The Evolution Of A Sunset

Ball of Fire

It was so cold in Nebraska, even the Sun wore a hoodie!

Sun with a hoodie

Sunny-side up — orb — over-easy, yes? 

Elongated sun

Scrambling down the horizon, we stir it all together again.

The Sun's evolution

Whisk, weave and wave ≈ the cheerios of goodbyes. 

In the beginning...

Sorta nosy is El Sol, as always.

phallic sun

Uncle Tree


One Ray Street

One Ray To Heaven

Some folks say there is only one ray to heaven,

One Ray Street

as if, they’ve taken that trip before.

One Ray Street

Is this One Ray Street the famed road well traveled?

One ray sunset

Or, is this your ray and to hell with what they say?

Sun Ray Street

When your sun begins to set, and your ray of hope wanes dimmer,

Last ray to go

only the gleam in your eye will know

who went down a winner.

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Peace to Ray Thomas: Moody Blues

Thank you for shining!”

Quirky Cosmology

big sky sunset

There is an indivisible force

which constantly expands the distance between us

peeking sun

Threadbare and naked as a loom
empty of thought, and empty as a tomb
it lies fruitlessly in wait in the background

sunset on the Platte

It lies patiently, perhaps, unaware of a Future full of everything

Full of every thing that is

but itself, for The Void it holds in store can not be filled

see sunny

“May your soul always have room once again for one more.”

— Uncle Tree

Pictures and words by the unworldly

Keith Alan Watson