Love In The Round

Hocus Focus

Long before Time you were
the eternal light forever seen
through the passion-powered lens
of my intently aligned
super telescopic
tunnel vision
of love 


The time we spend together
binds the joys and thrills we treasure
to a love no rule can measure
and a hope no will can tether!

Uncle Tree


20 thoughts on “Love In The Round

  1. Answer this. Does a blogger blog more frequently if he is in love or does he blog only once every now and then so that his followers wonder where the earth he has been?

  2. Is it more worth one’s while
    to live a life worth writing about, or
    to write about a life that is worth the living?

    Is it more worth one’s while
    to act out a scene worth painting, or
    to paint a picture that is worth a view or two?

    Is it more worth one’s while
    to take the time deemed necessary to dream up a fairy tale, or
    to live a life worth earning the good luck it takes
    to live out a fairy tale dream?

  3. So beautiful…a moment to treasure forever! May your love for each other deepen and soar.

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