Goldfinch Eyes Biplane

Goldfinch on Thistle

“Hey there, Uncle Tree! Do you hear what I hear?”

1942 Stearman PT-17

I do, Goldfinch. I surely do, and I can see it, too.

Highland's Goldfinch

“Oh, I see it now. Well…is it prettier than I?”

Blue and yellow biplane 1942

No, no, no, my friend. There is no competition.

Goldfinch hiding

“Yah, right, Uncle Tree. That old plane is a beauty!” 

Biplane seen on Smithsonian commercial

Although, I do like its purr, your song is far more musical.

Goldfinch on our bird feeder

“At least, I have friends, and we have food, thanks to you!”

“Yellow bi-wings? Yes, we’ve got that covered, too.” 

Gerbera Daisy

Photographs by Uncle Tree


36 thoughts on “Goldfinch Eyes Biplane

  1. Can’t recall the last time I saw a goldfinch…oh yea, this morning thanks to you. That is some serious yellow. Might enjoy a titillating spin in the biplane, but hmmmm, exactly when was that engine built? Safer to experience the lovely GF comfortably grounded..

  2. Thank you kindly, George! 🙂 Glad you like these seriously colorful shots.
    That’s a 1942 Stearman — also a rare find around these parts.
    I’d love to take it for a spin, on or off the ground.

  3. How beautiful this goldfinch is and that unusual bi-plane and I would have loved to have seen both of them. I’m guessing this is in your garden since I see a feeder, or maybe it is in a meadow with the wildflowers? At any rate it is very nice and I was going to pass along my goldfinch post, one of my favorites, and I got the link and noticed you already saw/liked it. Marge used to hang sock feeders filled with niger seeds from her gazebo railings and she had goldfinch all the time – but now that she is gone, so are the sock feeders and the goldfinch activity. I look for them at the Park, but no luck this year.

  4. Yes, Linda, the picture of two on the bird-feeder was from our backyard. Apparently, Goldfinches also eat sunflower seeds, or millet, or other such inexpensive “wild bird” feed as found at your local Tractor Supply store.

    The first shots were taken in a tiny meadow (where nobody mows) a few town-homes north of here, between the fence and the road to Kawasaki. Around these parts, I only see them winging it from sunrise to a couple hours beyond. Love that early sun light on Summer morns. I pay for it later with chigger bites 😉 but it’s worth a shot or two.

  5. They are such bright and beautiful birds Uncle Tree. I didn’t know they ate other seeds, but when I saw the one at the Park last year, he was pecking at a thistle flower.

    We’ve got chigger, tick and mosquito issues this year from all the weeks of rain – now we are in almost drought-like conditions. We are slated for a heavy rain and storms tonight – other ‘burbs have had them, but not us today, though they were predicted to be widespread.

  6. I know you like it when UT talks and Keith just moves his fingers, bruv. 😉
    Always good to see you say something…anything!
    Hope all is well with you, old friend. Peace and luvz, me²

  7. Mmmm……the goldfinch looks as pretty as a woman in a yellow and black silk sari…😊. Well, the sari is the favourite garment of the Indian woman. (And the Indian man too…)

  8. Glad you liked these shots, angelbeam. 🙂 Thank you very much!
    You live in a very brightly colored artistic land. Would love to visit someday.

    One of my favorite writers, Hermann Hesse, grew up there with his missionary parents. I learned a lot from his many writings.

  9. AGAIN you raise my chin…to see with delight…our birds and man made flight
    can never replace, the wings on the yellow birds! Bless You! You made my day, along with the pair of cardinals, picking up moths in the back yard…ha

  10. Thank you kindly, Connie! 🙂 Guess what?
    Just this afternoon we went out and bought a bag of nyjer/thistle, and one of those specially made mesh bird-feeders to attract more finches.

    It’s not cheap to feed all the birds year-round, but hey! In this case, more is better. Yes?

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