The Blimp Out Back

Goodyear Blimp

Have you ever walked out to your back porch on a cool Saturday morning,

only to see one of these humongous things floating in the sky?

Goodyear Blimp at Lincoln Airport

I’m thinking, “U.F.O.? Or is Pink Floyd in town?”

Blimp in stealth mode

Going into stealth mode, the blimp attempts to hide behind some trees.

Blimp and Bird

It looked like a whale searching for a safe spotย on the runway to beach itself.

Blimp with wings

I hear tell they planned for a sleepover at Lincoln Airport.

My proud petunias quickly spread the gossip.

Flower gossip

Photographs by Uncle Tree



33 thoughts on “The Blimp Out Back

  1. Very cool Uncle Tree. I was disappointed because the Blimp apparently does not visit the Grand Prix anymore … for years it would come into town on the Thursday before Grand Prix Weekend (this being Friday through Sunday in mid-June). It always would park/sleep at a small airport in Grosse Ile and would do a flyover in the air space above my house twice a day enroute to hover over the event. No more! I spent the entire morning down at the Riverfront on Grand Prix weekend, hoping to get a good view and photos of it going to the Saturday race – then discovered it wasn’t here. I assumed. You know what they say about assuming. I always watched it up in the sky if i was out doing errands on the weekend – kids seem unfazed by it though, me … I was like a kid about it. Before the Grand Prix went to the Belle Isle venue, it used to run the circuit in the streets of downtown Detroit, a la Monaco. Very cool and as a worker in downtown Detroit, we could look out the office window on the Friday (a/k/a Free Prix Day) as we were high up and see the Blimp up close and personal.

  2. Thank you, Linda! How cool that one of my friends is a blimp aficionado! Lucky you!
    At least, you got to see it for awhile, which is way more than most. I’ve seen one once before, maybe twice.

    This Good Blimp was a couple miles away to start with, but I knew what it was right away. I see lots of flying things, ya know? But this floating boat made no noise.

    It was here to celebrate Jensen Tires 45th anniversary. Big deal…sheesh!

  3. They sure are huge, Lloyd. Not something we see every day,
    so I thought I’d do a little show and tell. ๐Ÿ™‚ “All hail, the flying pig!”

  4. Yes, like you, I always thought it was very cool to see the Blimp … I’d stand there craning my neck watching it overhead as it went by. Like I said, I’d be in a parking lot at the grocery store, and kids would not even be looking up in the sky? Why? It is so big and I always wanted to go to the airport and see it parked there overnight and see it up close – never made it and now it does not come to the Grand Prix anymore. But yes, I looked out the window downtown and it was so close. I’m sure Jensen Tire paid a pretty penny for the Blimp’s appearance – why not wait til 50 years? Hmmm. Here is a Blimp locator … this is how I found out it was not in town that weekend.

    I always wanted to go see a hot air balloon. We have them in Battle Creek, home of Kellogg’s Cereal, and that is an annual event, but it is not near me. But, at Heritage Park where I often walk, they have them this Friday at dusk, lit up and you can look in the gondola and chat with the balloon operators. I had planned to go, but it will be in the 90s and all those people at that Park, in dusk/dark, I have changed my mind on that … I saw it advertised on the Park Facebook site a few weeks ago. Yesterday they advertised again showing the following stats: 875 Going ยท 9.6K Interested.

    All those people, in the heat, waiting around for balloons … I’ll hope it is a success this first time and they come back next year and go then.

  5. Thank you, Puzzles! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was one of those times when one feels like they’re in the right place at the right time, thanks be to God.

    I ran in the house and grabbed my camera after first sighting. The sun was high in the sky, though, and I could hardly see what I was aiming at.

  6. They are great to see up close. Better yet, inside. Years ago they stationed one in Ft. Lauderdale area and used to give rides. Dan and I had the privilege to ride in it out over the beach and back to the airport. It was quite an experience!! It was through the 9th caller type deal and they only did it so often. They soon stopped the rides after about a month or so. Definitely a “bucket list” item. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Sounds like you were very fortunate, Lee. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!
    I’d love to catch a ride underneath that big oblong balloon someday.

  8. Keep hoping. You never know when things will present themselves. I think the insurance issue is what stopped them from giving rides.

  9. You are so lucky! I have only seen a weather blimp, and one more of unclear purpose. They are so scary, The word ‘Hindenburg’ is imprinted in my brain.

  10. Compared to the biggest planes I see, Inese, this baby was plump —
    like comparing a fat bratwurst to a Cuban cigar.

    GOODYEAR sells a humongous amount of tires. They were visiting our town to celebrate a some dealership’s 45th anniversary. Sheesh! Big deal, huh?

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