Uncle Tree’s House

 ~ Putting music to words, and words to pictures ~

Illustration by Aaron Pocock


For those of you who are wondering how I came up with the idea for my nickname – An anonymous young fellow, who called himself Diablo, started calling me Tree a few years back at a site called Intentblog. There came to pass a couple of times when I commented about camping beside the Missouri River, and I happened to mention a few of the things (including spiritual awakenings) that I’d experienced at my favorite spot. He must have thought I’d been stationed there, or had put down roots there, in order to see me as a tree. Because Diablo had said he was around 20 years of age, and I was 50+, I thought of him as a fictitious nephew, which made me his uncle – Uncle Tree.

Father Tree would have made me look like a priest, and Brother Tree sounds to me like a deacon, and I didn’t want to be cornered into anything too specific, such as Elder Tree, Sir Willow or Mr. Elmwood.

Me2 was my first moniker. This symbol contains a few meanings for me. It’s not funny or sad, in and of itself. It is rather more neutral than Uncle Tree, which I see as putting me in the category of goofy and kooky, but in a familiar and unassuming sort of way. It’s been fun to play with, and I’m still growing into it. I don’t always write from his perspective, as if I were actually a talking tree. That’s impossible! Although, I do have a couple of poems which he wrote, and I hope to create more at some period in the future.

My outlook on life is not always positive or optimistic. I accept the full range of emotions as a matter of course. It’s only natural. To deny is to lie to one’s self, and when we do, we’re not fooling anybody but ourselves. The reasons I have for writing poetry the way I do are too numerous to go into here. I want to read your thoughts for you, and speak about it when you can’t seem to find the right words to use yourself. And, of course, if I can bring someone to tears, whether they be joyful ones or sorrowful ones, I would rightfully call that my crowning achievement.

Help yourself to the woods! You never know what you’ll find hiding around the bend unless you look. Be brave! Put yourself into vacation mode and take your sweet time. Relax and enjoy, and do please let me know what you are thinking. This tree loves to talk!




-For all you kids out there, or for the young at heart-

feel free to color me.

© Keith Alan Watson



28 thoughts on “Uncle Tree’s House

  1. I am proud of you, Keith! What an amazing achievement 😉 Now all you need is to just be. I know without doubt, one day your beautiful writings will advance you. I pray that your day will come in and when it does….your legacy will floor many. Best wishes, best support, and many new blessings coming your way! ~j~
    In Christ…
    Cheryl Ann

  2. I love the name change to Uncle Tree
    I think words, like tree roots, grow and inter-change pulling us along
    I look forward to keeping up with your growth
    Prayers for your day

  3. I’m glad you like my idea, Susie,
    and I pray I am able to continue to grow
    in the Light of the Lord’s blessings.

    Thank you for visiting my neck of the woods! Peace, UT 🙂

  4. Dear Uncle,

    It has been a long time.
    All I did was hide in the shadow.
    I no longer know how to fly.
    But it is good to see you still. 🙂
    Mighty and alive.

    – Asian Butterfly

  5. You still look and sound beautiful, dear butterfly.
    ‘Tis good to see you, too. Shadows can be so heavy…

    Do have yourself a light and Merry Christmas, Rhee! 🙂

  6. Hello again!
    Please stop by, I have some interesting tests for you to solve. Maybe you’ll like it.

  7. I am glad I found this post to read. I love how you string words together and I love seeing your tree on my blog. There is nothing like a wise tree who freely shares and causes us to branch out as well.


  8. What a lovely compliment. 🙂 Thank you so much, Francine!
    I daily enjoy your photographs. You’ve done a lot of good work!

    Yes, Uncle Tree is FREE! I have nothing to sell here.
    There is much fun to be had when we traverse the net and visit,
    like, and comment for friends and strangers alike.

    Thank you for the encouraging words today! Bless you! Peace, Keith

  9. … my point exactly!!!! Thank you so much for those lovely, kind, thoughtful words. Hope you have a wonderful week. 🙂

  10. I love that image. It always brings a smile on my face 🙂 It takes me into my own little wonderland.

  11. Ah! I did wonder how you came to choose the name. I think it’s excellent, has a nice comfy cozy sound. Trees have a lot going for them,strong, quiet, peaceful, yet can break stone and concrete. They are a favorite subject of mine when I actually sit down to paint. Good choice! I’ll drop by often – love walking in the forest! ha!

  12. I’m so glad you think so, Claire. 🙂 I have grown into him, so to speak.
    Uncle Tree gives me licence to act silly, and be goofy when appropriate.

    Thanks for visiting once again! You’re always welcome ’round here.

  13. Read a few of your blogs and enjoyed them. I am new to all this blogging stuff and don’t really know what i’m doing yet, but I have found that it can be a good way to share our thoughts and cause a few people to reminence and smile. God Bless

  14. Thank you, darling Caro! 🙂 You are so good for me.
    I dearly dearly appreciate your every precious word.
    Speaking of blessings, yes! The gifts you bring to me
    fill my heart with countless treasures, because you,
    honey chile, are the one I’ve waited for all these years.

    God bless you, sweetheart. ❤ Mine, and one of a kind.
    Luvz and hugz and a super-hot chocolate smoochie! Your UT

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