Amanita’s Farewell

Artwork by Aaron Pocock


Well, well! Good heavens! You are here! Hello again, Amanita! It’s wonderful to see you once more after so long a time! You haven’t changed a bit, little one. How many years has it been? ~ What’s that you say? ~ Oh, my! That many years, eh? How quickly they have passed. That makes me feel old, dear friend. ~ Why, thank you! You are too kind. Your gracious presence alone brings back the vigor of my youth. ~ Yes, I’ve missed you, Amanita. It was just the other day when the thought of you came to mind, and then I saw you in my dream last night, so I came here on a hunch.

I’ve often wondered why you chose to appear to me in the first place, and now I can’t help but wonder why you’ve come back after so many years. Do you have something to tell me? ~ Oh, my word! So this will be the last time we get to be together? ~ Well, that’s too bad. I awoke from my dream thinking that might be the case. It saddens me to know that it has to be this way, but as you say, “It’s all for the best,” and I believe you. Your word has always been true.

Your people, they were dwindling in number, how many remain at this point? ~ Oh, no! So you’re on your own. I was afraid of that. Whatever will you do now? ~ Ah, c’mon! You can tell me, can’t you? ~ Alright, alright. I’ll let it slide. Still, I fear for you, little one. Being alone isn’t easy. Are you sure you’ll be okay? ~ I can’t blame you for feeling that way. Man no longer needs your kind of help. This is The Age Of Reason. We have science and logic on our side. You, grand relic of yesteryear, you and your time have passed. You, dainty thing, you and your delicate wings need to remain unseen. You, pure-hearted one, simply do not fit into the equation. You belong to the time when the Earth was flat and straightforward. Our world is round, whole and complete. The Tree of Knowledge sustains us. ~ Perhaps, you are correct, my dear. Some day, we may know better.

The sun is now beginning to rise, and I am off to greet it. It’s time for you to disappear back into the ether. I can’t afford to be seen with you here like this. People would think I’m crazy. It is that season, and the nearby folk will soon be out to hunt these woods. You best be on your way, wherever that way may lead. I wish I had an inkling as to what that place is like. ~ Oh, really? Imagine that. Who’d have guessed? Lovely forest lady, I sure miss the days of my youth! The games we played in these trees are now but treasured memories. You’ll never know how much you meant to this mere human being. You’ve given me an unworldly joy known only to a few.

~ Yes, there is a tear in my eye, but that’s quite normal at a time like this. ~ No, I do not have to stop believing in you, because I know. ~ Yes, I promise. The secret of you shall forever stay hidden in the everlasting memories of my heart. I long to linger here, but now we must part. Be gone, faery queen! Take flight that I might see thy beauty grace the sky once more. ~ Yes, I know you do. I am infinitely grateful for that truth. ~ I also wish you well, little one, and pray you live a long and fruitful life! ~ Goodbye, my dear. It’s been absolutely great to be with you again!

There you go, that’s it! Yes, that’s it. Up, up and away with thee! Fly free, butterfly! Yes, that’s it! That’s it! Go on now! Go on! Goodbye! So long! Take care! Bye-bye, Amanita! I love you…


© Keith Alan Watson

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41 thoughts on “Amanita’s Farewell

  1. I always have my doubts, Aaron.
    Thank you for relieving me of that burden!
    Thank you for letting me borrow this marvelous wonder!
    I find it easy to fall in love with your fantastic characters.

    “Hang on to the ideals of your youth” Yes, yes! That’s it!
    A very recurring theme around this neck of the woods.

    I appreciate your helpfulness and your notable benevolence! 🙂 UT

  2. Hello again, Tipota!
    Thank you very much!

    You know, Mariana and I often debate the issue of originality.
    I wonder…how many times in the history of our species have
    we experienced the meaning and the feeling of saying goodbye?

    Would it be outrageous for me to say,
    “We’ll all see each other again someday.”

    I only believe in Hello! because we’re already there.
    In essence, UT 🙂

  3. “The Ascension Of Amanita”


    This is not a passing. It’s an uprising draft. A gravitational revolution
    involves being grounded in the first place. My roots are intact, Ed. 😉

  4. We might add lawless to that list, Batgirl.
    Yes, that was a long time ago.
    Talk about untold stories…
    I won’t tell. Secrets — Zzzzzip!

  5. Once again totally awesome and a true reminder of lost youth and believing in the impossible. Absolutely loved it and the graphics are such a great match.. Great work…. Sherri

  6. hellos are wonderful no doubt, and goodbyes though sometimes difficult are equally valuable uncle tree. its important to recognize the fullness of both imo. goodbyes often take courage and compassion, thats how we survive them i think

  7. oh, that was a sad goodbye
    it reminds me of a time when life was simple
    when all i had to do was to stare at the stars at night or watch the fireflies play
    or watch the flowers bloom and see the kites flying with the birds…

    hmmm, past..
    good life, indeed
    all with childhood

  8. Hellooooo…Rhee!

    It was supposed to be sad. “…sweet sorrow” (The Bard)
    Bye, in this case, was a literal last parting, without all the suicides.

    Childhood was a trip, I agree! A hoodlum teen was the end result,
    in my case, at least. From there…uhh, nevermind. Long story.

    You did watch the trees bud, too, didn’t you?
    Buddha came to me one day, and sat down right next to me.
    He gets around a lot, you know. He stays a long time, too! 🙂 UT

  9. Hello (again), Hello, Tipota!

    Why don’t we say, “Goodhello”? Because they’re not all ‘good’.
    “Bye, bye”s don’t always feel okie-dokey. Context, circumstances,
    background relationships (luggage)…well, bye’s seem to be more rangy.

    Sometimes, one person can say ‘goodbye’ to someone who doesn’t
    want to hear it. Sometimes, the other person is very glad to hear it.

    I hear what you’re saying though. Courage and Compassion
    are two very strong words that start with the letter ‘C’.
    The only difference being, there is no ‘rage’ in love.

    Thanks for stopping back bye! 🙂 UT (I think I’m venting.)

  10. Hello, Sherri!
    (Thanks for sharing the formality!)
    That is a fine compliment to Aaron and myself. From the two of us —
    Thank you! You’re very generous with your words. 🙂

    Spring has officially arrived here. 73 degrees today. Finally…

    Goodbye now. Chow! UT

  11. What a captivting anecdote of the fresh, fantastically free, fruitful and fleeting fairy tales of youth!

    Fortunately, farewells are always followed by hellos!

    Thanks for the flashback! I must admit, I got a little carried away with the “f” words on this one 😉

  12. My fair lady,
    Thank you for flinging your far-fetched hellos at my feet.
    See what you started? Really…I’m glad you felt a fellow kinship
    with this one. Funny thing is, I finished it with a flurry of butterfly wings.
    By that time, my brain was fried. Furthermore, (fee-figh-fo-fum)
    my foliage was fairly f’ed up, too.

    I did have a flashback once, at least, that’s what the fortune teller told me.
    To be framed feels square. Features finally fade away
    before fancifully melting.

    Fear knot, my sap is forever gooey. Gee whiz, I’m going to the grotto. 🙂

  13. Frankly my friend, you are a formidable fabler!

    The fiendish, and sometimes foolish, nature of our frolicking youth was fabulous! It was far less a fantasy than the farce which some frequently, freaky folks live. The folly of our older selves is such a fake and fabricated feast by comparison. There is little falsehood in our youth…the fiery flames of the imagination helped us fly without fear of falling!

    Forgive me for forcing you to go to the grotto.

    This has been fun…I fib you not 🙂

  14. Goodness gracious, girl!
    I’ll be back soon to grind out another good one. 😉
    Okay, gorgeous, I’m back. Golly-gee, you do have a gift for gab.
    Gullible me, I’ve gone and got myself into a goober of a game here.
    Goofing off has been great! I’ve been after Goliath lately, myself.

    I gladly pronounce you to be a generous winner!
    Do you take gadflies? Good! You’re a gem! UT

  15. UT…I LOVE THIS!!! Please tell me she wasn’t really gone….please!! I think it’s not true…she can still laugh and play…she IS ALWAYS NEEDED!!!!
    Blessitude. ..Lorrie 🙂

  16. As long as I live, Lorrie.
    As long as I live, Anima will fascinate.
    I see her “crystal blue persuasions” in all my soul sisters. 😉
    You wear her colors well, I do believe.
    Peace and luvz, Keith

  17. I am very happy to see you here again, little red. 🙂 Yippee!!!
    Yes, I thought you were lost forever, but I dig your transformation!
    You’ve grown into such a beautiful young woman. Adorable!
    Know, you are always welcome here. Why, I wish you could
    linger forever in my arm-less forest, so peaceful and quiet…

  18. I love this one, Keith… Beautiful words to Amanita!
    “The secret of you shall forever stay hidden in the everlasting memories of my heart”…
    Thanks for sharing… All the very best to you, Aquileana 😀

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