Frozen Limbs


The warm summer sap has thickened my bark

giving me a much needed and welcome tough skin

When the wind blows, I curl in my roots

like toes in tight shoes


If it’s snowing, and my limbs begin to bend under the weight

I relax, letting loose all worries and cares

bending with delightful ease


The sense of an earlier sunrise, and later sunset

stirs in my veins each day,  giving hope and assurance

to my weary stump which bares the brunt of this season


My buds will soon be showing themselves

and I prepare the greetings

The leaves inside can dream tall tales

the skies arrange the meetings


Critters and birds are familiar to me

There’s more of them all of the time

I think, I hear, I feel, I see

a spring in my step

a rhythm with rhymes


Lighten up and quench my thirst

This leaf in my book says, “You’re the first!”

Bless a tree, oh, love divine

Rain on me, my sweet sunshine



5 thoughts on “Frozen Limbs

  1. Thank you sooooooooooo very very much, my sweet pw! 🙂
    I was just thinking about you today. Nice to see you again!

    When your pretty face adorns my widgets, I love it. Hugz! ❤ UT M

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