A Good Friday: The Uprising

Let us go, dear soul, for a stroll!

You help me sing my song.

Two loves the sound that makes a whole

when daybreak hums along.


We’re off to greet the morning sun,

salute a spectral sky.

Like dew, we’ll glisten just for fun

before our last goodbye.


Ascending now, slow and steady,

my eyes relay the scene.

Pick up the pace and get ready,

we know what this will mean.


Goosebumps and grins ~ the day begins,

a laugh under my breath.

Run past mistakes and mortal sins,

then walk your soul to death.

Uncle Tree

© Keith Alan Watson

When leaving sounds rewarding, Death is smitten once more.


21 thoughts on “A Good Friday: The Uprising

  1. It’s the most enjoyable walk ever! There are no words to describe the path already paved. Thanking Him, for the eye opening journey.
    Blessings, this Easter!

  2. LoL 🙂 Chris, thank you!
    I came up with that line yesterday
    and was just lookin’ for somewhere to save it.
    Your quick comment tells me, “I found the perfect place.”

  3. You’re welcome, Linda. I thought you might find this fitting for Good Friday.
    I’m not sure if anyone caught the underlying message, since it could be seen as blasphemous — could be good they didn’t.

    As a man’s last morning walk, I imagined a different scene than the one in The Bible; one that has no need for a traitor.

    Jesus knew He was a wanted man. What if He decided to voluntarily turn Himself in?
    The Greatest Story Ever Told wood still have retained the same ending and the same meaning, without Judas having to play the bad guy, i.e., the worst possible part someone has to play. I still wrestle with the devil over this one.

    Thank you for the nice compliment! I don’t write poems with rhymes anymore, but as I look back at my ancient work, I am well-pleased.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, despite the icky weather.
    Peace and luvz, Keith

  4. They are very moving poems and posts that you sent me. I enjoyed reading them. I thought of you today as we discussed Stephen Hawking after your post about him and his atheism a weeks ago. The news story said even though he was an atheist his family gave him a church funeral today. That surprised me – he should have had the last word since he felt the way he did. Just sayin’.

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