Knot The Root Of All Evil

If my belief is colorful and firmly intact,

then it isn’t an ism, but a prism in fact.

But, ah! The Truth, or the little truth, or truths that hold

divine knowledge, invisible and indivisible,

or knot, since the truth cuts both ways, and Infinity

can be divided endlessly, or knot, for it all depends on

your measuring device, and the size and sharpness of your razor.


32 thoughts on “Knot The Root Of All Evil

  1. Uncle Tree – here’s to clear faith-filled prisms that reflect (& shine) the love of God (Without Knots) in beauteous colors to ALL.

    Sometimes Truth does not have to be complicated (Jesus did say to be as little children in our faith-walks!)

    grace, peace & colorful faith – Virginia : )

  2. Is that you, Anonymous?
    You’re shaking the whole damn forest!
    Luv ya, bro! I only lost a couple leaves this time.
    No problem. Someone will find a good
    use for them. Cheerz! UT

  3. Lol! The devil is in the details isn’t it? Interesting thought about color you have here Keith. I believe color is a divine communication of which we have not and may never really understand. Magnetic fields are another area that I think about quite a lot as well…but that’s off subject. Great piece…gets me thinking!! take care

  4. Applying the wisdom of color to the chalkboard of decisive action is a messy business, Stuart. One orbits the subject matter ~ without detail of the devilish judgments incurred whilst thing absurdly far beyond zpoint of no return.

    Good to see you again, Stuart! 🙂 Go Sooners!

  5. Knotting the root of all evils…! Truth cuts most of the ties too…

    You know Uncle tree, sometime back (actually long back) you had commented on one of my poetry attempts that I could do better with that one. While I came to read you this morning that marks the onset of 10 days long festival here in East India; I thank you for slacking me out of my slumber. You were right…

    Enjoyed stopping by again with the images you post n the words those are pearls of wisdom!

    Hugs xoxo

  6. Thank you for visiting again, Olivia! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the festivities.

    Speaking of the truth – that reminds me of a story:
    A man once asked Buddha,
    “Are you a god? A Saint? Or an angel?”
    And Buddha replied, “I am awake.”

    Peace, luvz, and hugz to you, Olivia! From knotty me, UT

  7. What’s a tree to do, George? Turn himself into paper, and make a book? 😉
    Glad you found this anyway, and I thank you much! Now, go have fun.

  8. That’s quite kind of you, Caro. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!
    Looking back, I think I sound like an android – monotone. Seriously…

    See you soon! Luvz and hugz! ❤ Keith

  9. It’s been an honor and a pleasure meeting you, my dear Amy LadyP.
    I’m glad you found this ever-so-clever muse of mine from awhile back.
    Always happy to amaze and impress, young lady. 🙂

    Thank you truly! ❤ Luvz and hugz, Keith

  10. You do amaze and impress me, Uncle Tree. The words that come out of thee are from the Higher Source, it’s true. They in turn touch my soul, touch my core, and bring whispers upon an Angel’s Wing. Bless you!!!!! Love, LadyP

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