Take It From The Stone

As golden light beams sprayed the dawn,

and early birds sang Nature’s song,

I stumbled upon this rock, the one

so kingly crowned by our great sun.


Ancient and royal, stood the stone,

down through The Ages, sinking alone.

My arms reached out ~ my hands felt glory.

Then I heard him tell his story.

A lady arose from the fabled lake

to give me a sword I could not forsake,

until a new King would arise

for only He could take the prize.


Many a brave man struggled here,

but only one showed no fear.

A boy, no less, took a try

when no one else was standing by.


Taking a grip with two small hands,

planting his feet on Royal lands,

gently he tugged, so easily

I could feel his love – melting in me.

My solid core then vaporized,

and Arthur’s face showed his surprise!

He thrust it to the sky and beamed,

“Thank you, God! for making me King!”

*       *       *       *       *

When out came the sword from my breast, I wept

for the glorious gift I so long kept.

No longer was I a stone in need,

and only rocks that roll feel free.

Uncle Tree


80 thoughts on “Take It From The Stone

  1. As you’ve asked before, which writing was your best. Well, there’s no question, you’ve gone way over the top with this one. I was totally floored and moved beyond wordage after reading this. As I have expressed to you, this is poster material, one I will have made. I would be honored to hang this, and share the beauty in my home! Bless your thoughts, mind, and beautiful soul. It’s a privilege to know you, and an honor to be in your presence.

  2. That’s a mighty fine, compliment, Mi’Lady! Thank you very much! 🙂
    I’d love to see it on a poster, and ~ the feelings are mutual. Yes!

  3. Mighty fine writing, Uncle, penning and swording 😉
    I love the way you weave yourself’s into a Universal experience and make whole. Even the stone has a pulse. 🙂

  4. The pulse of a swashbuckler in heat. 😉 Swoosh, swoosh, swishery!
    No, really, I’m glad you found this in the Universal junk heap that
    sustains our pearly white conscience and unblemished innocence.
    I know we have it in us, and I pray it is never-ever-ever withdrawn.

    Dear Eddie,
    The stone who wood be King thanks you for rolling in the deep. 😉
    Uncle Tree

  5. So ed, where have you been whilst the world has kneaded you?
    Your Mother never asked as she gave you her unrivalled bread
    If she had, would you settle to sifting the chaff from the flour
    Or would you remember those shocking words that I said
    To a very fraught Mother so naturally anxious of where
    My vision was taking me to……

    ‘Wist ye not that I must be about…..
    my Father’s business’

    ‘So rocking and rolling’s not out,
    but a swashbuckling one this’n is’

    😉 We can get away with murder at this rate! (and we did )

  6. Matthew 3:12 “His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat into the barn, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire.”

    When the Lord steps onto the threshing floor, the wheat cheers,
    but the chaff trembles, terrified to the innermost atomic particle.
    Poor bracts. They come into existence with one sole purpose –
    to protect that which is of the highest value to God’s children.
    And in The End, as they find themselves face to face with the
    Eternal Flame, they wonder in unison, “How can this be, O Lord?”

  7. http://markneumayer.com/2012/07/24/five-magical-weapons-from-norse-mythology/

    I was researching swords on wordpress, Ed. A scary “Ah-ha!”
    moment ensued. I swear to God, I have never studied Norse
    mythology closely. I think I finally know who the bad guy
    is in my incomplete novel. Coincidence? A verifiable clue?
    Is this the knowledge I’m in need of to add that last chapter?


    The sword Gram
    This weapon might remind you of the more widely known Excalibur since Odin drove the blade of the sword into the heart of a mighty oak tree and said that whoever could pull out the sword would be fated to win in battle. Sigmund was the hero who accomplished this feat and he went on to use the sword to great effect. Until the day that it shattered during a battle with a stranger wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a black, hooded cloak. (This would be a good place to mention that Odin frequently traveled the world and disguised himself by using a wide-brimmed hat and a black, hooded cloak. Just pointing that out.)



  8. Maybe the battle you’re in, is with yourself. Last chapter, beginning and end. You are Uncle Tree, with a might big heart. Maybe pulling out the sword within you, your battle will be over. Maybe, the black hood and cloak, is your dark side? Battle’s with ourselves are most hard to conquer.
    Just an observation….

  9. There is a mighty English oak on one of my regular walks. My most recent visit, this weekend, dismayed me. Not one but two of its multi
    mighty arms had crashed to the earth and were completely obscuring the path upward, I drew nigh thinking I would need an alternative route, but no, O din of the fall had laid shatterings to rest in quite an intricate bower of passage and passport for me. With my usual reverence, yet mournful this time, I paused and took heed of the very deep roots of meaning, My little heart pumped as I climbed on up the very steep bank to the stile above, every foothold a muddy one.
    I’m wondering now of poor Sigmund. Do you think that C.J. called up Odin when the dining room table did the splits? I wonder and wander 😉 (btw, said Oak does have a very personal connection with ‘Vikings.’)

  10. That makes me sad, Ed. I like the way you phrased it, though.
    That could be true about C.J. – whilst sitting with a Jew in Freud.

    Wotan is curiously close to Watson, I have observed. So what…?
    God bless you, and your mighty oak, dear friend. Peace, UT

  11. Awesome stuff, whichever way we look, Keith. I’m more and more gob-smacked by how it all interweaves, right down to our everyday experiences as they play out their longings.

    I say, rich pickings already written in to your novel,…. elementary, my dear Watson,


    I shall and will know thee, Unknown One,
    Who searchest out the depths of my soul,
    And blowest through my life like a storm,
    Ungraspable, and yet my kinsman!
    I shall and will know thee, and serve thee.


  12. Saturnalia ~ Ecstasy ~ Fury ~ Furry (possibly?) Unknown

    I’m glad you think so, Ed. After all this talk and thought yesterday,
    I eyed my first rainbow of the year! 🙂 Rain is in short supply, too.
    It was very short-lived, but still, it made me feel lucky. Promises…

  13. ‘Unknown’ to Nietzsche at the time, but CJ told us Wots on 😉

    Yes, me love a rainbow, too, but the promise is gone with the wind here and sounds irreversable there. We can sing a rainbow if we could only ger’old of some pot…… nah, dopey…… which brings me to Snow White. Great Grimm story that and the Huntsman was tamed by her beauty. There are two types of Queen. The old one must transmute to the new and we must help her home with or without the Huntsman?

  14. Help which her home? Either one gets the Huntsman, either way.
    He’s the homeboy in idyllic green, and the Queen’s got a thing
    for Him, no doubt. So rugged, and yet, handsome. Mightily mighty,
    and yet, magically charming. His lance done swished the swash,
    the whole lot. The more women fear Him, the more irresistible
    He seems, for the Huntsman is the one who knows them oh-so well.

    🙂 May the will-o’-the-wisp light your fire, my friend. Gettin’ green, UT

  15. We must be the Prince and Home is the reunification of the female. Tho seperate in the story, they are in fact the divided mind. The Kingdom of Heaven is within whoever. The Prince? That seems another story. Um….let that mind be in you….that is titled Peacebringer to the warring factions of divided mind inclusive of Wotan. You’ve got me flying, Uncle 🙂

  16. The Grimm one wrote his story according to his own Piece……..how grim am I….or should that be how green? 😉

  17. Incidently, you have quite the fillum set here at your black background, at least the way things function with my browser. When one posts a comment and it goes through, there’s a quite flash of light from your chosen image, before one automatically zooms on down to the comment in WordPress process. You da wizard 🙂

  18. I’ve now learned that the story of King Arthur
    was first mentioned in The Book Of Merlin ~
    the Prophet sent from Hell, the Antichrist himself.

    Arthur’s father gained this son via the magic of Merlin.
    Arthur was raised as an orphan, and his alter-family
    included a boy his own age, with whom he grew up.

    The boy’s name was Key.

  19. Key speaking to a young Arthur, regarding a future Utopian Camelot, and the gathering of the Knights Of The Round Table: And here we have The Freemen of this Land finding solutions for problems that have yet to manifest, and spinning answers to beg questions without answering the problem. Yes, the show must go on and on and on to Infinity, and the Drama that people wish to avoid for’er will also go on for Life’s a stage where the game begets nothing but losers in

    The End

  20. Are paths and time truly our own if every hair is truly counted? Imagine what everyone involved felt in the pulling of the sword in perfect timing. Could it ever be a burden if it is our chosen path? Many thoughts but one to lay the rocks pain to rest…The feeling given to all when all involved in the swords removal might make it worth the effort of its burden. Just a thought…depends on which rock we’re talkin’ about though!

  21. We’re talkin’ ’bout rollin’ away the stone, Stuart. Yes, that one!
    The one and only way to reveal the Christ within ~ The Rock
    The Stone, and it all hinges on the precipice and the wish to jump
    to conclusions, perhaps, well-thought out beforehand on foot.

    Are you pulling my leg? Good heavens! I love your question!
    The Stone and the contents within are one and the same.
    So, if it’s a burden, I’m betting it’s very Light. 😉 Peace, bro!

  22. Many a true word spoken, on your part, Uncle……and witten, in zest and *O*-range a-peeling, having enthused all the Way to the very last l-adder, co-opting serpentine downfalls into the throw of the D-ice.
    Board with the game, here is my stupid badger 😉

  23. Lol, it was your word conclusion that triggered me matrix 😉 I was transported all the way back to our exchange on ‘Snakes and Ladders’ but don’t ask which blog entry that was! It made me jump to it as well 🙂

  24. Hi Keith!
    Love the last line in this!
    It is something I can definitely relate to in my life. Brilliant thoughts and imagery… However I’ve come to expect no less than the finest quality from you. (No pressure! 🙂 ) Be cool bro!

  25. Is there really such a thing, Stuart?
    If we think about quantum without the mechanics,
    can anything exist as an inanimate object?
    Might not every entity be entitled to a bit
    of animated luxuriousness?

    The crux – the cross – the crick – the stick
    in the mud, in the rock, be it crooked or a crock
    of sheeite stuck on a sword ~ the Lord moves all.

    Glad am I again, my friend. Thanks for rolling a true one! 😉
    Take care, be good, and stay cool yourself!
    In fun, in life, in love, we be – stuck for all eternity.

    Just between you and me (Psst, psst…) Uncle Tree

  26. Thank you much, Flint! Glad you liked this little twist on the tale.
    The Rock – I’ve always felt sympathy for it, oddly enough.

    Did Excalibur get stoned again after Arthur’s rule?

    In Robert de Boron’s version, the coronation of Arthur takes place on Whitsunday Eve. His stone had an anvil embedded in it, and the sword was held by the anvil. On Christmas morning, Arthur twice removed the sword, then they waited until Easter to give all others a chance. When no one else could duplicate the feat, they held the ceremony.

    When this was completed and the people were leaving
    the church after Mass, the stone with the anvil was found to
    have disappeared, no one knew whither… Thus Arthur became
    King and ruled long in freedom over the land of Logres.

  27. Magnificent! Absolutely Magnificent… I’m gonna go sit still for a minute and take this in… wow.

  28. I LOVE it! I hope you don’t mind if I reblog it on Arthurian Romances. What a wonderful piece! I’m so impressed! My poetry is rather solemn and sad but if you’d like to read some of mine, it’s on another blog (I know, I have too many blogs but I have one for each of my passions) JillNYC.com
    Thank so much for sharing this!
    All My Best,

  29. Oh, how it warms my sap to know, I’ll make a good stone someday.
    A rolling one, of course. 😉 Before I’m petrified for life.

    I tremendously THANK YOU!, Jill –
    for the reblog, and the nice compliment.
    A pleasure to meet you as well ~
    a woman who knows her stuff, methinks.
    I look forward to reading more of your works.

    Have a great day! Peace and luvz, Keith

  30. I really loved it! Thanks a bunch for letting me know. I love all things prose and Arthurian and when you put them together, as you so eloquently did, it makes each part that much more poignantly beautiful. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Keith and thank you for your kind words 🙂
    All My Best,

  31. Am I blushing? I feel taller. 🙂 For goodness’ sake! I appreciate
    the esteemed boost I feel from your kindly thoughts and words.

    All my best to you, dear fey. My hugz are on their way! ~ Zoom

  32. Thank you, Pam! 🙂 I had to smile at “Prince Arthur”,
    because I’m used to calling him King, but you are
    right, in this case, he’s a prince, who doesn’t know it.

    I appreciate your comment and visit. Keep up your good works!
    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  33. HELP !!!
    Hello friend , today WordPress delete my pfofile, with no reason, please help me friend, what should i do,i dont know what is going on , BLESS

  34. Hey, Em!
    I went to your site. It says you’ve been suspended. It also says go to your Dashboard, and scroll down to SUPPORT. Contact WordPress and ask them why they suspended you. With luck, maybe they’ll tell you whether it’s permanent or temporary.

    I can’t imagine what you’ve done wrong. This hasn’t ever happened to me. Good luck, my friend. If you go elsewhere, please, let me know. I love seeing your work, and it’s cool to have a pen-pal in Poland! You are my first friend from that country. 🙂

    Best wishes, Keith

  35. Hello friend. i send three messages to them but no one help me,i feel very bad ,i am sad and humiliated, this is first time in my life when i am treated in this manner , God Bless . maybe this is our last conversation , remember me ,EM

  36. Mr. Emerald Wake, I sent you an e-mail @interia.eu
    Let me know where else you show your work, friend.
    I will visit you there, or wherever you decide to try again.
    Do you do Facebook? Google+? No need for alohas yet.

  37. Hello Keith , someone for sure has violated my privacy and human rights I do not have access to my photos, and i send 7 emails and no one from the crew aswer me, do you think this is weird? i can’t even post on forum i am Blocked everywhere,this messages is only active !
    I think I’m too good and the competition wants to destroy me,i am on many sites around the world ans sometimes they delete my works or block with no reason , They afraid of my art that’s for sure but Why ? I have the same rights like every person ,Bless You,eM

  38. It is weird, and it scares me, eM, because I don’t have a copy
    of all the works I’ve posted on WordPress. I guess I thought
    my web site would be here forever. I should probably spend
    some time copying post after post after post 190 times. But
    I want to save the comments, too. That is so much work. Blah!

    Why would anyone want to destroy you? Your artwork is not
    dangerous. Don’t take this so personally. It could be a tech
    mistake, or some kind of violation of their “terms of service”.
    A lawyer might understand all that. I don’t even read them.

    I feel sorry for you, friend. I hope WordPress replies to you soon.
    My e-mail is me2watson@yahoo.com
    Take care – best you can.
    Peace, Keith
    P.S. “Great spirits have always encountered
    violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein

  39. Hello Uncle Tree! A very clever, lovely post. I must say I read all the comments as well…Most entertaining…especially the banter between you and Ed. It was obvious you have had a nice relationship.
    So thank you for the read…I am having a tooth issue and feeling a little down. I will think about what you should read next and let you know.
    P.s. Did u ever make copies of your posts? I printed copies in the beginning but stopped…many posts ago. But my intuition is telling me to make copies.

  40. Yeah! So glad to impress a young damsel in distress.
    I pray you find the best remedy quickly, cuz that blows.

    Ed and I met on the net around 7 years ago, before I knew
    I could have my own website. He’s lives a ways south of London.
    A comically wise Brit Elder, who I call bro. He calls me bruv. 🙂
    Facebook is where we keep in touch nowadays, for the most part.

    I have thought about transferring all my posts to Facebook’s pages.
    There are but a few there now. FB for me is close friends and family.
    Do you play there? Otherwise, no. I have knot copied.

    Anywhere, anytime, Lorrie. 😉 I await your referral.
    Cheerz to Fridays! From the sappy gabben, UT

  41. Hello, Caro ~ I’m so glad you like this. It is a personal favorite of mine;
    one of my first attempts at writing poetry, back in 2001.
    So, yes. Before I was a tree, I was a rock; a very important stone.

    Thank you for blessing me with your presence this morning! ❤ Hugz!

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