Select Your Passion

Passion selects you, by God!

Uncle Tree's House

Passion Fruit

I Am The Creator

Lord One Of The Universe

Thank God! Someone finally found me!

Passion Fruit

You were expecting

a manly King?

Or a gorgeous Queen?

Passion Fruit

My Passion speaks for Itself

~  Natural Selection  ~

outdid me this time

So I let it be.


Photographs courtesy of Maria Firpi

▲  Uncle Tree  ▲

Uncle Tree's House

Passion selects you!

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30 thoughts on “Select Your Passion

  1. 2014 was my best year, by far, in the almost 9.5 years since I’ve been here on WordPress, Maria. 🙂 Alas, I didn’t go viral, but, at least, thank God, I’m still here to talk about it, as are you. Best wishes, Keith

  2. Hey, the photo looks as if the creator is holding out the universe in the palm of his hand. I see his five fingers. Funny, I may not have thought like this if I saw the actual flower. 😃

  3. Thank you kindly, angelbeam! 🙂 In the eye of the beholder…
    I, myself, saw a very original smiley face, and wished to share Maria’s shot once again.

  4. “You were expecting my photographs?” LoL 😉 Thanks go to Maria Firpi for these shots!
    Glad you liked them, though. Thank you for saying so! Cheerz for a great weekend, UT

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