Tumbling Over Worms


O, I shall be a slave to love
In seed, a sap I’ll be
Me merry martyr loves to shove
when cliff is over sea

Or I could be an earthworm
who doesn’t think too much
I’d be free to dig and squirm
until the sky I touch

A high is up,  a low is down
Free means – I was once caught
To gain a smile and lose your frown
let go of worthless thought



5 thoughts on “Tumbling Over Worms

  1. ~ another poetry review overheard on WWUR-Here ~

    ” … the rhythmn is upset and the poet would do well to leave out the word “just”. Nothing is “just ” to Mr. Watson. Or, should I say Mr. Frost.”

  2. The poet would do well to delete this one.

    What you say is true, if you give the ‘be’ two beats.
    I was goofing around here. Nothing serious, Sher.

    No justice? I know, just IS overused by the unjust Tree.

  3. Hey there. I knew Confuscious would interfere with confusion, eh?
    just a worm is redundant because earthworm connotes “just a”.

    I like this poem, as it is as serious as it gets. Love and truth. The truth of worthless thought. a slave to Love instead of Wisdom. Prajna/Karuna —-
    D.T. Suzuki said if you have to choose, choose Love.

    Hey, I have a Suzuki! an Aerio Speed Wagon, by the jimmininy!

  4. Kawasaki owns Suzuki, my dear.

    I should know. It’s where I work.
    My initials be KAW. At 19, that seemed like an omen.

    I used to have a 100cc Susie-Q dirt bike.
    My first form of transportation at 16.

    Love can leave one broke and in jail, too, ya know.
    It takes two to tango. We’ll dance in the bank!

    What say ye?

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