Full Peace Ahead

As one united nation, let us move in the same direction →

towards a day worth remembering,

and a History worth repeating!

Uncle Tree


6 thoughts on “Full Peace Ahead

  1. Amen
    Stand Fast and Stay in the Word
    I agree we will face many tribulations as believers and Americans
    Lord help me to remember to give thanks to You in all things, knowing the You reign in the midst of them. Remind me that You have redeemed me and I am Yours, nothing is more important than that. I know when I pass through the waters You will be with me and the river will not overflow me. when I walk through the fire I will not be burned nor will the flames touch me (IS 43: 1-2)
    (prayer credited to Stormie Omartian)
    God Bless

  2. Happy 4th Uncle Tree – & may God continue to bless us with the freedom our forefathers (& mothers) sacrificed so much for .. We may have Challenges (!) but i kiss the ground of this country after living places where people had No Rights. May we always be mindful of our equality as Americans of every race & religion … & may God continue to open our minds & hearts with His love for All People, whether red, white or blue! : ) Virginia

  3. HapPy July 4th backatcha, Virginia! 🙂 We need lots of blossoms to grow up and bloom about all the room we have from sea to shining
    sea. The new great frontier is but the new age that confronts us.
    Let us pioneer, and steer our way clear that we may see the light
    of hope that beckons us on into the future without fear of loss.

    Stay cool, be safe, and take care! Peace, UT

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