Living In God’s Frame Of Mind

I’ve been framed, by God! I have my own heavenly place.

I’ve been arranged! How odd – this life within His outer space.

And yet, He lives within me, too!

He who knows me through and through.

The One who makes all things new,

deserves my praise for all my days.

In gratitude for His loving kindness,

I framed a song of thanks.

* * * *

Thank you, Lord! Oh, thank you much!

~ I surely feel your loving touch ~

[ Square me in – Frame my mind ]

<- Set me free from time to time ->

Keep me hanging by a thread,

 like a thought inside your head.

Imagine me as I was made

in your image where I’m saved


“And the soldiers platted a crown of thorns,

and put it on his head,

and they put on him a purple robe.”

John 19:2


70 thoughts on “Living In God’s Frame Of Mind

  1. This is my little spin off of a ‘wheel within a wheel‘. The lower
    picture reminds me of another circle we’ve all come to know and love –
    the crown of thorns worn by the King of Kings. God bless you!

    Peace to all, Uncle Tree


    Note: Little did I realize it at the time, but the day of this post – June 6, 2011 – marked the 50th anniversary of Carl Jung’s death. I’ve been reading his semi-autobiography, “Memories, Dreams, Reflections” for the last 4 weeks in an attempt to better understand everything he had to teach us. I’ve made a few comments in the margins of the book, including adding the title to this piece last Monday. The week before I had a dream about an empty wooden frame free-floating in space. This poem was written in order for me to find some way to express this idea and gather some meaning from the image given to me by the collective unconscious.

    Yesterday, I stopped at the library and picked up a biography – “A Life Of Jung” by Ronald Hayman. As so often happens with me when I am drawn to a particular reading, a funny thing happened after I picked the book off the shelf. Quickly looking through the table of contents, I then turned a couple of leafs and landed on page 5, where the short Chapter One ends. My eyes quickly scanned to the last sentence on that page, a quote from Joseph Henderson, an analyst and acquaintance of Jung. I consider it an odd coincidence, and it brought a knowing smile to my face as I read it. He’s been with me, perhaps.

    Quote: As Henderson said, Jung could ‘never be put in a frame…He always burst out of it, destroying the frame at the same time.’

  2. Hi, Pablo! Thanks for stopping by!
    You see me as bold. I like that. 🙂

    I’ve been to a lot of places since we first met. I’m sure you have, too.
    Exploration – experiments – and exploitation? Perhaps, in some minds.
    There are still some untapped fields in our contemporary realm. Right?
    Maybe, while I’m on this path, I’ll find a hidden trail that leads
    elsewhere. Then again, it may only lead me back to myself.
    Either way, I win. (I hope.) Child’s play for me.

    Take care, my friend!

  3. Uncle Tree’s quotes:

    Beautiful is – just a smattering of Time’s smearing lines –
    over, above and on through the canvas full of stars in which
    we live and have our being, thanks to our Lord – Jesus Christ.
    Infinity rolls, begetting a finite donut whole.
    Uplifting the downtrodden
    expands our soul’s delightful domain.
    We shan’t let gravity get the best of us.
    In hope, we shall rise to the occasion.
    Have halo, will beam.
    Have aura, will glow.
    Have fast car, will smoke your butt! 🙂
    Have doubt, will doubt some more.
    Have faith, will continue to doubt.
    Have guru, will always question.
    Have Christ, will freely forgive guru.
    Perhaps our perceptions are limited, but when one has seen The Light, one can drop the generally expected individual figures to allow one’s heart to receive the totality of Love’s healing quality, so happily given by the grace of our Lord – Jesus/Christ.
    There was this one time…during an experience that I was having,
    when my train of thought led me to a terribly frightening realization.
    I was with a group of friends, and I was running my mouth in the
    living room, speaking my mind as each thought landed. I came to a point
    where I stopped myself in mid-sentence and covered my mouth with my
    hand. I couldn’t believe what I was about to say. I walked around for
    an hour that way. It was a very spooky involuntary response. Some
    truths are not meant to be spoken aloud. Know what I mean?
    Experiences aren’t always subtle.
    I’ve been excited and awed to the
    point of stupefaction, but only when
    I’ve been alone in Nature’s perfection.
    Bliss happens when God’s Will and our free-will coincide.
    Good happens because God knows our best choices.

    Blind faith means giving up the right to choose.
    We were born to question. Only answers build trust.
    Evil is simply a concept
    made up by human beings.
    Good is a survival trait.
    It doesn’t burn itself out.
    By The Book we learn, but by way of experience
    we may know, and knowing is so much better than believing,
    for trust is built on confidence in the Lord,
    and the more we trust, the more our faith is strengthened.
    I am learning.
    The breath of God recognizes itself
    in the first cry of every newborn babe.
    With child-like naivete, I take no responsibility.
    The Lord is so easy to follow. No worries or cares for tomorrow.
    When we worship the Lord in spirit and truth,
    we do so because of our love for the Truth,
    and in gratitude for all that has been given to us.

    We shouldn’t need to be commanded to do so.
    Jesus didn’t have a choice.
    We do.

    From what I’ve read elsewhere (besides the Bible), the angels seem to represent ideas, or in common parlance, memes. Perhaps, God prematurely (since angels have no freewill) threw down some of His secrets, or allowed them to fall, as if He didn’t know Man was not ready for them. Through the power of dreams, science has made advancements (D.N.A. double helix, and Einstein’s E=mc2 comes to mind). The early Grecians could have obtained their information, stories, and myths in much the same way. Whether or not dream interpretation comes to represent The Truth is another matter.

    To me, evolutionary theory only proves there was no necessity for a Creator in a possibly infinite universe with possibly an infinite amount of possibilities. They simply do the math.

    Beautiful is – just a smattering of Time’s smearing lines – over, above and on through the canvas full of stars in which we live and have our being, thanks to our Lord – Jesus Christ.

  4. Thank you, Claire! 🙂
    For my part, “…in His image” doesn’t have to imply
    that God is as human as we are (Anthropomorphism).
    Whether Pantheism or Panantheism, we do live and reside
    in a reality that is not of our making. God blessed His Creation
    of which we are part and parcel. If only we could see with His eyes…

  5. I enjoyed your quotes especially this one:

    Bliss happens when God’s Will and our free-will coincide.
    Good happens because God knows our best choices.

  6. So, do we human beings have Freewill or not?
    The “To be, or not to be…” question
    has to be answerable as a matter of choice
    without us having to commit suicide to prove it.

    I’m voting for Freewill. This is why: The Bible says, God is love. In our minds, you can’t force another person to love you. Not even God can force us to love Him, but He knew that before He created us. He took a risk. Is the Law of Love therefore higher or more powerful than God? Our God who is love? It doesn’t say Love is God. We can learn to love Love, but we can’t learn to god God. My nonsense for today.
    Do we have a soul, a spirit, or both?
    I do believe the soul is of the earth – the psyche
    which could well be immaterial – the Mind Of God –
    in which we have our being – perfect, whole and complete.

    The Spirit informs me, but I don’t have to listen to hear It.
    I also see it energetically, as the spark of life that presages breath.

    My Soul feels for me, and the strength of the perception
    determines the longevity of the memory – for good reason.

    Ah! The breath of God…enough to make one sigh in relief.

    Bring in Infinity, or not, since we don’t yet know, and since we’re not yet aware of the possibilities inherent in a closed system of unimaginable creativity…?

    But, ah! The Truth, or the little truth, or truths that hold divine knowledge,
    invisible and indivisible, or not, since the truth cuts both ways, and Infinity
    can be divided endlessly, or not, depending on your measuring device and the size and sharpness of your razor…?


    Reflections on the the day The Dark Knight Rises
    and innocent folks are gunned down in
    Aurora, Colorado ~ July 20, 2012

    Truth is: God gave us freewill. That argument should be
    over, but it won’t be, because – we still feel the need
    to blame The Devil for acts of evil such as this,
    or we dare see a standoffish and inadequate
    God in the making, or of our own making.
    But we suffer fools gladly? I think knot.

  7. “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves:
    be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

    Matthew 10:16

    A difficult passage to swallow.
    It is as if we must fight fire with fire,
    without causing any harm to the wood.

  8. Job was a tough cookie, methinks, brother Ed.
    Because, you know, after that, God decided to be
    born a baby, who’s name was Jesus. He couldn’t let
    Job take a higher road than He, so He was born a
    humble child in a lowly manger, and He showed Job
    just how low He could go. God’s range is infinitely vast.

  9. Our Creator gives and takes, all with a Singularity.
    And Job got down in the mouth thinking his goose was cooked
    But it took until Christmas for such insularity
    To realise the free banquet that it had forsooked!

    Cheer up for Christ’s sake!

  10. That oughta do it. O’ joy! 🙂

    Without rhythm and rhyme,
    the mysterious goose honks willy-nilly
    to the tune of Swan Lake.


    Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
    Watch lights fade from every room.
    Bedsitter people look back and lament,
    Another day’s useless energy spent.
    Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
    Lonely man cries for love and has none.
    New mother picks up and suckles her son,
    Senior citizens wish they were young.
    Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
    Removes the colours from our sight.
    Red is grey and yellow white.
    But we decide which is right,
    And which is an illusion.

    Late Lament ~ Graeme Edge
    Moody Blues

  11. I meant to log in
    but my brother walked in
    I lost my thread
    I fell out of bed
    That just leaves b
    and the fall of me

    Peace, dear Keith.

  12. In this frame of mind
    I haven’t even got the time

    to find your thread bare
    or your leaf that looks like a hair.

    Relative – is peace
    Salutary – solstice release

    I had Pooh on a limb today!
    Now there’s a visitor who leaves
    his mark when he leaves.

  13. LoL! undoing and undying – they looked to me like typos. 🙂
    They’re certainly undone a priori – before they’re unborn.
    * From:
    The Importance Of Philosophy by Jeff Landauer and Joseph Rowlands
    (a priori – definition)

    In this way, certain kinds of knowledge are said to exist without being dependent on reality. Various explanations for how we are aware of the knowledge are put forward. Some say it is inborn, and we were always aware of it. Others say that although it was inborn, it takes awhile for us to recognize the knowledge. Others decide that it is revelation from some higher power.

    The consequences to accepting the claim that knowledge can be a priori is that it leads to faith. When it is suppose that some knowledge exists and is valid without our need of deriving it from reality, it opens the door to pretending all knowledge can be like this. By denying the use of reason to form these abstract ideas, it claims there are alternative methods of gaining knowledge. By severing the tie to reality, it allows any idea to be accepted.

  14. I’m inclined to believe the general consensus of the academia in all the fields they study, including geology. I also believe men of the Christian faith (which basically includes me) should feel impelled (like I do) to seek the truth, because Jesus stood for (represented) 3 meaningful concepts: The Life, The Truth, and The Way.

    Being raised from the get-go in a Southern Baptist Church, it was natural for me to take their literal translations to heart. It wasn’t until 8th grade that we were taught the theory of evolution, and back then (1971 in Missouri) not even my Science teacher was perfectly persuaded, but he taught us anyway. I remember being quite skeptical as a young teen, but the seed of doubt had been planted, and within a couple years I gave up on the idea of keeping The Truth (or searching for it) within the instruments of God, Church, and Bible. School was right, and in my eyes, my parents had been duped.

    Here we are years later, and I can now sympathize with my parents and their ingrained beliefs. I went through a few experiences in my late 30′s and early 40′s that sorta drew me back into the fold, but rather more as a questioner than a doubter. I can’t say I no longer doubt either science or faith, because I still have doubts concerning both. I don’t think that’s a sin, but sometimes doubt itself becomes ridiculous, and at times I wonder if doubt isn’t one of the most unnatural things we as humans can do. I confess, it bothers me.

  15. Once upon a Time, God spoke to men and women directly.
    These human beings wrote down what God said to them.
    After a few centuries, a select group of men gathered
    a great many of these writings together, and decided
    they had enough to make a Book of Books. After judging
    some of the stories unfit, they put the remaining
    books in an order befitting The Story, and then called
    the chosen writings scripture. Then they said,
    “No words shall be added or taken away from The Bible.”

    So, I assume, from that day forward,
    God ceased to speak to Man.
    Or, nowadays, if He does get vocal,
    and someone jots down His words,
    no one else will believe it,
    nor shall it be called scripture.

  16. My natural, but incomplete allegiance to Christ is nothing
    to boast about, except that that, too, was given to me by
    the Father. Freewill would mean nothing at all – were it not
    for a sacred AND sanctified rebellious inner nature. This
    nature is defined by a certain feeling we all know and love –
    the human spirit.

  17. LoL! You didn’t duck enough, oddly enough.
    You got spammed! Good thing I look at them
    every day. It’s never happened before. Has it?
    Be sure to tell me if one doesn’t show up, bro.

    You’re getting chased alright. 😉 Not too deep now.

  18. Lol, I am in devious hands, coz it showed up for me, but now I am wondering why other WordPress blogs ignore me!!!

    “I’m a troll fol de roll, and I’ll up-tail you for my scupper!”

  19. Either this Age is changing, or I am, my dear friend, Ed.
    The Grail History that Emma sends to me – I’m into it.
    The anima – my soul mate – rubbing off on me?

    A33nn – after my right ear started ringing,
    I chose to delete my name from an internet posting site.
    That code was my 3rd choice. Couldn’t read the 1st two.
    Cheryl’s pet # is 33. Ann is her middle name. Ann33

    My horoscope said I would begin to open shut off psychic
    regions, bringing abilities that I was taught were evil.
    The God/Grail realization supposedly opens new arenas.
    Hanging with psychics is also said to rub off on one.

    Oh, boy. Got that monkey off my back, I guess. Ya think?
    Now, all Hell’s gonna break loose – in 2012 – how perfect!

  20. The thing is……what has been considered Hell has really been the seething moat of our own defenses? ( relavent, perhaps, Jung felt urgently surrounded by the ‘dead’ when he was plumbing the depths, as if they saw him drawing close to some resolutions)
    As you say…. perfect!

    Ya remember a youtube discussing ‘Paradox’ by Loreleila that I passed on at IB and you did me the honour of watching/listening? At the time you disappointed me with the comment something like, ‘where on earth did you pick up (find) this dame?) For me the posting seemed very important in the resolvings. We’ve come a ways, have we? Well, I’m feeling truth is stranger than paradox?

    I regard my tinnitus as ‘download’ 😉 Trouble is words have never been enough even without these ‘time loops.’ (two more words) One more….convergence……uwannapeaceovIT? me2 😉

  21. Certainly, things be a changin’, bro. I wonder if my mission is one
    of redemption. Must I redeem myself? Redeem the honor once
    held by oracles, poets, and prophets? Where lies the treasure? 😉

  22. Poise happens – when one loses their balance and falls, whilst retaining their dignity all the way down, and making snow-angels thereafter where they lie with nary a cry, nor wince of pain.

    Santa Claus 2012

  23. I think people respond to a poem because a certain chord
    is struck; a note, perhaps, a string, and they find themselves
    in tune with the rhythm, and the rhyme, and the words cut through
    the mustard and the chard and strike a nerve, and they FEEL it!
    And for a moment, they have to deal with it; the good, the bad,
    the goosebumps, and yes, needling on that almost forgotten thorn.

  24. A vessel of fire made from fire you are, quantum seeker.
    Flickering, like a flame within a flame ~
    to the center, to the blue, to the truth inside of you.

    The burn of freedom’s embers glow throughout eternity.

  25. It’s a good thing we’re naturally curious.
    We can almost see what’s coming,
    but we know our behinds much better. 😉

    A never fatalistic arbor realistic, UT

  26. Wonderful poem…

    I particularly loved these verses

    “He lives within me, too!

    He who knows me through and through.

    The One who makes all things new”…

    I believe that somehow we are all expressions of God’s creation and lively epiphanies which express God’ s brotherly kingdom.
    We are one, maybe not the same but one at the end.

    Thanks for the great reading here, uncle Tree///

    Best wishes and happy weekend ahead,

    Aquileana 😀

  27. This newness is the fountain of youth, young lady.
    The pristine will wishes to drink from the Grail.
    Lucky are we who are possessed by its charms.

    Full moon — Friday night — you have a fun one, too, A! 🙂

  28. Beautiful words… I guess my Full moon will raise tomorrow as I am staying home tonight!. Pff…Wink 🙂

    Best wishes, dear Uncle Tree,

    Aquileana 😛

  29. Dearest Caro,

    Thank you my dear for everything! The loves, the hugz, the smooches, the kisses, the compliments, the laughs, and yes, even the tears.

    That you have gravitated in my direction whatsoever is nothing but a pure miracle, and I do thank the Lord for all He has given me since you came into my life. Luvz and hugz, Keith ❤

  30. I cannot deny my Christian upbringing. Oh, I did try once upon a time,
    but I eventually realized, it’s part of my constitution; it’s in my blood,
    and it is not a healthy stance for me, UT, to have it any other way.

    Neither, can I deny what I learned along the way from others.
    At this point in my life (60), I can relate with Bruce Lee,
    and how he competed at the end of his prime.
    He mastered all the martial arts, it is said;
    much like Jesus might have mastered
    all the Faiths of His day. In the end,

    Bruce used all he learned, and
    he did it without thinking about it first.
    Whatever comes to mind at the time — I believe,
    I have the right to hold that thought,
    whatever that thought might be,
    because, it’s already part of me.

    God bless. Uncle Tree

  31. 1. I looked up the word “Megalomania” – I learned something and you are never too old to learn something new. In fact, I welcome learning new things.

    2. You astound me Uncle Tree – you told me once if I poke around in this blog I’ll see a lot and there is a book in here … I haven’t had to poke around very much to see that there is indeed a book and you are well versed in the Bible in your writing and your thoughts. I read this post several times – read through many of the comments. I am amazed at your responses and how you express yourself and your knowledge of the scripture. You put me to shame. I was not raised a Catholic, though I was baptized as one, but I went to Sunday school with all my little friends back in the day – Episcopalian, Baptist – a smattering of this religious training or that, but I could never begin to think or express myself as you do. You should be proud of what you’ve written in her and how you conveyed your thoughts.

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