Introducing: Johnny Mantis

Praying Mantis

“Pray tell me, man! Which way to Mars?”

Mantis vs. Man

A rose is a rose is a bug on my rose moss,
mostly rosy, except for that glare…mostly creepy.

Martian Mantis heading for Mars

Johnny Mantis preparing for take-off!

Buggy pretty in pink

Pretty buggy in pink tutu!

A bug with a view

A bug with a view of our back patio.

A full-length feature creature

A full-length feature creature, if ever I saw one.

Searching for a Mars Bar

“I know I left a Mars Bar in here somewhere, dagnabbit!”

Uncle Tree and Johnny Mantis

Johnny Mantis is telling Uncle Tree a tall tale.

A laughing praying Mantis

A laughing Praying Mantis knows no bounds.

A Johnny Mantis sunset

One should never count him completely out of the picture.

International Space Station

At the end of the day, Johnny hops on board his space station,

and heads for home. I pray, he made it safely.

Praying with A Praying Mantis

Photographs by Uncle Tree and his lady, Lucy Scarlett

with a special thanks to our star for the day,

Johnny Mantis!

A Praying Mantis profile

“Are you lookin’ at me?”



Free The Golden Calf


Steady is the hand

keeping balance in the land

as it measures the cost

of freedom on demand


A hero’s song unsung

off the tip of a silent tongue

reminds us of the place where

only the good die young!


With red roses near

blue skies that stretch for years

those broad stripes and bright stars

prepare our youth for tears


“Left, right, left…” we stride

to breach the great divide

We must march together

or risk this nation’s pride


If In God We Trust

but for more loot we lust

the Golden Calf we’ll praise

half buried in the dust


About face!


As one united nation

let us move in the same direction –>

towards a day worth remembering

and a history worth repeating