Surrender To The Fall

Gerber daisy

Whether it’s a change for the better

or a change for good, or both, and more…

this transformation I am undergoing

has required the best in me

and I surrender unto it.

I surrender unto love,

unto a love my heart knows well.

So well, my intellect scarcely understands

the heart’s acknowledgements.

My will followed this directional change

as if it knew the heart better than I

and I am willingly losing my grip for first love.

— Uncle Tree


14 thoughts on “Surrender To The Fall

  1. Transformation, losing your grip for first love… what beautiful images and thoughts. Thank you for this, once again you have touched my heart.

  2. Love indeed changes us as fast as an electrical impulse travels from one neuron to another – withing the blink of an eye. Intellect wouldn’t catch up 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  3. I read every word and liked every word. I felt a corelation between the love and fall – changing of the seasons, changing of the heart.
    And I too love the drawing!

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