Free The Golden Calf


Steady is the hand

keeping balance in the land

as it measures the cost

of freedom on demand


A hero’s song unsung

off the tip of a silent tongue

reminds us of the place where

only the good die young!


With red roses near

blue skies that stretch for years

those broad stripes and bright stars

prepare our youth for tears


“Left, right, left…” we stride

to breach the great divide

We must march together

or risk this nation’s pride


If In God We Trust

but for more loot we lust

the Golden Calf we’ll praise

half buried in the dust


About face!


As one united nation

let us move in the same direction –>

towards a day worth remembering

and a history worth repeating



The Oath Of Optimism


To remain hopefully optimistic when the apocalyptic future

of our transitory planet is certain and inevitable.


To practice the art of optimism even when proven wrong,

over and over again, seventy times seven.


To remain steadfast and justifiably optimistic in our belief:

Compassion and mercy will always exist in the face

of surrounding doubt and deep despair.


To continue to sustain our reasonable optimism faithfully,

for the joy and peace that surpasses all understanding is

at once transcendent, immanent, and eternal; imagining

it to be, and acting as if this sacred right simultaneously

belongs to members and spirits alike, who work toward that

which serves the most noble, honorable, and just cause.


To remain divinely optimistic that we are who we are,

and what will be will be; that just as we are we come,

and we will keep on becoming infinitely better, more

perfect, pure and beautiful on the way of truth, as we

move ever closer to the glorious Light Of God.


For Pete’s Sake

Uncle-tree-_colour_flat-TEXT_sml (1)


Art for the sake of humanity

Criticism for the sake of response

Morality for the sake of justice

Perfection for the sake of progress

Ambiguity for the sake of confusion

Between the lines for the sake of secrecy

For Beauty’s sake, I let my eyes wander

For the sake of the artist, I feel without touching

For your sake, I lay down my arms

and trample the fields unabashed

For the sake of forgiveness, I seek and find peace

For the sake of love, I forgive the incident immediately

For the sake of intention, I stumble aimlessly

and grope for the words that lift me up

hoping in the process – I can lighten your burden


Uncle Tree