The Crumbs Of Humility


The bread was broken

Torn to shreds in memory

We all share the grief


Water turned to wine

The future turned on its head

The gods turned their backs


One cup was not passed

One man cried, but not in vain

The Son felt the weight


Choice-less awareness

Willingly allowing this

Nothing left to lose


Leave it all behind!

Thieves? No longer bothersome

Rust? Not a problem


Worldly matters cease

The Son can shine without you

But you without Him?


40 thoughts on “The Crumbs Of Humility

  1. Just a second, laughter was first.

    Here, crosseyed laughter wines down
    We are getting to the crust of the matter
    Here, we might well iron each other inside out!

    Now, pleeese! Jesus loved his disciples.

  2. The reason behind this one, Ed?

    I have this Sunday morning class,

    and we get homework. I had to write

    a one page story this week about

    my most humbling experience ever.

    So the motif had been on my mind.

    It’s not THAT hard to crossover, is it?

  3. Thanks, Keith, didn’t realise you were involving in classes.

    I’m really not sure of MY reasoning in that follow up. It’s just the way it came out with a rather naughty jest among the last line which is fit to be ignored.

    I suppose I’m looking for subtle differences between us on that Man. I’ve sometimes felt that you think I add too much to the ‘theology.’ I’m open to being pegged back. Yes, I was searching, maybe. Crossover your bridge, eh?

  4. That Man asked a lot from his crew of 12. No doubting allowed.

    If it felt as if I was picking on an old wound with a thorn…well,

    then the inside/out would be understandable. I don’t mean to be

    a subtle prick, but I thought you might have seen this one coming.

    Alan Watts used to complain about the lack of Christian poetry,

    so I’ve attempted a few, just not many lately. You could add way more.

    To there and back, Bilbo! Ready or not, UT

  5. From the Tibetan gurus:

    “Wouldst thou be saved and hear the whole world cry?”

    The crumbs of humility….; ie, what is left over after humility is gone?

    Nothing worth the risk of eating too much of, I guess.

  6. You don’t know my bread, Samanta.
    It is not crumby at all, unless someone says a toast to it.

    Perfection is not to be had by the likes of us.
    Wee little folks here on planet Earth
    will continue to make our messes
    and mend our mistakes.

    Butter up!

  7. Sherry said on Sacred Taboos that He returns us, wee, u and me, TO Perfection.
    Perfection being He alone. Lifted out of the getto we get to go home.
    When’s dinner, you crusty ol’ tree?

  8. You know Sherry, too? Taboo, taboo, taboo!

    I sure hope to the high heaven’s He’s perfect,
    why else would I ask Him to bless the bread?

    Dinner will be ready soon after we clean up some feats.
    But first I must multiply the fishies.
    Got a basket?

  9. Of course It’s Perfect. There is this Awe to be had, a little some of Awe may prove to be awesome. I think perhaps that’s how the people who experienced it started their religious followings. They, then, had this Awe about them.
    …couldn’t be helped to gather folowers and writers. It’s a scientific Magnetic Thing going on.

  10. marr-i-ed was I
    for twenty aught years or so
    I could-n’t know him

    how then can I think
    it would be sill-y to try
    You have to want me

  11. If it’s a haiku, then that makes sense.
    Now, about the other sense in there…
    Is ‘You” a generalization? You are too bunny! t

  12. Hey, mister! You know I only write spiritual poetry. The You was meant to be capitalized, as well it is. (in#10)

    “You have to want me.”

    The reference was to Meister Eichart who wrote that “..God needs us a thousand more times than we need him. Thy opening and His entering are but one moment. ” …. SO! … (I will check to be sure it was Meister Eichart. 🙂 )

  13. You had me worried there, Sher.

    I ran into Eckhart during my readings on evolution 5 yrs. ago.
    “Meister Eckhart’s Creation Spirituality”, by M. Fox(1980) is the book.

    The last line in Saturday’s piece is in reference to his philosophy.
    He wanted us to feel like we belonged to the Royal family.
    That doesn’t make us ‘chosen ones’, although it sounds Jewish.

    We do the choosing, and we choose You. Come here! Hugz, Keith

  14. Meister Eckhart reiterated what Jalalu Din said. “…..this and that.”!

    Just opened Underhill’s book looking for Patmore’s quote on the gnat.
    Found Rumi saying “this … and…. that”; those being in italics in dear Evelyn’s translation. That “this” love opens and “that” love enters. … Was, like, waiting around.

    I love it when things come together.

    The gnat? The gnat is a crumb of humility.

  15. Well, Sam, now that you say so.

    Here are a few lines from William Blake’s,
    “Auguries Of Innocence”.

    The gnat that sings his summer’s song
    Poison gets from slander’s tongue.
    The poison of the snake and newt
    Is the sweat of envy’s foot.

    The poison of the honey bee
    Is the artist’s jealousy.


    See the whole poem here:

  16. Thank you very much, Beachgirl!
    I’m glad you like my funky 5-7-5 Jesus haiku.
    This was my second post on this one-year old blog.
    Boy, have I learned a lot about the big-wide-world since then.
    Most of it good, mind you. Behave yourself now. Okay? I will too. UT

  17. beautiful… some parts just keep echoing in my mind

    we all share
    gods turn their back
    we cry not in vain
    nothing left to lose
    leave it all behind

  18. Dear human being,

    Thank you for sacrificing a moment or two of your time
    to share that with me. Greetings to you in Iran!

    Take care, be good, and stay safe! UT 🙂

  19. definitely humbling Keith…and a perfect reminder for this week. Thank you Excellent job and I can think of no better reason to write about! Peace be with you.

  20. Seriously, Stuart…
    I’m glad you understood me here,
    and I’m glad you comprehend the magnitude
    and the depth of a deathless story.
    He lives or I’m dead.

  21. When the storm strikes and the sea swells,
    surrender to the serenity of the silent moment,
    and you will find love. For surely, He lives.
    Today – right now – redeemed.

  22. That’s much, much easier said than done. Yes? Jesus did it.
    He died to Himself and became God in the process.
    That is…if one believes He was a man. God cannot die to Himself –
    surely not. He can do anything, but He can’t cease to exist. Right?

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  24. Are you talking about what Jesus started,
    and what Christianity did to His practice?

    Just wondering, dear lady. Glad you liked this.
    Thank you! Luvz and hugz backatcha! 🙂

  25. Hi UT…sorry for the ambiguity in my comment. Although I love where you went with it…and we could have a discussion about that for sure…what I meant was what prompted the post. You said you had a Sunday morning class and had to write about your most humbling experience…which then morphed into this beautiful haiku. Unless I am to understand that this IS it…:) only kidding.
    I think I was ambiguous because I almost asked what your answer was…and then thought it too personal.

  26. Okay, Lorrie. I gotcha now. 🙂 This is one of those poems,
    that came from one of my dark times. This is one of those poems
    that come unusually easy. So easy, that before one can even
    type out those last two lines, one’s tear ducts take the reigns,
    and one feels like they have taken a punch to the gut.

    My first thought after reading your comment?
    Was about starting a friendship with someone.
    I am twice divorced, free, and single. So I flirt.
    If you have a significant other, I will behave…
    differently; properly, as a southern gentleman wood.

  27. Oh dear UT! I believe you have made me blush 😉
    Yes…I have a very significant other …for 20 years now! And this is my third!!! And it’s a charm 🙂
    As far as the poem I understand the ones that hit you in the “gurn” (a family term that can mean virtually… ANYTHING.) They are the best ones…No…? For sure they are the ones I really remember. Sometimes I have to go back and read an older poem because someone commented on it and I’m like…”I wrote that???”
    Hope your Monday had a good start…Big storms here…oh…but not before we got a little tennis in….we played for 2 hours and DIDN’T FINISH A SET!! we were going to serve 12-13 when the skies opened! Very close today 🙂

  28. Congratulations, Lorrie! 🙂 I’m happy for you and he, and
    I promise to mind my manners. Thanks for answering.

    What a long set. Good grief! Better luck next time.
    We have a cool front with North winds today. 78 and sunny,
    and it’s supposed to stay under 80 till Thursday. Very nice. 🙂

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