Select Your Passion

Passion Fruit

I Am The Creator

Lord One Of The Universe

Thank God! Someone finally found me!

Passion Fruit

You were expecting

a manly King?

Or a gorgeous Queen?

Passion Fruit

My Passion speaks for Itself

~  Natural Selection  ~

outdid me this time

So I let it be.


Photographs courtesy of Maria Firpi

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Passion selects you!


56 thoughts on “Select Your Passion

  1. Oh my goodness, you did me an honor with this post! Thanks so much for using the photos and to enlighten then with you beautiful words. I particularly love your paragraph:

    “My Passion speaks for Itself

    ~ Natural Selection ~

    outdid me this time

    So I let it be.”

    Yes, that is exactly the same way I feel, Natural Selection speaks for us and that is God, so sacred and solemn. I love your poetry!!!

  2. Goodness gracious, Maria! 🙂 I feel so relieved to know you
    commend and approve of the words I’ve written here. Whew!

    Thank you so much for allowing to borrow your beautiful pics!
    Your website is “highly recommended” by Uncle Tree.

    Have a great Sunday! Peace, luvz, and hugz, Keith

  3. Gorgeous photo selection to go with an outstanding post! Extremely powerful, uplifting, and ‘Keith-olicious’

  4. ~Z~ K’lee! I thank thee for the swift kick in the pants! LoL
    “Uplifting” Uncle Tree can imagine. If the “power” aspect
    comes from speaking for GOD, it was purely an accident;
    an act of Nature, who seems to have Her own set of rules. 😉

  5. Ms. Nature does indeed have her own rules! To what do you refer when you say, ‘swift kick in the pants’?

    If it’s the ‘uplifting’, surely ‘speaking for God’ will get you one or two of those every time!

  6. Wow UT!!! Powerful writing…”Thank God! Someone finally found me” I once was lost too! It feels so good to be found. Brilliant…and beautiful photos…what a crazy flower…will have to check out Maria’s site. Have a super week!! ❤

  7. Thank you dearly, Lorrie! 🙂 It was fun playing a flower for a day.
    Poor things were once lost, and now they’re considered a weed. :/ Ha!

    Always a pleasure to see you here! ❤ Peace and luvz, Keith

  8. somehow I expected red in the passion note you left me LOLs..
    but I know this passion well, I grow it,, well the heat and drought got it this past year, but it usually comes back where I would never expect it too…
    I remember reading somewhere the ants protect it…not sure why I remember that other than there are always ants on it 🙂
    Thank you for the smile within Passion Keith …
    I enjoyed coming over …
    Take care…you Matter…

  9. oh I and I frequent Maria’s lovely space, I always come away with learning something I didn’t know, and enjoying the read and images she share with us… 🙂
    Thanks for mentioning such a sweet spirit

  10. I’m so glad you saw the smile, too. Thank you, maryrose! 🙂
    I haven’t made it to the tropics. Not even Florida, as of yet.
    Hope to one day. It looks like Paradise to my imagination.

    Only recently did I stumble upon Maria’s doubly good site.
    But I am bold, and I am quite happy she answered my request
    to borrow these stupendously-cool photographs.

    Have a great week, my friend! Peace, luvz, and hugz! Keith

  11. Keith, I just had to come back to reread this masterpiece. And yes, I smiled again, for in telling the story, you reveal much. I also followed Maria, another stunningly talented photographer!!! Thank you for that as well!!! Your sis, Amy

  12. I gather, you read between the lines quite well, fair lady.
    My roots reach far and wide, and thus do I play both sides of our story.

    Uncle Tree personifies GOD in a flower —
    I sure hope the Master is at peace with that. 😉
    Glad you checked in with Maria, too. Cheerz to you, sis!

  13. Every flower I see the face of GOD, my bro. I see the Mother as well, as both are needed in order for Creation to be at all. I really enjoyed your portrayal of GOD and I hope those that read it, “thought” hmmmm…..what is he sayin’? I know. (smile) I see GOD all around me and how peeps can miss that, is totally beyond me. Stay cool, bro. You are special! (((HUGS))) Amy

  14. Wow! Love what you did with Maria’s passionate photos.! We had Passion Flower growing bountifully last summer. A lovely tribute to “Sophia” as well. Please check out Joseph Farrell’s newest, for a little something you will likely enjoy 😉 Just started it today… Hugz, E

  15. This idea of beauty also baffles me, this is why I love your words when you say:

    “You were expecting

    a manly King?

    Or a gorgeous Queen?

    My Passion speaks for Itself

    ~ Natural Selection ~

    outdid me this time

    So I let it be.


    Beautiful words as to the idea of beauty, and what is behind it all? Recently I read Kant’s philosophy on the beautiful and the sublime. The idea of beauty is really mysterious, and I think Kant nailed it when he spoke of the “sublime”.

  16. Thank you, E! 🙂 Your support is much appreciated.
    I’m glad you liked this overall. It was kind of Maria to participate
    with Uncle Tree. I doubt if I’ve ever seen a live passion flower.

    Have a great day! I’ll check out your post asap. Peace and luvz, Keith

  17. You are certainly welcome, Maria. 🙂 Thanks again!
    Sublime philosophy is the wanted flower, whereas religion
    grows like a weed so wild, it’ll pop up anywhere — anytime.

    Beauty such as this, yes — cultured within, but cultivated without
    manipulation from a higher source of blind force and will.
    And yet, it seems as if our very eyes do the selecting quite naturally.

    Because, some times you feel like a deist, and sometimes you don’t. 😉

  18. Pretty neat, WG! That last flower looks to be the size of your hand? Whoa!
    A hardy har-har smiling bloom and far-reaching vine —
    my kind of goddess. Happy day, E!

  19. Maybe the issue lies with personifying the Unity. We are cast in His and Her image, but the Source is not cast from our image for we are merely a color in the visible light spectrum. We may think we know the Unity’s nature for we see It as the source of all powerful light but up to now, we can’t even resolve if the light is a stream of particles, a wave or both in its duality, or a string or a ribbon.

    Man, how your poems make me think, they’re of the purest essence. 😀

  20. Man, if my poetry makes you think, I’ve done my job!
    Passion has spoken for me, and my essence smooths
    even the finest silk made from worms that tickle my roots. 🙂

  21. Beautiful! I love your words and this flower is indeed a truly amazing one! I will head to the photographer’s site for a quick visit. Thank you for sharing this beauty 🙂

  22. Finally, a poem about God creating nature that actually tells it as it is! It isn’t God that created all that nature…

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