The Wisdom Of Dark Matter: In Color

Emerald Wake ©

At the center of it All
In the midst of every rainbow
the one World Axis — blacker than black
Deeper than Deepak

~ Insidious Dark Matter ~
from which there is no escape
Only the light of day remains

In clutches of color
we spin and risk

Emerald Wake ©

Only angels hide in colors, and colors never die.

Uncle Tree

Visuals provided by my dear friend, Emerald Wake ©

Spectacularly note-worthy art works  Ö  hiding in the dark!

Uncle Tree's House


87 thoughts on “The Wisdom Of Dark Matter: In Color

  1. Powerful, Keith, and as usual I do relate. My “color” is Pink yet too this changes when I do “healing work”. I am a Rainbow of colors, depending on the Moment. (smile) Thank you SO much for this awesome post! Thank you! Love, Amy

  2. Thank you tons, Em! 🙂 I am truly delighted to have found another
    great artist to work with — just for fun and cheap thrills, if nothing more.
    Although, I may want to do more. Keep that in mind. 😉 Yes!

    The title? Well, I’d posted “The Color Of Wisdom” already,
    and I thought this wood be a good balancing act to run parallel.
    I didn’t change much else from my comment. Only a little bit of touch-up.
    Overall, I like the way it turned out. “Deepak” is an inside joke for Ed.
    Honored – is also how I feel. Now, to make this a big hit.
    Bless you, dear friend! Cheerz to us! 🙂 Keith

  3. “Powerful” – cool word choice, Amy. Em and I thank you! 🙂
    I’m as happy as all get out to share and relay what dreams may come.
    Glad to hear you easily relate to the coat of many colors, so aura-aurora like.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your work. Hugz, Keith

  4. Your words just made for a wonderful compliment, and
    your honest appraisal is highly appreciated — and LIKED! 🙂
    Emerald and I thank you for your truly lovely response!

  5. Some intriguing ideas to Chopra on there, Uncle Tree! I like your images of angels hiding in colors- which of course goes deeper than deep and older than old. One ring inside the other on a very old stump, till the heartwood appears. May all be well with you, WG

  6. Yes friend,but this is not about the new visitors in my case, i only care about art,art must be seen ,must be visible not to be famous but for only one reason, for Art itself .I love our colabo now ,Your support,You are great poet and i am simple creator ,this two things works good together i think .
    Soon more better and better art in my place .You have no idea how many pro artists from Poland hate me for no reason , because i have ideas and they only have a money but no skills at all, Canon Mark II expensive camera mean nothing if you do not have artistic soul, my works are humiliated because i use only compact camera and that camera is very cheap ,i show them how to make things right and Thay hate me for that .
    My time has come and i told them in one day how is my real name, for friends only EM ,for close friends Rob , for art just Ghost .
    Fancy gear not make You a photographer ,i sad You but not talking about You my friend i talking about them ,it is all about the soul , i do not have money but i make art this is my simple message to the world Keith ,Bless you friend .

  7. From my innermost ring, I thank you, WG! 🙂 Angels on high, we have heard. Fyi, I cut my internet teeth on Chopra’s daughter’s old site, Intentblog. We had a lot of good discussions from a wide array of folks, atheists included.

    Hope all is well with you, too. A busy week for me. Peace and luvz, Keith

  8. I like your philosophy, Em (Rob) Wake! 🙂 An unselfish attitude.
    Art for art’s sake for the love of things soulful in the spirit of giving.
    My dad was into photography (in the early 50’s) made into black and white slides, and I also used to take pics with a decent 35mm – all on paper. I still love to look, and look forward to seeing many more of your creative contributions to the world at large.

    Thank you for your kindness and generosity! Sincerely, Keith

  9. “In clutches of color we spin and risk everything” I love that line. I find folks who use bright colors in their art, in their clothes, in their lives…… Courageous! We often surround our being in blacks, blues and browns to fit in, or to hide and be silent. Colors often speak for us.

  10. Thanks you so much, Tim! 🙂 I agree, too. Hawaiian shirts should
    always be in vogue, especially for we tattoo-free folks.
    D.H. Lawrence, a big fan of color, is who you just reminded me of.

    Nice to meet you! Have a great day! Peace and luvz, Keith

  11. A rainbow this morning, first one of the year, stretched from the south side of Lincoln all the way to the north side (about 10 miles), and the end of the rainbow appeared to be on top of Kawasaki for a couple minutes. It lasted a full 15 minutes, and rose higher with every minute the sun went up. It ended as I pulled into the parking lot at work. I tried to take a pic or two with my ancient cell phone, but for some reason, I can’t mail them to myself. I’m sure many pics were taken during rush hour traffic. In 37+ years, this is a drive to work that I won’t soon forget. Perhaps, the best ever drive to work. I finished Genesis (by Eugene Whitworth) yesterday, too. Kinda spooky cool! If imagination is potential reality, and reality is potential actuality, then that might explain the manifestation that actualized at the perfect time of day for me. I don’t have to explain my big ego. Do I? 😉

  12. Not at all, Keith. And you have it right on the money. As more of us wake up to this nuts and bolts understanding of how our personal world works, we can all tinker a bit more effectively with our experience here on the blue marble. What a gorgeous sight to start your morning off with a bit of magical beauty. I hope your day went well from start to finish.I’m sure you had appropriate tunes playing for your drive 😉 The mind is the best photographer. Pieces of Luvz to you this evening. E

  13. Actually, WG, my morning drive is prayer-time.
    Kinda like killing two birds with one stone. LoL 🙂
    Gratitude begins my day, followed by this:
    “From the innermost depths of my soul, I thank Thee
    for radiating a rainbow aura of love and protection around me,
    that I might go forth in confidence,
    as I learn to trust you more and more with every step I take,
    and thus increase my faith in Thee,
    day after day, hour after hour, and minute by minute.”

    As you can see, I take my spirituality very personally.
    It’s not always about me, I know perfectly well.
    Many folks benefited from today’s sighting, I am sure.
    Timing – synched as I was with this post; I had just told
    an old friend on Facebook to pay me a visit, too, before I left.
    Of course, the prayer was put on hold this morning.
    I knew I best shutup and enjoy the gift while it lasted.
    Thanks for listening to me ramble, E! 🙂

  14. Always happy to participate in your rambling, Keith! thank you for sharing your beautiful morning prayer. Your rainbow of love and protection was certainly visible and present with you, today. In former times, my morning commute always began with,”You, who are the source of all power, whose rays illuminate the whole Earth illuminate my heart also, that it, too, may do your work.” I was usually traveling with the sunrise, so I was always reminded to be mindful. In later years, there were mantras to chant as well. I miss that quiet “commute time” now that i’m retired. No, it isn’t all about any one of us, but from another perspective, all is one; therefore it is about Me, which is all. Prayer takes many forms. SEEING and understanding the rainbow was plenty profound for a Thursday. Hope your friend has been in touch- Hugz, E

  15. That book is hard to obtain. I’ve been checking into it. Interested in selling or loaning yours? For more on the topic, but from a different slant, you might enjoy Zachariah Sitchin’s books. Whitworth is an exceptional spirit, and writer 😉 WG

  16. I just looked at Amazon. Geez. I only paid $6 for mine 3 months ago. :/
    I only read at break and lunch, so it takes me awhile to get thru.
    I eat and digest. Read doesn’t begin to define my mind at work. 😉
    I mark it up and dog-ear it and underline and comment
    till it’s obviously a book that means a lot to Uncle Tree.

    Try the inter-library system?

  17. I understand. I do that occasionally, but reading on “Nook” makes it a little harder to do 😉 Will see what I can find through our library. That is huge inflation in just a few months! WG

  18. As the rainbow inflates, divinity rises as a well, I guess.
    Radiant beings w/expenses? 😉
    Let me know if you have any luck. A great Friday to ya, WG!

  19. A great Friday to U2, Uncle Tree. Was reading on exactly that this AM- Radiiant Beings and Divinity Riising. So many books I want/need to read, and I don’t spend a lot of the day sitting still. Was absorbing what I could before the sun came up. Our library doesn’t have Genesis. Someone probably realized it was out there w/ 2much real information, and is trying to make it scarce. Happens that way quite often. “Let them watch crime dramas….” Hope you have a great day, Uncle Tree, and happy weekend! Best wishes, WG

  20. I am so on top of things! Why, heck! I’m on top of the world today! Like most folks on payday with a road trip in the works. 🙂
    Divine conspiracies of Yin & Yang & GENESIS! If my brother and I
    see a yellow brick road on the way home to Missouri tomorrow,
    we may have to take that short-cut. The family reunion is Sunday.
    He-he. Anywhoo, I’ve never mailed a book before, but I may be persuaded.

    You have a great weekend, too. We’re coming back Monday. Cheerz!

  21. Safe travels, Uncle Tree, and please don’t let anyone tempt you to smoke your lunch on that yellow brick road. Keep your ruby slippers close at hand as you travel from one “home” to the other. Hope it is a great reunion filled with love and laughter. If you decide to trust me with the Genesis book, I promise to put it on the top of my pile to read quickly and then get it back safely to you. You’re working with a fellow bibliophile here who understands the value of a well loved book- and I’ll pay the postage. You can contact me at for discussion of the details, should you decide to share with me. And Uncle Tree is kind to even consider it 😉 We always plan on a great weekend 😉 I may build a new bed tomorrow in the shade- will be getting my hands dirty one way or the other 😉 Have fun! WG

  22. Okay, WG! 🙂 Thank you for the well wishes!
    I’m re-reading, as usual, so gimme a couple weeks.
    Have fun digging around! I’ll catch up Monday. Peace, UT

  23. Rained all night 😉 so digging will need to wait. More time for cat and coffee this AM 😉 If I can locate a copy before you finish your re-read, I’ll let you know. By the way, have you read Pirsig’s, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”? That is one I had fun marking up years ago. Lots to chew on 😉 So many books, so little time to read… have fun, UT! WG

  24. I just knew someone (besides me) wood LIKE that little bit of silliness.
    Always a pleasure to make someone smile. Thank you, K’lee! 🙂

  25. I’ve been having a lot of fun captioning Emerald’s photographs as of late. He doesn’t say much, so I took it upon myself to become his self-appointed color commentator. 🙂 Chopra and me go way back. I owed him this much, methinks.

  26. Just kidding, sorta. Around 2004, I cut my internet teeth on Chopra’s daughter’s old site, Intentblog. We had a lot of good discussions from a wide array of folks, atheists included. Deepak posted there, but rarely commented. Comparative Religion was my case of study at the time, after reading a hundred books, or so, before I obtained my first computer.

    “The Way Of The Wizard” was the first book of his that I borrowed.
    “How To Know God: The Soul’s Journey Into The Mystery Of Mysteries”
    was the second, and last one I picked up from the library.
    No big story, per se; more like our history today. Have a good one! 🙂

  27. Still, a great connection to his body of work! I own a four DVD set of his talks called, The Essential DVD Collection.

  28. Spiritual experiences — solitary, up-close, and personal,
    form the foundation of my contemporary beliefs and gnosis.
    Deepak once pined that he was lacking in those “far-out” experiences.
    Kinda hard to believe at the time, and perhaps, things have changed.
    He has a great mind, no doubt, but sometimes it was difficult
    to discern where his heart was; what his passions were;
    how he behaved after a couple of beers and a spliff. 😉

  29. …his son commented on that once… not sure where to find the actual writing though. Still, we’re all here for the human experience… unless we’re not!

  30. No profound thoughts—but enjoyed the dark matter and rainbows, as always. Thank you for brightening and darkening the day.

  31. Not all all , Jim. Em and I thank you very much!
    That’s very kind of you. Happy to know you’re impressed! 🙂
    Peace and luvz from the Wake and Uncle Tree

  32. Space – of – Time! Already happened, on its way or both?

    Excellent choice Keith

    Wishing you and yours a happy and memorable Summer

    You are becoming more and more like a good wine – only improves with age.

    Warmest regards


  33. Thank you, John! That’s a really fine compliment. 🙂
    I wish you and yours(?) a fine summer as well.
    I’m at home with a weeks paid vacation. All is good. Sorta…

    Regarding space/time, now you see it, now you don’t.
    I didn’t get prior permission to use this man’s photograph,
    and he just asked me to remove it. It is irreplaceable. 😦

  34. Good Lord, John! I thought you commented on my new post. Sheesh…

    I absolutely have Em’s permission to use these two cool shots.
    Take care, my friend! 🙂 Your summers are way too short.

  35. Nice meeting you, Keith. I love your insight into the world and beyond. 🙂

    I’ve been thinking of the root of all evil and my surface answer is apathy. But I have a deeper answer which is singularity. LIke a black hole ever taking but not giving anything in return. A leech in every sense of the word.

    But now, you make me think of a deeper root of evil which is “dark matter”, where collision of the matter and the “dark matter” or the anti-matter would result in an implosion that can end humanity. Right now, I cannot sense what that “dark matter” is but my initial insight is the battle between what matters and what doesn’t, the genuine and the organic versus the superficial and the artificial, the essence versus the riffraff. A union with the Unity would enable us to discern the difference between the two factions.

  36. The big question of “evil” is still up for grabs. The God of the Big Bang?
    Or, God Himself sacrificed his contained wholeness for
    inflating wholeness? Mother/Father not necessarily being a duality like
    hot/cold, or evil vs. divine good, but they could both be represented
    in reality. The Higgs Field surrounded whatever “BANGED!”, or rather,
    Mother Nature sorta enveloped the baby God that banged. Yes?
    Matter, as we know it, was God’s energy mixing it up the the energy
    already in Mother’s field/space. If space is infinite, then Mother
    has the upper hand. All of Man’s creations, including metals like
    titanium, for instance, were born in Mother’s womb.
    There can be no separation; no artificialness.

    The visible universe is one billionth of the space it invades.
    We need to remain conscious of the fact that we contain evil,
    if there is such a thing. Anyway, methinks, some things are so good, so
    truly enlightening, that they must remain secretly evil to the ignorant.

    Let’s just say, Uncle Tree’s insights come with many disclaimers.
    I am “experienced”, and I read a lot for a factory worker. 😉
    You might like this old one of mine. Thanks for picking my brains!

  37. Thanks for those enlightening thoughts, Keith! 🙂

    Hmm… maybe we should first define what is “evil”. I believe that there is no “evil” in its purest form. I believe, as you believe, that we all have elements of “good” and “evil” in us. But if we define “good” as for the “greater good” or the “universal good” (if ever such a concept exists), then “evil” must be the opposite or not for the “greater good” or for the “universal good”. Which means in a way, singularity or selfishness, self-centeredness, and self-absorbedness where one is only the one benefitting from his/her thoughts, words and actions in the multiverse. Like a black hole sucking in all light. Like the dark matter lying at bay – space timebombs.

    But like what your “Knot the Root of all Light” is suggesting, “evil” is the opposite of light and matter or the “dark matter”. It’s not the void for the void is the battlefield. We are elements of the light. I’ve been told that I have a crystal aura but my innate color is green while I like to project blue. Because of the prism effect (the Big Bang), the light from the Unity scattered into a spectrum of colors mainly categorized by the seven colors of the rainbow but there are also colors in between those main ones. And in order to fight this “dark matter”, we need to unite – all colors of the light spectrum to fight the encroaching “dark matter”.

    Thank the Unity for finally finding someone whom I can discuss all these ideas with. 😀

    Here’s a post that resonates so well with me and, I hope, with you, too:

  38. That’s a helluva comment, Reggie! 🙂 Speculation is a ton of fun at times.

    I liked your post. It’s important to know where one stands in
    the scheme of non-things; what we can and can’t control.

    “Be the change you want to see.” I wish I were at peace
    with all the world, but still I attack and play defensively.
    Do, let us find a way to enjoy our Friday. Cheerz, bro! 🙂

    Science is the truth about matter.
    Poetry is the truth about what matters.
    So whats-a-matter with the truth
    behind the science of my poetry? — Uncle Tree

  39. One mind of treasure, One mind of desire
    One mind yours, One mind mine
    One mind ours All together on Fire

    Thank you kindly for sharing, Andrew!
    Peace and luvz, UT — Do! Be! Do!

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