The Crumbs Of Humility: A Total Reprising



The bread was broken

Torn to shreds in memory

We all share the grief


Water turned to wine

The future turned on its head

The gods turned their backs


One cup was not passed

One man cried, but not in vain

The Son felt the weight


Choice-less awareness

Willingly allowing this

Nothing left to lose


Leave it all behind!

Thieves? No longer bothersome

Rust? Not a problem


Worldly matters cease

The Son can shine without you

But you without Him?

*  *  *



9 thoughts on “The Crumbs Of Humility: A Total Reprising

  1. I hope you, too, have a very nice Easter weekend, Niamh.

    The picture – one frame from a movie – is disturbing.
    I’d planned on hiding it by Good (Lord!) Friday. That’s the
    day Jesus went down to Hell and let out all the good guys
    and gals, and after that they all flew to Heaven – The Reunion.
    Have you heard that story? I could link you up, if you want.

    Peace, luvz, and hugz all the same. 🙂 UT

  2. This is very stirring … the sad picture as well. It makes one dwell on the emotion of the day. Good Friday for many is no longer regarded as a day of solemnity and reflection. Once upon a time, it was Good Friday services, hushed tones and time for reflection on what transpired all those years ago, but many don’t abide by those rituals now. Thank you sharing this post.

  3. You’re welcome, my friend. Thank you for reading and commenting!

    I wrote quite a few religiously oriented posts back in the day. This is one of my haiku monsters, as I call them, with a 5-7-5 syllable count. I could never stop after 3 lines, so I wood just take my poetic license and run with it, until I could justly say, “It is finished!”

    I pray you have a good Easter Sunday.
    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  4. I enjoyed reading it – you have a gift with the poetry and haiku and my only poem ever was at Christmas at the Park, just a little frivolous poem for the holidays.

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