Petunia Lover

Petunia Lover

Oh, my Sweet Lord! Can you help me straighten things out here?”

White-lined Sphinx Moth

“My dear sweet petunia dear…WoWzer, how I loveth thee!”

Moth Shadow

“Looketh not at my shadow. I’m not Batman for God’s sake!”

Sphinx Moth proboscis

“My one true love…quickly! Where did you hide my Viagra?”

Hummingbird Moth at rest

“Turneth down the lights, my dear, please. Spare me the magnanimity.”

No flash moth shot

“Buzz is the word fornication wishes it was.”

Buzz is the word

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Hummingbird Moth



Goldfinch Eyes Biplane

Goldfinch on Thistle

“Hey there, Uncle Tree! Do you hear what I hear?”

1942 Stearman PT-17

I do, Goldfinch. I surely do, and I can see it, too.

Highland's Goldfinch

“Oh, I see it now. Well…is it prettier than I?”

Blue and yellow biplane 1942

No, no, no, my friend. There is no competition.

Goldfinch hiding

“Yah, right, Uncle Tree. That old plane is a beauty!” 

Biplane seen on Smithsonian commercial

Although, I do like its purr, your song is far more musical.

Goldfinch on our bird feeder

“At least, I have friends, and we have food, thanks to you!”

“Yellow bi-wings? Yes, we’ve got that covered, too.” 

Gerbera Daisy

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Lookout Towers On The Platte River

Platte River State Park -- Lookout Tower

When you don’t own a drone, you take pictures like this:

the old fashioned way — you earn it.

Lookout Tower! There's the Platte!

After 100+ hard-won steps, I reached the tippity top of the lookout tower

at Platte River State Park, near Louisville, in eastern Nebraska.

Lookout Tower! Mahoney State Park

The first tall tower of the day belonged to Mahoney State Park,

just west of the above, and only 30 miles from home.

Platte River near Louisville, Nebraska

We “children of the corn” live a ways away from the river,

as do the cows, pigs, and soybeans you can’t see from up here.

Platte River: Mahoney State Park

Slow and shallow runs this river through the heart of the country.

Nebraska rates 2nd in cattle population, but 37th in peoples.

Per land area, we rank 15th, and 3rd for growing corn.

But when it comes to college football…well?

We are mostly famous for that.

Male Cardinal at Mahoney State Park

When you bleed HUSKER red,

you’re always on top of your game.

Photographs by Uncle Tree


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The Blimp Out Back

Goodyear Blimp

Have you ever walked out to your back porch on a cool Saturday morning,

only to see one of these humongous things floating in the sky?

Goodyear Blimp at Lincoln Airport

I’m thinking, “U.F.O.? Or is Pink Floyd in town?”

Blimp in stealth mode

Going into stealth mode, the blimp attempts to hide behind some trees.

Blimp and Bird

It looked like a whale searching for a safe spot on the runway to beach itself.

Blimp with wings

I hear tell they planned for a sleepover at Lincoln Airport.

My proud petunias quickly spread the gossip.

Flower gossip

Photographs by Uncle Tree