Bald And Barred — But Brave

bald eagle behind bars

A symbolic misrepresentation of freedom, independence and justice for all.

White Buffalo

Iconic Americans taking sides and squaring off

Elk munchies

Grandeur defined! — (at Wildlife Safari Park in Ashland, Nebraska)


True colors never age, and seeing them never gets old.

free rainbows

Luvz and hugz from Uncle Tree

Keith Watson and Spencer Watson

with Spencer Watson


Free The Golden Calf


Steady is the hand

keeping balance in the land

as it measures the cost

of freedom on demand


A hero’s song unsung

off the tip of a silent tongue

reminds us of the place where

only the good die young!


With red roses near

blue skies that stretch for years

those broad stripes and bright stars

prepare our youth for tears


“Left, right, left…” we stride

to breach the great divide

We must march together

or risk this nation’s pride


If In God We Trust

but for more loot we lust

the Golden Calf we’ll praise

half buried in the dust


About face!


As one united nation

let us move in the same direction –>

towards a day worth remembering

and a history worth repeating