocent and challenging conversation here.
    Thanks for the fun! Stay cool, be good, and take care. UT

  13. Thank you, Rhee! 🙂
    Long time no see.
    Forever is a very
    special long time.

    And, oh, how I wish it were true.
    My goodness! Your friend, UT

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