Sacred Taboos

When you break one, you become one.

“Don’t touch that!” Whatever it may be. “Don’t even think about it!”

What about the healing touch of a Saint?

Are not they allowed to touch The Untouchables?

“You’ll get germs!” By the way my mother yelled about it,

one was to assume there was pretty much germs on

everything – everywhere – all the time!

Even in the bathtub lay the hidden taboos. “Don’t play with that!”

To do so was considered dirty, and therefore,

I figured, it must clean itself.


Inhibitions and restrictions vary from place to place.

What was so great about Rome?

Would you do as the Romans did, if you happened

to find yourself in a Grecian state of mind?

It sounds fairly dangerous to me, weighing the risks involved.

Then again…Mother owns the scales.


19 thoughts on “Sacred Taboos

  1. Why did I grow up calling mushrooms ‘toadstools’ ?

    “Touch a toad and you’ll get warts!”

    Toads have to sit somewhere, why not a stool?

    They leave wart germs, so we were not to touch

    their stools, either. Never mind that we ate the ones

    that came from the grocery store. But mind you,

    not all of the edible varieties can be bought at

    your local Walmart. Some of them will drive you crazy!

  2. Uncle Tree has an aversion to this info from Wiki:

    Among the Agutainos, who inhabit Palawan, one of the Philippine Islands, a widow may not leave her hut for seven or eight days after the death; and even then she may only go out at an hour when she is not likely to meet anybody, for whoever looks upon her dies a sudden death. To prevent this fatal catastrophe, the widow knocks with a wooden peg on the trees as she goes along, thus warning people of her dangerous proximity; and the very trees on which she knocks soon die.”

  3. I see you now, Sher!

    Luv the green on green look you brought.

    Perfectly too funny, you are, you are…not me.

  4. Mama Kolling Samanta is a Tibetan phrase for “triple seal of secrecy”. I do believe. But I like it ’cause I think of Divine Mother calling me home for supper and to buy me new clothes. 🙂 Clean ones, dear Keith. Gold sequins on silver satin, maybe.
    SAMANTA is my first, middle, maiden, last initials, and my first Holy Communion initials of my chosen name of Teresa. –just to clarify- you know.

  5. If SAMANTA stands for triplets,
    maybe I get it. Teresa makes you sound Catholic,
    except they don’t change their names
    when they become enlightened.
    I know you, Mama Guruess.
    What secret? UT

  6. Good! I enjoy doing that.

    I still think it’s funny that you chose
    tabooze out of your 20 choices here.

    That only leaves the goldberry thangy to explain.
    Did you take back your father’s name?
    If it’s a secret, that, too, I understand, Sherry Ann.

    Uncle Alan Tree

  7. Taboos are really esoteric truths. Only God is Truth. So if you want it, got to Him and ask. Then He will tell you what You should or should not do, taboo wise.

  8. Taboo wise

    Those two words look rather funny together.
    Did He tell you to say that? Your right, though,
    He/She/It is the grandest proof reader. Big help.

    Thanks for the visit, Samantha.

  9. show me the person overly concerned with germs and crap in their environment and i will show you a person who is sick all of the time and never willing to venture outside.

  10. there is a saying, restriction creates perversion. Let’s think about that for a moment….

    I did everything my mother told me not to do and most of what god said not to do. If we are free willed then how can there be taboos? Although the word ‘taboo’ is such a cool word to play with.

    Oh and germs are our friends, without them we wouldn’t be.

  11. The Show Me State of Missouri
    is where I was born and raised, Mark.
    Obsessive/compulsive behavioral dysfunctions
    vary by degree. C’mon over! I will show you Pigpen.

  12. Hey-Yo, Derek!
    Perhaps there’s some reverse psychology going on here.
    Some tabooze are good for culture in and of themselves, right?
    How else could have Oedipus become such a famous figure?
    The story must have had it’s affect alright, because I’ve never met
    anyone like that in my entire life, and can’t say I’d really want to either.
    My blood, or sap rather…be of a Germanic germ going way, way back. 😉

  13. Are you attempting to blow me away,
    or bowl me over? Shiver me timbers!
    Wooden kegs containing draught beer
    are best kept cold. Tap, tap. Don’t tip
    the stein too much. I like a little head.
    Fool of flavor for a better belly fool.
    The new word on the block is ‘blotto’.

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