The Dark Roots Of A Descendant

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Without a doubt, the tomb lay empty;

a sacrificial duty – inflicted by the pains of youth.

His tortured flames defied smothering.

The embers kept watch o’er the darkest of nights,

as the red Moon refused to warm;

Its knowledge within eclipsed

by the reality of traceable abandonment,

untouched by the whims of existence.

The Forever Man bade farewell to his namesake,

and retraced the backward runes

pressed into the dust of empty footprints.

Reading the tell-tell signs of endless duration;

thin-skinned and wailing to a beat heard only by the Initiate,

Adam’s dance with the devils commenced.

A flourish of dervish dignitaries shoveled their dead weight,

and the womb filled the tomb with silent emptiness.

The person who was:

offered up, crucified, and stricken from The Book!

The Father, robbed of a sire, snapped back in vain and cried.

The Son, soon forgotten under a spell of words unspoken,

only to fall into eternity;

twice-born to the third degree;

appalled in a measure of good and evil.

Once cut and quartered, the demons hungered,

sweating out the blood of ancestors made from clay.

We waited for their sacred cup of death to dry.

The spectres bled and damned the Light.

All reminders – worthless now,

in the face of Satan’s might.


Nothing new under Earth’s old star, nope.

Nevertheless, from this day forward, 

nothing new, spelled backwards

shall mean nonetheless to you!


Uncle Tree


19 thoughts on “The Dark Roots Of A Descendant

  1. Are you on the right page? 😉 Niamh, I knew you’d
    understand my intentions here, even though I didn’t
    know them myself when I started. Wind happens, yes.

    Thinking of Emma Jung now, I’ll say, no, I didn’t take
    this subject lightly. Whether or not I had “due authority”,
    well, how does one ever know that? And who would give
    one that authority anyway? I guess – we take our chances,
    and simply pray we are effective. I may need a Part 2.

    Thank you so much for the sweet compliment!
    You made my day, and I sighed in relief, as usual.

    Peace and luvz, Keith

  2. I stirred to Life at the Devil’s last Death.
    My first breath was fire – my second, water.
    My third grew roots, and on the fourth,
    I rested my sprites on my sprouts.

    For this moment – for this life,
    I waited a thousand years in the silence.
    I will now wail! And I’ll be glad to hear all others.

    I have left words in a hundred and fifty nations,
    and my blood was spilled on none.

  3. An ancient earthy feeling to this Keith. I picture something as old as time yet there as plain as the dirt under feet. Dark and evil consumed by pain and hurt…. Great use of imagery, perhaps that is one of the things that makes you a great story teller, your ability to drag the reader into the moment with so few words. Take care Keith

  4. Well, Stuart, if you want to “get down”
    you gotta go down, and get some dirt
    beneath your fingernails, whilst you
    comb the ancient ruins and read the
    Runes hidden in the shadows of Psyche.

    Still studying and reading mystic history, bro.
    3 to 4 a.m. in the morning is the perfect time
    to get out of bed, keep the lights low, and
    let your imagination throw you words and lines
    and images and intents – irrational and improbable,
    to get at the old original ideas of Man, God, and Nature.

    Glad you liked this bit of character development
    for a dark/light hero/villain Anthropos figure seeking
    the personal experience and understandings of the soul.

    🙂 Thank you, bro! Happy Halloween! Drive safe now.

  5. ”twice-born to the third degree;

    appalled in a measure of good and evil”.

    Hi Keith,

    Born and begotten perhaps, rather than born twice?
    Brethren of the constructor, or the hunter Triple Goddess?
    With bow and quiver, a Nimrod before the Lord
    For things to come he can foretell aright.
    The beings ugliness in its beauty shines.

    You are delving deep here Keith.



  6. Hello, John! 🙂 Good to see you here again.

    Like I was telling Stuart and Niamh above, this was a seasonal
    write for Halloween – for the most part – a bit of character development for a dark/light hero/villain Anthropos-figure
    seeking the personal experience and understandings of the soul.

    Are you familiar with The Gospel Of Nicodemus? Or perhaps,
    “Nine Faces Of Christ” by Eugene Whitworth? A descent
    to Hades; a trip/vision; knowledge of our dual nature; Jungian
    psychology; mixed with meaningless poetry = this post.

    The ugly, too, must be admitted. God created all, so All’s cool.
    Me, you, the world – we’ve changed, and I hope it’s all for better.

    You’ve not been forgotten. 😉 I’ve re-read you lately. Peace ~

  7. Hi Keith,

    It was studying Apocryphal texts – Qumran and Nag Hammadi texts for example – that started me off on a journey that becomes longer and more mysterious the further one treads.
    The so-called church fathers and their Universal counterparts have a great deal to answer for in the coming future I would think?
    I haven’t read ‘’Nine faces of Christ’’.

    I do not know if we need to understand the soul – as it is the physical manifestation of the unseen spirit (human). As I understand it we are living souls – not immortal souls.
    BREATH – Earth-Beat-Heart. It is how to regulate the receptive frequency of the spirit that would appear to require understanding.

    I am all for dualism – this world and all that is in it was created and operates on dualistic principles – as you know. However, extra dimensions, or forces, are required to provide dynamic. Dualism is essentially static in nature.

    Eph.6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Regards John

  8. Thanks for the clarifications, John! I’m not a Catholic, but when you say “church fathers”, that is who comes to mind. They certainly have some dealing to do with their celibacy, women “fathers”, and child abuse. I do think the new Pope is a good change. What they don’t tell their people is that each and every individual has a right to a direct approach and immediate rapport with God, Jesus, Mother Mary, the Spirit, and their own conscience.

    We wrestle with our egos, and our will to power. We are not the rulers of unconscious knowledge. Being receptive is the feminine key – the vessel – the Grail. The divine knowledge we receive directly is to be honored as much, if not more, than the scriptures. I’d truly like to know what God has granted you, when it comes to personal revelation. I’ve written about most of mine, and I do count direct experience as the highest value in the mind, body, and heart of “living souls”.

    The reason Man doesn’t see God anymore is because, generally, men and women refuse to stoop low enough. For the Christ figure is the life-bringer, like the wet element of water, which goes to the lowliest places that others despise, and has no competition (to paraphrase Lao Tzu).

    Cheerz, bro! 🙂 Keefer

  9. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Many of the 1.2 billion people who claim to follow the Catholic faith have clearly not studied or perhaps not understood correctly European history and the Catholic Church’s major contribution to that history. You may be of the opinion that the present Pope is a good change, but we have yet to see if those changes – if any – will be real changes.
    What goes around comes around and ‘’there is nothing new under the sun’’.

    Direct access to the God** you mention has not always been available to mankind (‘veil rent in two’). However, many (all actually) human spirits appear to be in natural synch (designed even!) with the frequency of another who would be a god – if we believe the Scriptures that have not been adulterated.

    So although I agree that divine knowledge is to be honoured, it is how we use that knowledge that is important – divine knowledge does not appear to be given just because the seeker is mildly curious – something needs to be done with that knowledge and as a receiver of it a mighty weight is placed upon the receiver.

    The greatest and probably most disturbing revelation you or I (or anyone else for that matter) will ever receive is the revelation concerning ourselves – who is the real you or me?

    Water being the staff of physical life – it can, as you say, sink to the lowliest place or, raise itself through increased frequency of vibration to Åsgård.

    Pride is a killer so stoop low indeed.

    Working on the following verse of Scripture at present – just how many God’s are there?

    **Deut.32:8 When the most High (עֶלְיוֹן – ‘elyown) divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam (אָדָם – man, mankind), he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel. 9 For the LORD’S (יְהֹוָה – Yĕhovah) portion [is] his people; Jacob [is] the lot of his inheritance.

    The children of Israel were not a ‘chosen’ people – they were inherited – for a purpose.

    Have a good weekend



  10. Hello, John!

    No revelations confessed – that is okay. I understand.
    You may have incorporated your truths into your system,
    like an app, that in itself contains no answers, but gives
    one the ability to put their willingness where they “suppose”
    their deeds of service “should” go, and let their actions
    speak for themselves.

    Your second para is interesting – “another who would be a god”.
    Who is in synch, and which god are you talking about? Odin?
    Real-life examples would be most helpful, if you could.

    Then, how can we possibly know if someone is in synch with
    a god except by their actions, i.e. magic and miracles? This
    past year I did a little research – speaking of Åsgård, and
    the rest of our pagan past before 300 AD; Anglo-Saxon
    and Norman belief systems still embedded in the depths
    of our psyche, and still trying to integrate Christianity into
    a background where we can more easily understand the
    symbols and the visual transformations they’ve gone through.

    I don’t think I know your denomination, nor what religion
    your parents adhered to. I’m not sure I can get to Christ
    through, or via, the Jewish tradition. Having a Germanic
    last name, and Northern European blood and genes, I tend
    to tread lightly when it comes to the topic of Jews. I’m not
    completely sure why the Nazis treated them the way they did.
    My ancestors have been in America since the 1700’s, but I
    have felt the collective guilt. It was tremendous – when I watched
    “Schindler’s List” in 1995 or so. Once again, it was horrific
    when I went to the theater to see “The Passion Of Christ”.

    Who am I? The guilty one! The one who is conscious of their
    conscience. But also one who knows the joy and the divine
    comfort that can come through that very same door. I am
    the one who chose the world over the Lord’s ministry. I am
    the one who now seeks to get the message out; the mystery
    of this possibility that I wish every earthling could experience.
    I am a keeper of the peace; inwardly and outwardly. Like
    Joseph, I am a father to a boy who isn’t my own. Like Abraham,
    I am a father to a girl who is mine; who loves me dearly.
    I am an ex, and a Oh! My God, I am a man playing Yggdrasil.

    Hope your weekend goes swell, my good man! 🙂 Keith

  11. Aye! The god
    who can comment without visiting
    the recipient!

    Damn WordPress!
    Same with the “Like” button.
    No surfing required.

    Those who wish to be read,
    must buy their own audience.
    Isn’t this ass-backwards?


    Go, daddy, go… 😉 A Sunday rant ~

  12. True, Caro. I don’t even know what I was getting at here,
    but they’ll always be mystery, because every answer begs another question.
    The Moodies move me often, and all year long.
    Luvz and hugz to you, babe! ❤

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