Seven Seven Seventeen

“Seventh time lucky, dear teen?”

half a rainbow

Green is not a primary color? Go figure…

rainbow's end

red — orange — yellow — green — blue — indigo — violet

7 colors

a — b — c — d — e — f — g

double up lucky

1. Feel lucky 2. Get lucky

do re mi fa so la ti 

7 x UT x 7

do it




Knot The Root Of All Evil

If my belief is colorful and firmly intact,

then it isn’t an ism, but a prism in fact.

But, ah! The Truth, or the little truth, or truths that hold

divine knowledge, invisible and indivisible,

or knot, since the truth cuts both ways, and Infinity

can be divided endlessly, or knot, for it all depends on

your measuring device, and the size and sharpness of your razor.

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A Leprechaun’s Gaze


Loose ends were tied; the message sent,

and I walked on in merriment.

With ruddy arms I build a cairn

that lies a ways past yonder barn.


One piece of gold I have in tow,

my back faced to the winds that blow.

This growing monumental mound

will hide my grief on sacred ground.


A daily prayer, a daily grind,

a rock a day to ease my mind.

“To reach the sky! To find my love!

To live the dream I’m dreaming of!”

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