Way Beyond Terms


Excess time limits

Zeroes claim sufficiency

Always more to gain


Speed loses it’s thrill

Passing belies danger

Too slow to fly right


Leftovers with bite

Words left out two nights to spoil

Lines become homeless


Meanings foster mold

Language to languish over

Properly kiss mine


To the bitter end

Middle ages fly faster

Hellish days drag on


Spread the crap around

Bottom foundations in growth

Tree’s sanctuary


Terms slip on sweet fruit

Wear them in then wear them out

Face a toothless grin



16 thoughts on “Way Beyond Terms

  1. Uncle Tree –

    each poetic limb is sturdy and wonderful to swing on… but the sturdiest of all are:

    “Leftovers with bite

    Words left out two nights to spoil

    Lines become homeless”

  2. Hey, Bryan! Good to see you again!

    I think you are correct. That was my favorite haiku bunch, too.
    I’ve been known to play with my food. This was a leftover from
    February which was feeling left out, so I threw it up for grabs.

    Good catch! Swing at will.

  3. Yes, Cindy. Chasing can become a boring, tiresome chore.
    I just wish the prize would hurry up and get here. My legs are shot.

  4. A wonderful poem to the “passage of time”. I loved that expression of Tree’s Sanctuary. Age is a sanctuary, in my opinion. Too bad that so many people don’t see it that way.

  5. Thank you, Silvia! I tend to agree with your assessment.
    Anything (whether it be a person, their works, or their discoveries)
    that has passed the test of time is truly deserving in it’s own right.
    The merit of sanctification is a most blessed stamp of approval.

  6. Thanks, Ed! Sorry about the near miss.
    I wood knot want that to happen.
    You’d never recognize me again,
    nor eye you, an eye oh you.

  7. I sure hope you can continue to keep your words then, TWM.
    It has to be better than eating them when they fall out.

  8. I suppose it’s not surprising that the same lines Bryan quoted, I was also going to quote.

    Sometimes, I want to let the words ferment like the bacteria that blackens my toilet bowl.


  9. Dear lady, I think your mind
    is dirty enough as is. Soap
    scummy words can easily
    be cleaned away w/floss.


    Hey, folks—

    This is how the official word academy
    trashes the place. It’s a filthy pity!
    Please feel free to contribute.
    Sponges are welcome, too.

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