Deer Visitation

White-tailed Deer on Highlands Golf Course

Deer on golf course

Thanks to all the fireworks on the 4th of July, this deer was spooked into new territory.

The next morning, he found a way out playing through Highlands Golf Course.

Photographs by Uncle Tree


27 thoughts on “Deer Visitation

  1. How lucky you were Uncle Tree to look across and see that deer there. He does not look any worse for the wear and hopefully has no busted eardrums and will catch up with his family later. Perhaps instead of the match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, and the estimated $10 million purse, Tiger could just bow out and let Deer play … 🙂

  2. Where I used to live, which was a subdivided farm, the deer would eat the birdseed out of the feeders. Very brave, those deer.

  3. Very clever Uncle Tree. I don’t know why Tiger will even bother to show up and they don’t have a share in the $$ the last that I heard.

    I always root for the underdog, … er underdeer.,

  4. Incredible footage, Linda! 🙂 Too cute! So impossibly cute!
    So far from the norm and what is expected, one can’t help but smile.
    Thank you for sharing! It’s comforting to know — people aren’t all that scary.

    I haven’t heard any fireworks around here for a couple of days. I hesitate to say folks in Lincoln are more law-abiding, but most of us know — are neighbors would not hesitate to call the cops, especially if you shot off more than 1 after the 4th, and your location could be pinpointed.

    However, folks will endure a BANG! or two after the Huskers score their first touchdown of the year, then again when the final bell tolls and we’ve won the game. The rest of our “home” games will see and hear the same, and of course, we’re more tolerant, once again, when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st.

  5. I love it when they get curious and come in close. If you watch the tail they will tell you 5their thinking. I have been able to squat down and flip my hand to mimic the tail movement and bring them in closer. That tail flip is how they signal safety to the rest of the herd.

  6. You must encounter them fairly frequently, Lloyd. What a cool skill!
    I’ve lived in this location for almost 2 years, and that’s the first one I’ve seen. He (she?) was around 150 yards away, and probably heard me come out the back door.

  7. Glad you enjoyed it Uncle Tree. When I saw that video I had to share it with you. Loved the way that deer was frolicking kicking up his/her heels and having a good time. It is nice to see it was not afraid of humans – I agree with you.

    I hope it ends soon – I was up late last night working on the blog post and catching up in Reader … it is a real lack of consideration on the part of my neighbors, the entire neighborhood. This has been going on since Memorial Day and the fireworks vendors are angry because they did not sell all their fireworks since the holiday feel on a mid-week day, so they are discounting them –
    at that rate, we will have fireworks until Labor Day.

  8. I didn’t notice any tarsal glands so I’m thinking female. However, it’s unusual for a doe to be by herself.

    Yes I encounter a lot of them. I have been a hunter for most of my life. The biggest reason why I don’t hunt these days is that I am not as able to drag it across the mountains as I used to be.

  9. That’s why MULES are such a big seller at Kawasaki, where I work. A drag is a drag is a drag, ya know?

    For my part, shooting a deer would be like shooting my dog. I couldn’t do it. Then again, I’ve never been a starving human being. Call me spoiled. No biggie. I get it. Just sayin’…

  10. Enjoyed the deer…and the view of the broader context…such as checkerboard water tank

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