Question: Are Leprechauns Human Beings or Sprites?


In His likeness… We look like God, right?

God made us, or thought us up, so spirits came first, right?

If no one has ever seen the face of The Creator,

how do we know He looks like us? The Saints look like us, too.

Leprechauns were first seen, then talked about.

We didn’t invent them, although we did find it necessary

to make up stories on their behalf.  Some people claimed to have

“lost their gold” because of them. Greedy humans tell tall tales, eh?

I would love to hear a quick thought of yours on this subject,

if you can find a moment to steal away.

Thank you! Uncle Tree



36 thoughts on “Question: Are Leprechauns Human Beings or Sprites?

  1. I have seen them, and they are little people with a human heart.
    It’s much easier to write a story when everyone involved actually
    has, and shows, their feelings, no matter how hard-hearted. UT

  2. I’ve been at wordpress for only a month, still guessing
    about just what it takes to wrangle a comment from a stranger.

    Everyone wants to write, I suppose, so we all(most of us) sit here
    waiting, hoping for someone to view our blog and then we settle for that.

    10 million people talking politics on St. Paddy’s Day. Good grief! Have ye a beer?

  3. I’d like to think the latter, lollygabber.

    I’m amazed! Thanks for the comment!!!

    Uncle Tree

  4. I wouldn’t blame him for gazing at you, barbara.

    Chasing treasures worked out well for him, I see.

  5. Some say, Keef, that there was a race of pygmies in auld Oirland driven into the mountains and forests by invading Celts one misty mourn. From that the ‘myth’ arose and lodged in the collective consciousness of those who swallowed them UP.
    There’s still a diminutive throwback or two across the land.
    I thought you were German 😉


  6. MY friend must be a bird,
    Because it flies!
    Mortal my friend must be,
    Because it dies!
    Barbs has it, like a bee.
    Ah, curious friend,
    Thou puzzlest me!

  7. Well, Ed,

    I think you answered the question.
    Now, I’ll have to think about believing it.

    Give me a second…or two…okay, done.

    Someone had to get the ball rolling,
    and if I remember correctly, her name was Lucy.
    But she wasn’t wearing anything when they found her
    remains. You know, if green has a smell, I bet she had it on her.

  8. Mariana, my goodness!

    The puzzlement is on my end of this line.

    Argentina? My lady, you have definitely expanded

    this little man’s horizons. Thanks for leaving your mark away up here!

    By the way, who is Barbs? Bzzzzzzzz…Boink! Yuck, green bee splatter. UT

  9. They walk among us now, dear friend.
    Our brains have been trained
    to see academics

    If I were more aboriginal
    I might see the jinn

  10. If I were to do more sit-ups,
    perhaps my abs would be more original.

    If I were to get a third-eye-oscopy,
    I might be able to see you from here.

    Thanks for the comment, Sherry! UT

  11. Sure, brother! Do you still have it?

    Send it back, and I’ll see if it’s a fixer-upper.
    Unless, of course, you say otherwise.
    Then I’ll take it as-is. It’s good
    to see that your sprite
    is quite chipper!

    Little Bro Tree

  12. there have definitely been times that I have blamed a ‘scapegoat’ when I knew the fault was souly and completely mine.

  13. We’ve all done that, Dusty.

    I’ve also been wrongly blamed, and
    I’ve taken credit when it wasn’t due to me.

    In this ballgame, we play every position eventually.
    When we’re done doing all that, I guess we
    take a seat in the stands and cheer
    in a spritefully spirited fashion.

  14. I’m pretty sure
    I didn’t say you were…
    did I? But you are correct,
    some positions are knot for me.

    How ’bout this:

    “…we play almost every position eventually.”

    ‘Tis better to be happy.

  15. Leprechauns bring out the desire of finding the “gold at the end of the trail”… They inspire hope in all and add a dash of luck and charm into the mixture… Giving one something to dream about and wish for while escaping the reality of the day to day life….

  16. And what could be wrong with doing something like that?

    Although it avoids the question, Beachgirl,
    that was a very fine rebuttal! To combat the naysayers,
    we must pull our fanciful forces together, or risk loss of beliefs.

    They are out there, you know, those who would
    dis leprechauns, and compare them to Biblical figures.
    Antonahill is one such man who has made a mountain out
    of his home. Or is that a mole hill? Could be both, yes.
    I agree. Thank you for commenting!

  17. Sorry I only gave you my opinion on the last part of this post. But is you remember my very first comments to you ever I had written my thoughts on the whole ‘being made in his image’ deal.

    The book never says “looks like a human” that’s just what makes sense to us. You already no how much different sentences give such different messages depending on where you end each sentence.

    I feel the book meant DNA. We are made in his image, like him the base and pair system does it all (or is ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in each cell)

    The living being that many today consider mythical, or didn’t exist, it’s more likely they had somewhere and sometime, maybe not here on this planet. But I would say pretty much anything you can imagine exists or has existed somewhere else.

  18. I agree with you, Dusty.
    Thanks for adding something positive to our list of possibilities.

    Your very first comment? Hmmm…you thought I was someone you knew.
    Right? And you posted the whole comment on your site. Am I close?

    About that other…sorry. I’d rather keep that hush-hush. Okay? 🙂 UT

  19. Hello, Hanne! 🙂 Thanks for commenting! For my part,
    I think we are more like doors for we swing both ways,
    and come unhinged in The End. Peace, Uncle Tree

  20. A gloriously fun frolic in the forest with you wood be fantastic, Caro! 🙂
    And, oh! ❤ How I love your fuzzy stuff. Be sure to bring some. K? Hugz! UT

  21. I saw a wee woodland creature in Vermont (looked like a very small human, and appeared to be garbed in green/yellow/brown hues). In broad daylight. Leaving a parking lot at a college. I tried to apply logical analysis/.debunking to the sighting. I looked away, and looked back, and it was still there. It was moving in a natural forward trajectory (skipping/prancing, actually) along a bush line. I was able to track it with my eyes (i.e. I also kept my eyes on a fixed spot and it moved out of view). As I continued to watch it, it faded until it was barely an outline (camouflaged) against the bushes, and then I couldn’t see it anymore. No explanation and still a skeptic, but…

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