The Beast Without The God Within


Damn that bastard of Time!

He with bloodless heart ablaze

beating fumes through invisible veins

flailing every fixed point out of existence

seething in the nefarious nodes of Nosferatu

no lack of exits for these – the dark lord’s evictions

no need to ask why – no reason to ponder

no stillness – no peace within

 no record – no remains

no horizon

nothing to note

just a monotone groan

one annihilating negation

one universal sound of surrender

to an aimless dread – a formless foe

to the beast without the god within

to a war without a starting point

where entropy flies nonstop

no moment created

 no separation

 no clock

 worlds without measure burst forth from center stage  →

blanketing all with the dense threads of ignorance

no find – no finish – not now – not ever

nothing to harvest – no one to feed

‘Tis end over end without end

before you now – before you then

before one can know

where one sat in the first place

one must know why

two is second best to none


A very good friend of mine, a great photographer,

has captured a ghost – full apparition, by Emerald Wake


18 thoughts on “The Beast Without The God Within

  1. I dedicate this post to the Cooper’s Hawk that visited me on the last day of Summer, and to my ol’ pal and true friend, who always threw a party for the Fall Equinox, and who turned me on to a thousand good times – thanks to his inherited good fortune – that eventually cost him his life, the late great Michael DoRan – the most generous man I’ve ever been priviledged to know. Get my message, bro? 😉 “Don’t fear The Reaper”. Nope.

  2. Thank you, Ed! 🙂 I thought you’d like my ending →
    I kept your singularity in mind, and, to me, it looks like
    Uncle Tree has written his first Zen koan. Perhaps?

    Disclaimer: I did not set out to make a pictograph –
    these things simply happen in the editing process,
    as I rearrange and chip away at random thoughts.

    As it so happens sometimes, it seemed like there
    were two poems trying to surface simultaneously.
    Maybe, that’s what I get for not writing often enough.
    I hope my ending fits the picture – the big one, at least.

    Whenever BOC came within a close proximity of our
    vicinity, DoRan would gather a few of us up, and off
    we’d go to see their show. Good times – great memories!

  3. I found this work of art (1909) by Dorothy Hardy, and thought to write something for it. I knew nothing about the wolf, but I wrote the above poem anyway – with imaginative guesses and vision.

    So, I thought I’d research Fenrir, the big bad wolf, this morning. From Wiki, I found this info, which comes from the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning (from the 13th century):

    “In chapter 38, High says that there are many men in Valhalla, and many more who will arrive, yet they will “seem too few when the wolf comes.” In chapter 51, High foretells that as part of the events of Ragnarök, after Fenrir’s son Sköll has swallowed the sun and his other son Hati Hróðvitnisson has swallowed the moon, the stars will disappear from the sky. The earth will shake violently, trees will be uprooted, mountains will fall, and all binds will snap – Fenrisúlfr will be free. Fenrisúlfr will go forth with his mouth opened wide, his upper jaw touching the sky and his lower jaw the earth, and flames will burn from his eyes and nostrils.”

  4. Hadn’t thought of that……and it was the Hunter making amends 🙂 I shall shovel rocks into ‘Mouth Almighty!’

    Oh, that terror on the threshold 😉

  5. Thank you, Christina! It is fun for lips and tongue
    to say, and I bet yours are delightful, but not too awfully evil.

    😉 He-he… Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  6. Aye! Uncle Tree attempting to make Halloween a little spooky.
    I thought it was a cool title, but still — it didn’t go over too well.
    Too out-of-character? Idk. Sure glad to hear you like it, tho. 🙂
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much! ❤ Luvz, UT

  7. Hello friend, amazing post like always, i did a some brightness and contrasts work on my photo to show the best where ghost are ,now in B&W looks even better,i just bright some and dark other areas ,now this photo is even much creepier,look, i upload in few minutes,Regards Bro , 4Ever

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