The Making Of Sir Willow

Bruce Marlin

♪ ♫ ♪

Stealing a glance under my branch,
I spied a green-eyed lady,
as if, by Chance, or Fate’s romance,
she found me cool and shady.

I heard her sigh for times gone by,
her breath grew slow and steady.
I knew not why, but in her cry,
old tears stood at the ready.

Releasing all, the rain did fall
on ruddy roots and timber.
Like thunder calls that break down walls;
like leaves turn in September.

Like storms pass on, She turned to song,
my rigid frame grew limber.
Like grass loves sun, Love made us one:
A Day Made To Remember.

Bruce Marlin

— Uncle Tree

Photographs by Bruce Marlin @ Wikimedia

dryad and tree spirit


185 thoughts on “The Making Of Sir Willow

  1. As I read, the question arises, what brought this one to the surface? Now a Willow Tree is known to weep and to find a lady under this Willow weeping, is quite the paradox. What was Uncle Tree thinking, LadyP wonders. Awesome poem, beautiful image, and I do thank you for the Gift you have given me today! Love, Sis

  2. You’re welcome, Amy. Thank you! 🙂 Happy to know you enjoyed this.
    In truth, it is a response I made to a Willow tree poem by Caroline.
    What started out as play, turned into something serious,
    as I began to write this reply in a fairy tale manner with
    rhythm and rhymes and deeply felt sentiments.

    Have a great day, sis! Luvz and hugz, Keith ❤

  3. Thank you once again, my friend! 🙂 I woke up really early
    last Sunday morning, and wrote this by moonlight. Once
    I saw a pattern emerging, I kept the time and the rhymes
    kept coming. Persona poems are a treat to write. Cheerz, UT

  4. Green being a colour of healing, or, since duality is endemic to this planet it could be that the green eyed lady is (was)seeing everything under the influence of emotions which discolor or distort?

    Whatever, yet another fine piece of work (or perhaps art would be a more correct description) from the pen (keyboard) of UT.

  5. Thank you for the fine compliment, old friend! 🙂 Glad you liked.

    For sure, John. It was I who was under the influence of green energies.
    This well-loved tree was a stand-up and sturdy guy,
    until this young Lady came along and “made” him turn to weeping.
    Sir Willow simply wilted under the stress of sympathy’s pangs.
    Still, he likes his new dew, and it will soon turn yellow, thanks to blue.

  6. Uncle Tree,
    What a lovely poem…I am somewhat envious of the green eyed lady…to be able to release it all under your protective canopy…oh…the stuff dreams are made of!!

    I love this poem…I really do. I’d not thought of you in this weeping category before…but it works! I just last week took photos of a very similar tree…I will keep it for when the inspiration strikes me….but if I see a an email for you I may just send a copy to you!

    I must say that you are absent so long…and then you post a true delight!! Thank you UT…I’ve missed you!! ❤

  7. Thank you truly, Lorrie! 🙂 I’m so glad you found this one delightful.
    My fairy tales always have happy endings. Plucking heart strings
    from A to G is my cup of tea. I got lucky with this nurturing one,
    thanks be to the green-eyed lady who spurred me on:
    my near and dear friend, Caroline.

    Have a great weekend, sista! ❤ Luvz and hugz, Keith

  8. More accolades UT to your long list here. This reminds me of a favorite album from long ago, “Songs From the Wood.” Perhaps you know it? We need an interlude of flute….. Thank you for a special treat today! Still listening to the mighty Pacific roar, but sending luvz & hugs to you, WG

  9. Thank you, WG! Glad to hear all is well with you on holiday.
    Jethro Tull? Oh, yes. He certainly had a leg up on the competition. 😉
    Love the honorary comparison. ❤ Hugz backatcha, my friend!

  10. My dear green-eyed lady, I have you to thank for this inspired piece.
    THANK YOU!!! 🙂 Willows have always intrigued my eyes,
    and I love a good masquerade. Uncle Tree appreciates
    your southern hospitality in allowing me to scribble on your walls.

    Have a great Sunday, Caro! ❤ See you in September! 😉 Hugz, UT

  11. Beautiful. As you know Mudpile wood loves trees but Maria has a willow in her garden and finds mowing around it to be a troublesome affair especially as two dogs hide bones and balls in the cave like room it creates.

  12. Keith, this is lovely, I love this feeling of fusion between you and the Willow Tree, as right you are, they have a “weeping habit” (botanists say). I love how you used the name of the tree to make your poem come so alive!

  13. “Yeah! Maria likes!” 🙂 Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtful comments.
    As a writer of fairy tales, sometimes, I do attempt to convey the impossible.
    Sir Willow “became” the first of his kind after this encounter with a lady.
    Previously, he was a stand-up guy; tall, sturdy, and quite upright.

    Now, he’s a sap like me, who cries tears of joy and sorrow
    at the drop of a hat. Not a bad thing, really;
    embarrassing at times, but I rather see it
    like the communion of the Saints.
    We trees easily feel for you human peeps. 😉

    Have a great weekend, my friend! ❤ Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  14. I’ve never been great at deciphering poetry, but for me this poem flowed with such grace. You allude so slyly the strength and reassurance the woman found in the opposite of limber. You took her old tears and sucked them up with your roots like they were nothing. You knew the season would change, the storms would pass, and though you never said it, you stood tall and strong, waiting. Once the thunder quieted she sung, and you listened and limbered. Two humbled souls as One. Definitely a day to remember.

    Can’t wait for more. Much love brother

  15. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. I love this poem you got here, started singing and getting a melody in my head. I am a fan of poetry but been slacking on it. Now, motivated to get back to writing and reading others. Have a lovely day and looking forward to reading more.

  16. Hi there, Alix! Nice to meet you! 🙂 Thank you ever so much for this
    fine interpretation of my lyrical poetry. You are “spot on” in your critique.

    Have yourself a great Sunday! Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  17. surely the Willow is an empath
    for he mourns on the wind of tears past
    he holds her tears for as long as he can
    when she comes again, he gives them back…
    she understands

    what a beautiful love story…
    if all had a love that made them one and it grew under the sun
    entwined under the moon, we’ld all plant a tree not someday, but soon

    I like your thoughts Uncle Tree…always a smile…
    Thank you
    Take Care…You Matter…

  18. Understandably, you caught my riff, maryrose.
    I thank you for the soft and tender compliments! 🙂
    If I brought you a smile, that’s all that matters. Hugz, UT

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  20. A second wind sent forth to touch
    will drop that feather in its clutch
    ‘neath Willow’s tapestry – sheer delight
    Longfellow can wait – she’s mine tonight

  21. “damn we really need to find this tree! I am serious”
    I thought you meant the tree pictured above, Caro.
    Copy and paste location onto Google maps to see. 🙂
    “whoever she is” ? Why, she is none other than you.

  22. I am fine, WG! 🙂 Just been happily busy visiting folks,
    liking posts, and making hopefully intelligible comments
    to those I follow and anyone else who posts about trees, waterfalls, etc.
    Sorta playin’ a numbers game this year for that part of
    my ego, which hopes to get “on board” with the search engines.
    I tell Dad it’s like missionary work, cuz I’m known world-wide,
    except for Cuba.

    Blogging success is a personal judgement. At the end of the day, or my life, I want to know which poems, or which posts were my best, and I don’t want to have to sift through 10,000 of them to figure that out. My kids and hopefully, grandkids, may want to know the same, and I keep that in mind. I have 5+ years of history here — free, and open to the public. I pray you understand, Elizabeth. Peace to you on this beautiful sunny day! UT

  23. That is an interesting perpective, Keith, and one I almost understand 😉
    It fascinated me that while I was away in Oregon, not posting, my numbers held. I could keep an eye on things, but had no way to upload photos so I didn’t try to post. Then I came home right to a community event for which I was responsible, and still had virtually no time. Didn’t seem to have much effect at all on my blog traffic, which was a real eye-opener 😉 I’ve bought into WordPress’s philosophy of “a post a day” for a while now. I get your quest for quality, and watching for useful responses, rather than quantity.
    A gorgeous day. I’m making pear butter today and enjoying the beauty berries now fully ripened in the garden. When will your first anthology be published in hard copy? Hugz, E

  24. LoL 🙂 Too funny, WG. As soon as you pick my best 50. But then
    I’ll want at least one pic or work of art for each page,
    and that’ll probably take 10 years – give or take a few.

    For the past 35 years, at work, for lunch everyday, I’ve eaten an
    almond butter and jelly sandwich. Apple butter is also a fav.
    Pear sounds pretty good, too. Wish I could try yours. 🙂
    When is it hitting the market? He-he. Peace and luvz, UT

  25. Uncle Tree!!!
    Congratulations on this one… I love it ❤
    My favorite verses are those from the third stanza. Wise Words… Also your green imaginary is bucolic and refreshing!
    Best wishes, Aquileana 😛

  26. Trees!! 🙂 🙂 I love the poem that goes along with it too. Now if only I could have a book and sit under that tree and read…

  27. Thanks for the “like” on my blog! I am so impressed with poets. I am not good at poetry. I write more of an inspirational prose style. But I do love trees! It takes a lot of creativity to write poetry so beautifully. Great work!

  28. Loved this poem!
    Also, wanted to say thanks for stopping by my site and liking the post about me being featured on My essay is on the site today so please go read it, and then share it with your followers so that I can reach the audience that I dream of reaching.
    Thank you for your support.
    I hope to see you soon on my blog again.

  29. Dear Caro, Sir Willow knows where he stands,
    and he is thankful you do to. He also says, you are
    always more than welcome to have a sit and stay a bit.

    Uncle Tree is blushing the reds and yellows and oranges of Fall.
    The sun is shining brightly here today. I pray it warms your heart. Hugz, K

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