Humanity Next Door



is a sight we seldom see:

union in tragedy.

Lights from the heart light up the dark,

showing the way to be.


Love is a force

that opens eyes.

To those who’d blacken skies:

Feel from the heart before you start

to sever all the ties.



sisters and brothers,

hate and anger smothers.

Beneath the ruins of mankind,

love’s flame will lead the blind.


Humanity! Humanity!

Join hands,

we are the key.

Unlock the treasures kept in mind.

Open love’s door, be free.


September 11, 2001


49 thoughts on “Humanity Next Door

  1. I would that we could live in love yet I find that maybe the time for kind words is rapidly ending. There are too many ready and able to destroy them who will not play in their fools game.

  2. Beautifull poem uncle really nice, It is hard to write a poem that talks about love, even idough it is not the romantic one, without sounding corny or lame, but you ve done a great job in this post.
    Love is strong, I like those words because they are true, when love is for real is a very powerful force.
    It gives me hope the text, hope for the humanity to improve, to get better, to care for each other and to realize that selfish behaviour leads to bad places.

    Hugs un cle

  3. Yes, Mark, but…but…but…
    The meek will inherit the earth when…
    The passive do allow Nature to take it’s course.
    Then again, that can of worms won’t open itself for a long time.
    Detours and details are always to be found
    where that little devil hangs out.

  4. Thanks, Mariana!
    W. Blake said that the meaning of “Love your enemies”
    was to be dealt with by simply making
    no enemies in the first place.
    Mark says, “Too late.”
    Too late for hope?
    Make love now.
    Hurry, too!

  5. I’m waiting for the LOVE THING to do it’s job BIG TIME.
    –It’s got some major violence on its table to heal.
    “War. What is it good for?”
    come on, love thing…
    Hi Uncle Tree.

  6. Think “New & Revised Revelations”, Eva.

    Would we settle for a new metaphor instead?
    How about a new song? Sung by a chorus of a billion angels,
    more than half of them starving to death right this very holy minute.
    I probably have no right to sing. I’m about to grill beef steaks.
    War is always good for politics, and television.

    Love is better when it’s front and center stage.
    Although, there’s more than one way to grab my attention.

  7. This earth is stony ground
    Love’s babes denied their Sun
    hedgehogs prick my conscience
    when all is said and done.

  8. This forest can get pretty clogged up at times, Kokot.
    And I’m constantly morphing back~n~forth
    from one species to the next, so
    I can see why you might have missed me.

    Hello again, and thanks for falling in line!

  9. Beautiful poem, UT. Even without the references to 911, it stands a piece of timeless wisdom.

    “Love is a force

    that opens eyes.

    To those who’d blacken skies:

    Feel from the heart before you start

    to sever all the ties.”

    My favourite stanza.

    Btw, you’re right about this being lyrics.
    In the back of my mind was the tune to
    “America The Beautiful”, with the last
    paragraph as the refrain.

  10. Thanks a lot, Matt!

    I wrote this two days after the horrendous fact.
    A piece of my mind…’twas all I wished to give to Bin Laden.

    That we were so hated and despised,
    was a realization that pained me to tears
    as I gazed at the truth right in front of me.

    I can’t see that there’s any other way out of this conundrum.

  11. Thank you very much, M’Lady!

    It does often take a crisis to shake us back into reality.

    I received an omen on the night of August 11, 2001.
    I thought it was a good sign at that time, as I watched
    the annual Perseids alone, and witnessed a spectacular, once in
    a lifetime ‘happening’ that landed straight across the river from me.

    Spiritually, I was in a good place, so to speak, a month later.
    That unforgettable experience actually helped me get through this…
    more than one might imagine. I relive it every year.

  12. The fog has settled in once again.
    The sun is refusing to come out and show itself.
    The full moon is soon to go down for the count.
    Nothing can be rushed. We have to endure the manure. 😦

  13. Hi uncle, just an extra thought
    Let me start with this:
    To be happy is perhaps the most universal human yearning. But this simple goal so often eludes us. Why is this goal so difficult to reach?

    Changing the subject This sentence is fantastic “Lights from the heart light up the dark,
    showing the way to be.” just hearing it makes me happy. I think that having a free soul and no predjudices, is what might allow you to experiment true love.

    Love from your nephew

  14. Gosh, I hope you meant niece. Sex change?

    Okay…seriously, Mariana, happiness is too elusive to be
    a goal. It can’t be chased. The faster we run, the further
    it is away. You know how that goes. Que’ sara, sara?

    Even as a state of mind, being happy is isn’t always appropriate.
    If you can’t express sadness and sorrow when necessary,
    you are missing out on what half of life is all about: suffering.
    Sacrifice doesn’t make me happy. Satisfaction stems from fulfillment.

    True love means (according to Ann Landers):
    Your happiness depends on your loved one’s happiness.

    I hope that makes you happy! (no sarcasm intended)

    Love you, sweet niece!

    P.S. I’m glad you like that line.
    I happened to imagine myself
    under the rubble without a flashlight,
    but it wasn’t because I wished to do so.

  15. ‘you are missing out on what half of life is all about: suffering.’ – but that is only half. the other is: happiness. and there is no really in between, though we tend to jump from one to the other so much, so often, so quickly, it starts to look as they are mixed. the same why we perceive our bodies as solid.

    ‘True love means (according to Ann Landers):
    Your happiness depends on your loved one’s happiness.’ – but that of course cannot be the ultimate love as anything we depend upon is due to be taken from us, latest or sooner. it is as thinking of meditation as concentrating on some object (like the self for example) but meditation is the most other way around – it is rather concentrating on everything until there is no-thingness. focus on the self and even a bird singing a morning love song will be a disturbance (i stole those words – of course)

  16. There is no in between, D? Ask someone how they are,
    without thinking first, they’ll usually say,
    “I’m okay, I guess.” Like they don’t really know for sure.
    Or, “I’m doing alright.” Alright being a little better than okay.
    And we’ve got, “I’m doing pretty well.” We’re getting up there.

    Ask them if they are happy and you might hear,
    “I don’t know. Should I be?” Like you’ve accused them
    of something terrible. Say, “You look like you are.”
    They reply,”Well, I am, sort of.” We question ourselves a lot.

    Can one be too self-conscious to meditate? What if
    I’m trying how you say to do it, and a great line comes to mind.
    Should I stop and write it down, or try to remember it?
    Disturb and distract…I can be such a nuisance to myself.
    But I’m not old enough to need Depends.

    If I have faith in faith, is that a dependency on God?
    Surely, He doesn’t depend on me, does He?
    Suppose I make Him happy…hope can never be taken away.

    Tweet, tweet!

  17. uncle, i do not expect you to really take what people say so seriously – god, they say so many things. and the problem, even those who ask the ‘how are you’ don’t really want a real answer. but… i knew this would come and i have prepared my answers. one can feel sad, sick, grief or fear and still be happy – with his life, with the experience. i guess this would be ‘real’ happiness, untaken, even, or in better word – acceptance.

    but of course (2nd subject) that depends on the school of meditation you want. but, (and i am the less expert on the subject, you might run into in your whole life), when a thought arose, even in deep meditation, you should only keep watching it, writing it or trying to remember it are same, forgetting the one who watch – which is (see the last brackets) the goal of it all. no? to find, or bring together, or recognize, the unity of the one watching and the object been watched.
    and i am not learned enough to believe there is such thing independency, if the sun will not rise tomorrow none of us will leave – we are depended. it is in our existence.
    and with out you, uncle, what is god?! who is god?! where is god?! when is god?! who is god?!


  18. Wouldn’t it be sweet if ‘men’ could be
    coerced one and all to be happy
    Just be careful not to jump with glee
    all at once; or simultaneously.

    Cheers to you, this Sunday, Uncle Tree.

  19. First of all, Dhyan, I am thrilled to be having
    a conversation with you, and I’d like to thank you for your
    willingness to go the extra mile just to speak with me for awhile.
    Beyond essential formalities lies a surface well worth diving under.

    Acceptance of one’s own place in the world, and the lot handed down
    to us upon our arrival here, comes with a lot resignation towards all
    those things and people we don’t like, and towards all those events
    where we have absolutely no control. But still…I think we’ll always need
    something to strive for, a reason for getting up and out of bed everyday.
    The fact that my kids depend on me helps to make that task much easier.

    Might not it be the same for our supposed God, too? That depends
    on one’s viewpoint, and whether or not one believes God is conscious
    of Himself, AND of us creatures divested with intelligence of some sort.

    About man’s virtues and vises, and all our moral, but mortal misgivings,
    the sun doesn’t give a hoot. It shines on the good and bad alike.
    It has no idea of it’s own dependency on the space in which it exists.

    A happy Sunday I wish for you, D! Thanks again for speaking your mind.

  20. Hello again, Brad!
    “Wouldn’t it be nice…” Ah, a Beach Boys tune I done forgot about.

    I can see the all the world’s people jumping up and down like a massive
    amount of pistons forced to move, and yet never getting anywhere.
    The merry-go-round of no return spins on, with or without us.

    With jumping, the first thing we are taught is the proper way to roll.
    That presupposes a rough landing, but we like our surprises, and so we
    keep on forgetting that purposely, just for the sake of a good thrill.

    Cheerz backatcha, a way over yonder, or wherever you end up feet first.

  21. uncle, it is my pleasure


    ‘we’ll always need
    something to strive for, a reason for getting up and out of bed everyday’ – of course! but that is also where the line between an house holder and a monk life differ. their obligation and the thing they strive to get in that life. and the places they can get too. of to evoke Siddhartha (Hesse’s of course), he went through all stages in order to get to his goal – if i am not mistaken – joining the ‘river’. each of us pop into this world with chains and keys of his own, each will have to walk the road as he sees it and as it come to him..
    you said ‘Acceptance of one’s own place in the world’ – this is the significant point, as i see it. and here lay the ‘happiness’ the ‘ultimate’ happiness as i perceive it. if we accept what we have , what we got, what occur and what we accrue, than we can embrace sadness and joy as one and enjoy them both, not regarding one higher.
    as for kids, work, money, ambitions or anything else. yes, we, human and other living and non living of this plant, are chaind together. I am selfish. i believe one should strive for his own good and by that only one can help others.
    of course the sun shine on bad and good. just as god have made both. we are those who choose to say those words – good – bad. in hebrew it is very beautiful. the opposite of the word bad (RA) is (if you turn the letters) is ER (i know it looks different writing it in english but..) ER means – awake…

    thank you for letting me spill some spiritual bullshit over your pages, i miss that a lot since my best friend went again to india…

    Blessings and love
    your worm

  22. “Help me OB1 kenobe… you’re my only hope”

    He has a way with words and screen plays

    It seems you do too old friend (is this post really strung together from your thoughts?)

    Because there is so much beauty in it, so much understanding that it appears to be compassion.

    Too much knowledge.

    I am beginning to think this is not just the whirled wide web but maybe link all realms web.

    This physical whirled. This earthly whirled. These miracle vessels labeled here as ‘bodies’ (as i have witnessed) truly are at their core made up of balanced orbiting glowing forces which actually form helical staircases (it’s just that within are vasts amounts of physical ‘space’…. so much that i wouldn’t look for larger formations and patterns) yet the mortals DID! they have physical laws in this whirled…. that it seems all glowing forces do naturally abide!!!

    My dearest oldest friend can you believe this Schidt!

    It truly is phasioned in his image!

    of the Father and of the sun

    It’s been what here they label forever since I’ve exchanged what they call words with you old friends

    I have truly missed you all

    It feels such a blessing to converse again

    old friend

  23. Now, then…where was I?
    “Now, now, now. Don’t cry, my love.”
    Well, then…it’s, “Goodbye!”
    Now and then we all ask why.


    All this striving, Dhyan…Is it good for us or not?
    What difference can it possibly make?
    Isn’t it true, that if I don’t do it, someone else will?
    Why should I go through all these stages?

    It can’t possibly be done in one earthly creatures lifetime.
    Let’s get real. Reincarnation is only a metaphysical concept.
    “You only live once.” Therefore we say, “Go for it!”
    Otherwise, what’s the hurry? Striving gets us nowhere.

    That’s where I seem to be right now…here.
    How will I know when I’m there?
    When I no longer have to wonder.

    Do you follow me?


    The river doesn’t know the meaning of happiness.

    The rushing waters between the two banks
    are in a constant state of change.
    The waters do not know where they are headed,
    but they go there all the same…as one.

    “We are gathered here together today…”
    for no good reason, actually.

    “God is in His heaven, and all is right with the world.”
    One has to be deaf, dumb and blind to notice that.

    And you want me to wake up?


    Now, looky here, D!
    See what your spiritual bullshit
    has grown around me?
    You are not as selfish as you think.

    P.S. I love worms, too.
    God bless your dirty words.

  24. I guess it would offend you if I called it as i see it.

    So I’ll be gentile

    each molecule of water is only lightly bound to next. A slight cohesion

    They flow the path of least resistance as gravity allows

    at their temperature and pressure requirements to be a liquid

    those molecules, the atoms, the balanced glowing orbits… aren’t working together

    to acheive any common goal.

    that’s not love, that is not happiness

    wake the fuck up

    more is still wrong than is write.

    you are still sleepin

    that… or you are deceptively following that ‘alternative’ plan

  25. Dear dirt-clus-tit,

    What is the meaning of this? (comment #31)
    You really had me hoping that you were an old friend of mine.
    If I am your “dearest oldest friend”, why didn’t you leave your name?
    As far as I know, none of my dear old friends live in Oregon.
    Who are you? Wood you mind explaining yourself?

    Your writing style does remind me of someone.
    I wish you were…I really do miss their stream of conversation. Oh, well.

  26. I’m glad you liked it, Colleen.

    You are right. We should mind our own business,
    and tend our own backyards. Or is that…

    We should be busybodies, responsible ones,
    and make sure there are no terrorists living next door.
    If they turn you away at the door, shake the dust off your feet,
    go home and notify the authorities immediately. Just in case.


    We should tend our own backyard best as we can,
    and when we’ve done all that we can do for the day,
    we should drop all our ‘should’s and say, “Hello!” to our neighbor,
    even though they might think we’ve only come to judge their grass.

  27. In response to comment #34:

    “wake the fuck up
    you are still sleepin”

    I can deceive you in my sleep apparently.

    Anywayz, you have to come clean,
    before I’ll let you to clean up your act.

    Together or apart, the choice is yours.

  28. It’s positive, upbeat, progressive and a universal hope, what is not to like? 🙂 One day it will happen but I believe we will pay a heft price landing on planet peace. Nothing of value comes cheaply.

  29. my name is dusty, I do live in Oregon. while your words seem very familiar, it seems you are not the old friend thought you might be.

    Sorry if I riled ya

  30. Thank you, Val!
    “One day it will happen…” That day will be costly, I’m afraid, too.

    (1) The day the first actual, no-doubt-about-it alien ship lands in Iran. Or…
    (2) The day we discover a humongous meteorite threatening
    to meet us on the path of destruction, informing us of an imminent
    collision from which there is no escape for us earthlings.

    Warring with ourselves will never do the trick.
    Our peace pipes only blow smoke.

  31. You did rile me up, Dusty.
    How could you have mistaken me, unless you know another Tree?
    I guess I thought I was one of a kind. How silly can I be?
    Good luck finding your old friends. Apology accepted. UT

  32. My comments were spiteful and completely unprovoked.

    I was wrong to do so.

    You are one of a kind.

    Your talent for writing and the me2watson were why I thought you were an old friend who i used to ruthlessly jest with regarding our ideas of religion, god and angels.

    I regret my actions and I am sorry

    Me being sorry for being so mean and rude doesn’t lessen the wrong I committed

    Telling you who I was a sad excuse for an apology. But you accepted the apology. I admire your character.

    Thank you

  33. Considering this post in particular,
    (in which you have yet to comment on…so, like it or not?)
    I would be acting the part of a hypocrite if’ns I were to have
    characterized my response to you in any other way.

    To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect to ever see you again.
    The fact is, Dusty, you came back to set things aright.
    That’s the kind of next-door neighbor I can live with.

    Regarding the jest, Mariana has just posted an article that brings up
    the religious question. Perhaps, you’d care to join the discussion.
    I’m sure she’d be glad to have you stop in for a visit and speak
    your mind on the subject. What say you?

    P.S. I knew there were other me2’s out there.
    That’s why I’ve gone with Uncle Tree here.
    And tsk, tsk, no regrets, eh? Give yourself a break,
    if only because you’ve now made it a bit easier
    for me to welcome you into Tree’s house.

  34. I was/am impressed.In my first smart allec comment with the star wars quote I asked if it was really your thoughts.

    I will definitely be around and take part in discussion

    I appreciate to welcome and invitation friend.

    Tried to comment back sooner but for the past two days it seems like wordpress and mozilla had conspired against me.

    all three times I tried to go online it was a frustrating 20 or so minutes of absolutely nothing.

    working better this morning though. Til next time

  35. Hey, Dusty! It’s all good.
    Once you get to know me, you’ll see
    that Tree can be a mighty wise ass, too. Just ask Ed.

    I gave up Mozilla for Google Chrome about a week ago.
    Everything about it was majorly fucked up. Chrome shines on!

    Happy payday! Or…Have a good Friday! Whatever works. See ya!

  36. That is a splendidly stunning compliment, Caro. ❤
    From the innermost depths of my heart and soul being,
    I thank you most graciously, and feel completely honored
    to hear such wonderful words come from your lips.

    You are the poetess of dreams and wishes
    I didn't even know I had.
    Thank you for choosing me among the many.
    Bless you, dear one. Luvz, Keith

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