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Amanita’s Farewell

Artwork by Aaron Pocock



Well, well! Good heavens! You are here! Hello again, Amanita! It’s wonderful to see you once more after so long a time! You haven’t changed a bit, little one. How many years has it been? ~ What’s that you say? ~ Oh, my! That many years, eh? How quickly they have passed. That makes me feel old, dear friend. ~ Why, thank you! You are too kind. Your gracious presence alone brings back the vigor of my youth. ~ Yes, I’ve missed you, Amanita. It was just the other day when the thought of you came to mind, and then I saw you in my dream last night, so I came here on a hunch.

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Question: Are Leprechauns Human Beings or Sprites?


In His likeness… We look like God, right?

God made us, or thought us up, so spirits came first, right?

If no one has ever seen the face of The Creator,

how do we know He looks like us? The Saints look like us, too.

Leprechauns were first seen, then talked about.

We didn’t invent them, although we did find it necessary

to make up stories on their behalf.  Some people claimed to have

“lost their gold” because of them. Greedy humans tell tall tales, eh?

I would love to hear a quick thought of yours on this subject,

if you can find a moment to steal away.

Thank you! Uncle Tree