Hanging On For Dear Life After Death

hanging on

After most of us have passed away
a piece of us is left to stay
hanging on for
better days
with a
on the future

Keith Alan Watson

Uncle Tree


29 thoughts on “Hanging On For Dear Life After Death

  1. Thanks UT—I’m giving “Treasure Coast Natives” a
    much-needed rest after 5+ years.

  2. your thoughts are perfect for your image 🙂
    Take care…You Matter…

  3. You’re Welcome 🙂
    Take care…..You Matter….

  4. Thank you for following Moonlight Gallery and for liking several of my artwork posts. What a fun photo and poem! 🙂 I also like to think that something wonderful awaits the parts of us that do not remain after we are gone from this world. 🙂

  5. You are welcome too! 🙂 Yes, this was a fun post. I have to say that I have scrolled past this post a few times and did not get it until last night. I can be so slow sometimes. Maybe I just need more sleep. 🙂

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